Another Geburtstag gift dilemma|Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (64GB please?)|The new iPad (White, even though it’s NOT 64GB it’s alright with me).

Which should I choose?

First of all, I always wanted to have my own tablet. But please DON’T ever get me started on the new iPad. Yes, it’s another option, but I do not want the Wifi + Cellular Data thing. Just the Wi-Fi one because I have my iPhone with me (it’s no doubt that the iPhone seemed more costly than this… iPad with Wi-Fi only).

I really don’t want to emphasize more, but which tablet should be better?

Now I’ll go with the GT 7.7. Ever since, I wanted to have me own Galaxy Tab. I really don’t know if I should opt for another 64GB, because you see, I’m really onto installing as many apps as I want. That’s it. If you’ll ask me, app lovers and people who are addicted to downloading things should opt for this… 64GB thing. BTW, anything below 128GB isn’t applicable to a laptop’s HDD anymore. If I opt to purchase a new err… portable HDD, I’d rather go for the 500GB SeaGate thing. Also, I’ll have the err upgrade cable replaced. HAHA.


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