Apple in China: Thoughts

Here’s the video that I have watched. (:

China should learn from this experience

…the Shanzhai culture must be wiped out. It’s getting very sick, and it disrespects the hardwork of the factory workers in Foxconn. Granted that your iPhones, iPads and iPods, including your MacBooks are Made in China, but this shouldn’t be a factor for the Chinese to make knock-offs out of original products.

Shenzhen is an economic zone, but it should not simply place an “alright” evaluation when it comes to Shanzhai-ism.

China is doing its efforts to eliminate the “Shanzhai” imitation, but just so you know, it is everywhere, and you don’t even have an idea whether the Chinese triads are smuggling these products towards Southeast Asia.

Should Apple invest rather in Asian countries besides China?

Surprisingly, most of the original and genuinely-made Apple products are Made in China, only that it is made in the Special Economic Zones. Just so you know, China will only improve its products if the US would claim it. The power of hegemony, of course.

I really do not want to judge, but maybe the employees of Foxconn are probably talented skilled workers, so no wonder, there’s a certain quota to be followed if Foxconn hires a lot of skilled workers to create iPads, MacBooks, iPods and iPhones. I won’t think it’s new to me when almost ever genuine product is Made in China since Sony, Canon, Olympus and other Japanese firms are also outsourcing in China.

If most big firms would outsource in the Philippines, much better. Nike shoes are made in Vietnam, what more in the Philippines? Some of our LG TV’s are made in the Philippines, and Crayola crayons, although originated in the USA, are also manufactured in the Philippines.

Amazing, eh?

If Foxconn would only set up a factory in the Philippines, that would be great news. However, the share of income will also flow in Taiwan, since Foxconn is a Taiwanese-based company that does the manufacturing process of products from Dell, HP, Sony, y’name it.

Despite that most of the products are made in China, we should at least know that price still varies. After all, our favorite Apple products are assembled, not totally manufactured in China.


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