Jessica Zafra’s err… commentary on whiteness

Warning: This may contain offensive stuff, so if you think you cannot bear the whole article, DON’T READ IT. I won’t force you to read, but if you can relate, hahah, you may comment. NO crab mentality please.


Of course, just read the article right there because I REALLY DO REFUSE to comment on that article on me blog. Here’s the comment:

Of course, I’m sure that AAdiks will really get angry at me. But sorry, IDGAF. HAHAHA.

Dirty White vs. Piano Black

Comparing Cristine Reyes aka AA Klenk to a dark person like Wilma Doesnt may raise eyebrows, but let’s take a look at the highlights:

1.) Wilma Doesnt is a model, a comedienne and a TV host. She is dark-skinned, small-chested, skinny but why is she a model?|Wilma’s cover may be over-Photoshopped, but it’s alright.

Wilma was discovered as a maid, but who knows, she has the personality to flaunt Playboy. I’m NO fan of Wilma, but at least she is more respectable than a cheap-ass skank like AA Klenk. She and Lucy get along so well, but the show wasn’t really that interesting after Lucy became a congress official. HAHAHA, but if you’d notice, Wilma was really funny when she was curious about Akihiro Sato’s ink. I don’t find it annoying, really. For some, she may be very annoying, but just so you know, compared to Pokwang and Melai (no, not a hater, and I don’t think they’re 100% unattractive, ok?), she’s more decent-looking.

2.) I really cannot exactly and completely understand why AA is always given more projects and more praiseworthy comments than Wilma.

I read a comment, saying that “Wilma should get OUT of the ‘Sweet Life’ because she looks like bad breath.” Like, WHAT!? Compare Wilma to AA, AA is MORE THAN BAD BREATH. HER MOUTH HAS A FOUL, STINKY SMELL unlike Wilma, who may seem intimidating but at least has good breeding. Also, Wilma never needed any glota-whitening (despite having glota-white teeth, LOL) and a boobjob. She’s skinny, but she’s OK with it. Besides, she could even defeat Kim Chiu in terms of posing in magazines. HAHAHA, beat that Kim Chiu-aka-stick-thin-kawayan!

Also, I could NOT understand why AA is always negative in and PEP (Pinoy Entertainment Portal), but is always someone who is positive on Twitter. Guys, wake up! She is obviously an attention-seeking whore who wants “praiseworthy” comments, if she’s not in the goddess level. I think Alodia Gosiengfiao deserves to be called a “goddess” more is because of grace, class and finesse. She is the shy-type of person, when I saw her in person. Compare AA to Alodia, the latter has more grace, finesse and class compared to AA. The former still looked cheap despite her PressCon in Tumbok (hahaha, that was a few days before Antonello’s like ended), and I still cannot understand why most of me friends and other acquaintances didn’t even bother to have a photo with her (YEAH, I felt very UNCOMFY, indeed). If you were to ask me, I’d rather have a group photo with ALODIA rather than AA, because AA is obviously negative, in terms of reputation AND character. For Alodia, she may either have a GOOD or BAD reputation, but her character is always for the positive.

3.) Wilma, although she’s not that pretty, defeats AA.

AA is only pretty because of her RETOKE’s. No wonder, she would either steal a guy from a married girl for those plastic surgeries. If you’d notice, she had her second nosejob. HAHAHA, way to go, AA. Her skin is fake, and her boobs are also fake. Everything in her is fake, so you really can’t question it just in case she would block you in IG (Instagram) on on Twitter, if you’d mention that she had a nosejob, a boobjob, and it’s like her IG is Twitter. HAHAHA. Obviously, she would change her usernames to gain more PRAISE than criticisms. Marami na nga siyang batikos, ang kapal naman niya kung ganon! Shame!

I have met Jolina Magdangal, Yeng Constantino, Kitchie Nadal, Lara Quigaman, Bangs Garcia, Katya Santos, and it seemed that they are low-key in terms of grace and class. But AA? If she was snubbed, do you think she would bother have a photograph with a certain group?

4.) Wilma never had a fight with another celeb, or probably we really do not know about it.

