For the very nth time, AA Klenk is not the ideal girl (and a good example)!

Now please, nakakaumay naman kasi si AA Klenk (aka Cristine Reyes). Nakakaumay, as in madaling pagsawaan dahil there’s something in her na hindi maganda.

Now tell me, define what is prangka, palaban and totoong tao? ‘Yung pagiging bastos at slut, tapos pretending to be “goody-goody”? If you’re going to ask me, Cristine Reyes is ka-mura-mura, eh hitsura pa lang at image niya.

For the nth time, her character speaks for her reputation. What nice in person!? Siguro plastic lang siya!

I hate to say this, but I find her plastic. Anong nagpapakatotoo!? She may have a wide forehead, but she’s not intelligent, either! Aura pa lang niya, parang masasabi mo nang walang laman ang utak niya!

Again, for the nth time, ang totoong prangka ay umaamin ng kanyang mga pinagawa sa kanyang katawan. Did AA ever utter a word or two that she had a nip-tuck!? NOT!

Nagmamalinis ang isang hubaderang laspag tulad ni AA!|Sorry to the owner of this photo, but Cristine isn’t pretty here.

Now what is someone with a nose na pina-retoke pero super-major fail naman!? Okay, sabihin nating “maganda” rin siya in person, but I think she looks exactly as what she is on TV. Kung anong nakikita mo sa TV, ganun rin ang makikita mo in person. No changes. It’s all thanks to science, her old face and body is way different from it is now… pero what about the attitude? Pina-retoke din ba?

Unang-una, dapat pina-ayos rin niya ang ugali niya, dahil hindi naman siya mabuting ehemplo sa mga kabataan sa kasalukuyang panahon. At isa pa! Please, don’t take it against me, pero I think she’s one of the factors why there are teenagers doing pre-marital sex nowadays. Don’t believe!? Then ask Dennis Trillo why he made “patol” with AA the skank.|Maganda ba ‘to sa tingin niyo!? She needs more color!|Walking ghost ba ‘to!?

Granted that she’s flawlessly-white, but look when she has no makeup. Sabi nga ni Ka Pete, “Your features are super plain to the max, so you need makeup!”

HAHAHA, ano say ng mga fans ni AA once they see her without makeup? Iilusyon parin?

Hindi ako gagawa ng issue once more. But if you’re going to read the history of other stars, they won’t be rude on TV because they don’t want to have issues. It’s normal to have issues, but please… people like AA is already damaged. She needs a break. Pag nalipasan na siya, siguro WALANG magbibigay ng project sa kanya.

Now how does she earn more projects!?

Don’t slap at me those “gagawa ng isyu para sumikat.” There’s something more suspicious compared to creating issues!

I doubt it would be casting couch. Pero if casting couch is really present in the Philippines, walang bubunyang ng ganung nonsense. Yes, call casting couch nonsense, pero there are some stars with plethoric issues who do f*ck with the bosses to earn a career. If AA is doing that thing, is she really desperate to maintain that “fame,” or let’s say, “infamy”?

If she really is THAT desperate, I think she should err… ask for forgiveness to Tita Shawie.

If AA would have the same voice with Joyce Jimenez, that would be the real end of her career.


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