What is the hype with being fair-skinned and straight-haired!?

Alright, call me a hypocrite for posting this article, but there is one thing that I should tell you why being white and being straight-haired is glorified in the Philippines: COMMERCIALS.

Right now, allow me to be the spokesperson. For now.

Thanks to You Got Rained! for the article!

infahealth.com|Barbie Hsu is the true inspiration behind super-straight Asian hair.

Girls, granted that Barbie Hsu is really damn pretty (I find her prettier than Ziyi Zhang, actually), and so does her lustrous hair, but that’s because she’s a Taiwanese Chinese — or in a broad sense, she’s an East Asian. East Asian people are best known for their smooth, pale white skin and super-straight dark hair, slender figure and lastly their small extremities. Alright, I really didn’t mention the chinky eyes is because they do something to make it larger… with the help of falsies.

I hate to say this, but she’s the inspiration behind these “rebonding” thingies, and please, I have NOTHING against rebonding one’s hair — I wished to have that straight (or wavy) hair of mine but… it became like DEAD to me. After all, having rebonded straight hair looks MORE lifeless compared when having frizzy hair.

I’m not discouraging kinky-haired people NOT to straighten their hair, but just be careful. One aunt of mine told me that if you are obsessed with straight hair, it’s like that your hair doesn’t have any sort of “style” on it. So usually, when I go to the prom, I usually request the hairdresser, “Curl the ends of me hair, please.”

I have to thank the salon that was responsible for the straight hair that I do have today. BTW, my hair is shorter now.

So from left, that was BEFORE. The right one is “NOW.”

There are some people who love the wavy-haired me before I had the “rebonding” thing. It’s like, “That hair of yours suits you better.”

Gah, now what was I thinking?

People would often love me curly hair, but I was really pressured to have straight hair is because of the commercials! Also, it all started when Meteor Garden aired on Philippine TV.

To those who thought of me original hair sucks, I think mine used to have more style and durability.

Beauty Standard: To become East Asian than Western

Western people are more diverse. They experiment from straight to super curly hair, same goes with African-Americans, and black people living in Europe.

Now ask a Japanese, or a Korean. Do you think they would leave the house without styling their hair?

…oh, and please ask the white people. Do you think their day’s complete without being sun-kissed?

HAHAHA, I got you.

mixmakers.net|Nice hair, Ziyi! How convenient of using chopsticks!

So look when Hu Li (Ziyi Zhang’s character in Rush Hour 2) showed her authentic Chinese features, whoa… let me be very honest with you. Ziyi looks more like of a Filipina than of a Chinese, only fair-skinned! But if she were in the Philippines, she’s more Chinese.

I really do not give a damn with slender figures, but don’t gemme started with fast metabolism. East Asians watch their diet too, but you really cannot tell how they maintain their slim figure. It’s either they do not try being a “bum” or they are more on glow foods as their daily diet.

usadoll2.livejournal.com|Cecilia Cheung at her 20’s. Notice that she never had any C-cup before 2000’s.

I would say that the true epitome of Chinese beauty would be Cecilia Cheung (Zhang Bozhi/Baizhi). She’s really Chinese (HK-born), but how did she get that classy look? In fact, she’s 1/4 British, and when you look at her half-sister Dai Bik Zhi, you’ll really say that Cecilia is far more eye-catching (but RIGHT NOW, those nice features fade away due to her true colors, right?).

Cecilia Cheung is a mix of everything: Fair skin, straight-haired, slender-figured… and lastly she’s got the nicest eyebrows.

But it all got damaged when she had a conflict with Nicolas Tse, and Faye Wong is the third party. It was rumored that she had a boobjob (oh yes, it’s not hard to tell after all hahaha!) twice, and the second time she had a boobjob was in Korea. No wonder, Chinese women love to have nice body shape.

Now what is the hype of being white in the Philippine context?

The Filipinos are NOT alone in terms of being obsessed with being white. Other Southeast Asian neighbors such as Thailand also suffer from that sort of mentality. To think that they’re near China, you’ll really see that Thai girls are like a mix of Mongol and Austronesian ancestry.

Again, I’m not discouraging you to be white, and to the whites, I’m not discouraging you to be brown.

However, considering that pale white skin rocks, let’s see if you won’t get discouraged.

metro.co.uk|I think Anne Hathaway’s white-ness is a real overhaul.

If you’d notice, Lucy Torres has a tint of color compared to Ms. Hathaway. Same with Kristen Stewart. Other Hollywood celebrities won’t ever dare maintain their fairness be in the level of the late Michael Jackson (MJ’s whiteness is fake, I understand). The reason why most Hollywood stars would choose to go tanning is because it’s healthier, and no doubt I used to take pride of being brown because it is attractive to the white people (and not to mention I don’t find ghostly-white skin attractive at all! Pale white, but please, not as pale white as Edward Cullen!).

Now it’s time to diversify with the “healthy” ones

Look at these women/girls below:

top10celebrity.com|Queen Latifah is the true example of showing inspiration to “big girls.”

Forget the late Anna Nicole Smith. She may be a good example to the “big girls,” but please, who would ever dare idolize someone with a dirty record, eh? Look at Queen Latifah, she’s very bubbly and very funny, indeed. I’d say that she’s really good in the movie “Taxi” and don’t forget the Ellie in “Ice Age” series!

ghettoredhot.com|Oprah mistaken to be Whitney Houston!

Oprah is at least, someone to look up to. Don’t ever gemme started at this “bad life” of hers. In fact, she really promised never to marry again because of her tragic life, and suddenly… she becomes rich. The only thing that I do not agree with her is that she teamed up with Jennifer Aniston; we all know that JA doesn’t wanna have kids, which made Angelina the “other woman.”

last.fm|Now where is this gal, anyway?

Frenchie Dy, the singer with a big, fat yet magical vocals, is the true example of beauty. If you think about Kim Chiu as the epitome of beauty and class, think again. We don’t want malnourished skeletors interfering our way (no offense to people with fast metabs here!) and be pro-ana. Who wants to beat Frenchie in a showdown? Probably Charice!

jestina-george.com|All hail to the queen of big boobs!

Now who doesn’t wanna swap lives with Norma Stitz (aka Annie Hawkins-Turner foa real)? Obese, big-chested and errr… big, Norma Stitz proved that you may still earn high by something that is exaggerate… and also, beauty comes in ALL sizes (of course, I really do not care if I’m 55kg or not!).

jessica-cox.blogspot.com|This time, we turnin’ bad-ass!

Armless yet blessed with a pretty face and intelligence, Jessica Cox could drive, FLY A PLANE, and even kick someone’s butt without hands at all!

That’s right, people. Now this gal doesn’t need to worry how long her hands are, and how thin her arms would be — she would say, “No hands, no arms… no problem.” I would also include Barb Guerra but I chose Jessica is because she was BORN without any upper limbs. It’s really weird if you have Jessica Long or Oscar Pistorius for having no legs at all due to a congenital disease, but at least they’re athletic. But as for Jessica, she’s MORE than meets the eye.

Got inspired?

No need to look like a Chinese superstar! Western people don’t like to be so plain-looking and boring, it’s only the class that brings it out. After all, we have personal preferences and we need NOT to be demure enough to wish for something that is “oh, I wanna look like err… Angelina Jolie.” Angelina didn’t find herself pretty before, anyway.

[to be continued… haha]


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