Wilma won’t ever stoop down to a PAKAKAK and HITAD level of AA. She may be not-so attractive by Filipino standards, but she won’t ever damage her own image by stealing a man and fighting with their girls. HAHAHA, as if I am Cristy Fermin here, but you see, Cristy Fermin is not a bad person at all. She is misunderstood as well, and not to mention that she would read the minds of other people. I started to respect her once more when she is against AA. She’s worth more than respect as compared to Boy Abunda. Sorry Tito Boy, but you allowed yourself to be deceived by AA. I also started to respect Dolly Anne Carvajal is because of that compliment. Dolly may not be the late Inday Badiday’s favorite child (yes, Dolly Anne admitted almost everything haha!), but at least she’s also vigilant.

But as for Wilma, she won’t be a pakakak, EVER. She won’t steal man or become a big-time homewrecker, despite being intimidating in terms of aura.

The Half-Whites in the Philippine industry aren’t as good as the pure Pinoy ones

Most of the half-whites in our Entertainment industry have no talent. They cannot act, and all they do is to pose cute. I’m not saying that being half-white doesn’t give you any talent at all, but if you’d notice, the half-whites are often those who wanted to become actors, probably to awe the audience. But LOOK, the half-whites of the older generation are better than the new ones. They’re too mainstream nowadays.

Still Cannot Get Over AA’s popularity as a warfreak and a starlet PLUS the commercial dilemma

Don’t get me started about AA’s whiteness. It’s all thanks to Salamat Doc, she was already the pale-skinned fake Korean we know today. Yes, me first impression with AA is that, she looks Korean. BUT GAH, there are more attractive Koreans than AA, who are not even sexy, but they have a prettier, more pleasant-looking feature. Also, there are more attractive Japanese, Chinese and some fair and brown-skinned Filipinas out there compared to AA. If you would compare AA to Kate Hudson (which I used to despise, overall), Kate would be more approved. At least she didn’t continue doing some movies because she knows that her movies are all flop.

Again, there are more attractive Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, HK’ers and Koreans than AA. First of all, that would be Shu Qi, Song Hye Hyo and Yukie Nakama. They may look like triplets, but I think Yukie is the prettiest. NOT because of her skin tone and skin type, but because she could do the comedy thing in Gokusen. Also, Japanese women are more enviable than the Koreans, although there are some aspects in Korean women that I do envy (hahaha small feet and hands!). Also, I find Yukie more attractive than Hye Kyo is because, Yukie looked nicer, and not intimidating.

The reason why I chose the East Asians to be a comparison to AA is because, East Asians have the most enviable features. That’s right, people. Whatever our commercials endorse, that is to make people rebond their hair, drink glota (which I’m guilty at, don’t laugh! I’m not discouraging you to rebond your hair if you’re wavy-haired) or probably slim down a la Kim Chiu, but to be as skinny as Kim Chiu is to be anorexic! HAHAHA! Most Filipinos wanted to achieve the East Asian look, NOT the Western look (except the eye shape, of course). That’s because East Asians have the “virgin” look. Virgin skin, virgin hair, slender frame, ahhhhh… it’s like being dark, curly and being fat are unattractive at all and easy to happen. But to make yourself fair-skinned and straight-haired at the same time, you need MONEY to do that. The only easy thing to do is to slim down, and that’s it!

These commercials really make us feel conscious of how we look. Hay nako, one classmate of mine before said that I’m not curly-haired. My hair is like, buhaghag, and that’s it (much more OK if you ask me). What is the use of curly hair if it’s buhaghag, right? Kaya I didn’t like my genes because it’s all f*cked up. I think my birthday is a gift and a curse at the same time (hahaha, Roxy, you ain’t alone!). If you’d notice, buhaghag (or loose, frizzy blah blah) hair isn’t really looking that good, unless you’re Faye Wong. If you want to achieve features that are usually neglected by commercials, you need the personality talaga. If you ain’t tough enough to flaunt it, you’re doomed.

That’s why I really like East Asians more than white people. No offense to the white people, but although their genes are almost-perfect, some of them do not glorify it. At least they are very honest of themselves, that they are more attracted to brown-skinned people. So no wonder, my idol Alex de Rossi preferred to be brown-skinned, although most people of Italian descent are tanned (Namie Amuro, Lady Gaga before The Fame, Vanessa Minillo, despite being half-Filipino, Matteo Guidicelli, Lea Michele). Don’t you know that South Europeans (even the Spaniards, Greeks and Portuguese) are also tanned?

Alright, just in case you’re wondering, I also don’t like being tan/brown, well probably because me momma’s white, but she would always tell me that brown is attractive. HA, I’d rather be in Europe or in Canada so that people will love me, joke!

Back to AA, well her “ate” is still more stunning, no matter what happens.


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