Another time for self-vindication

Not to be racist but…

FILIPINOS over the PRC CHINESE when it comes to selling. You see, Filipinos respect the choices of customers (esp. gadgets) unlike the Chinese, who are going to force you buy something you don’t want.

Remember, this is the only time for us Filipinos to show our superiority and our right to be delegative in terms of selling goods. After all, the customer’s mostly right. HAHA.

I don’t give a FUCK if you’re a seller for a decade now, and I (we) don’t give another FUCK if you’re finding a very hard time communicating with foreigners. That way, I’m addressing this to overseas… well you judge!

Respect one’s decision

Alright, one of me profs cleared that me experience in SG was in fact, culture shock. Well this does not happen in SG alone. In the PRC, it is really prevalent, so you have to be careful. To the manipulative narcissists out there, better BACK OFF, you’re obviously tech illiterates who are trying to magnify not-so superior goods if in fact your elitist children have higher standards, so back off!

Yes, I’m very angry right now. I’ll still go for the 15-85mm lens that I REALLY FUCKING WANTED. I’ll sell the Sigma lens, whether everyone likes it or not. BTW, I only chose something that IS NOT WORTH FROM ME HEART. PUTA!

Apologies if I have to rant

I know it’s really very fucking inappropriate to rant in a blog like this, but please, don’t let those know-it-alls expose their pride. Their fucking, useless and nonsense pride. PANIRA LANG SILA.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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