TomKat split-up!

Serves you right, delusionally-narcissistic Scientology fanatic!

I really like Tom Cruise as an actor, but NOT as a person! I could look in Katie’s eyes that she’s not happy about her marriage with Tom Cruise.

I feel for Katie, actually. At least she has done her part, because Tom Cruise is obviously being a show-off to the world that he’s the best and blah blah blah… y’know what I mean.

Now, Suri has to adjust to a new lifestyle… without any personal designers, chefs and the like, maybe she’ll realize that she doesn’t need any of those. I think she is also forced to learn things that she does not want. Or maybe it’s her choice.

But I think Suri will think of living the simple life as she grows up, via Katie, because Tom is making their life complicated. Katie should really separate with him if she can’t take it anymore.

But come to think of it, it’s NOT Katie’s fault to marry Tom Cruise. She was infatuated with him, so yeah… she married him and had their first child, who is of course, Suri.

Hmmm… I really can’t tell if Katie made the wrong choice. I guess she should move on if she does not want to enter Tom into her life again. But if I were her, I’d rather not make much contact with that guy, because he’s really a manipulative show-off. Also, with regards to the “haka-haka,” Katie was impregnated by the High Priest of Scientology simply because Tom is infertile. I think Katie was impregnated through artificial insemenation via Tom’s… wet dreams. (DON’T LAUGH OK!?)

Tom should learn a thing or two from what Mel Gibson showed as a family man. Mel has changed drastically, but his good ol’ memories will STAY. Also, why not take a cue from David Beckham!? David’s wife Victoria may be a “snob,” but don’t you know that Victoria is always serious-looking because she does not think high about herself?

Tom, I think you should not marry again. Maybe another woman might file for divorce against you because of your manipulative persona. Y’know that.


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