Chris Tiu: Then vs. Now|Cutie Chris Tiu in his BLUE uniform.

So, if you’re just wondering why I have grudges against Chris Tiu… well, NO. I don’t hate him, actually. It’s only that I was wondering why he was “nawala sa ere.”

Christopher John Alandy-Dy Tiu was born in the year 1985. He is pure Chinese, of Filipino citizenship. He is a very popular heartthrob in the field of basketball simple because he’s cute, and he’s friendly. He used to be really, very approachable and very down-to-earth, not until he graduated from his MA. He joined Smart Gilas, but you’ll notice his change in attitude. He hosts a GMA sports show with PacMan, and err… some of the people whom I’ve talked to noticed his conceitedness.

Now what the hell happened!? He wasn’t like that before.

It’s quite expected. He’s from a well-to-do family and he’s a devout Christian. His family runs a number of businesses so no wonder, if you’ll delve in the life of the Filipino-Chinese, you’ll notice that most of them preserves the superiority complex in them. GAH, I am not racist! If you wanna slap me out of this article, that’s because its based from the observations that I’m really keen on documenting.

I do not hate Chris Tiu. I only think that he’s wrong in thinking of himself as “high” over his interviewees.

I hate comparing him to Antonello, but…

Both Antonello Joseph and Chris grew up in a well-off household. However, Antonello’s parents were not Manilenyos. AJ’s dad is an Ilonggo while his momma is a Bicolana (perfect combination, eh? Bicolano people are good-looking, too!), so that’s why he was taught with good values, unlike Chris Tiu who grew up with a Chinese upbringing, and to think that he’s an Atenean (no offense to the Atenistas, but your society has a reputation for being arrogant, only a few of you become famous because of being low-key), something that is sort of unexpected would happen.

Antonello is at least someone with values. He has good charisma, good appeal, good looks, and he is MORE than almost perfect than Chris Tiu. Chris is also almost perfect, but to some extent, he didn’t continue his values to run through him.

We cannot please people. However, in Antonello’s case, he is still very approachable, very friendly and very nice, without any effort at all. I’m not saying that Chris is not approachable, he too is/was (approachable), and he would even answer your questions on Formspring, so probably I preferred him more than AJ during the time I was graduating from high school.

I really do not know why, but somehow, there are things in life that change.


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