Move over, Pop Music! Welcome the underrated!

One of the things that I hate about “pop” music is that, they get too old, too fast! HAHAHA!

Accuse me for being “old-fashioned” and “0ut-of-this-world,” but if I were to choose Japan over America, you cannot blame me for that. Japan embraces weirdness and they really do LOVE BJORK and LADY GAGA at the same time. It’s NOT questionable after all.

Proud to be Different

Check out the tags if you wanna know my list of favorite artists… haha.

These favorite artists are usually on my iPod (but now they’re on my iPhone… the latest music that I have downloaded, actually). Of course, I am still undeniably the forever loyal Japanese music fan… and of course, that made me love Japan more since I used to be an anime fan. Don’t get me wrong, I am currently a member of a Japanese professional organization right now, and I attended the org for the very first time.

Explore Something

I really love listening to music with a different language, other than English and Filipino. If I am a so-so fan of Gloc 9’s music, that’s because he hires the prettiest voices. Alright, call this something very weird, but I am not alone. Maybe you might as well enjoy Origa’s music (except for Inner Universe because it will surely traumatize you!), or maybe the lightning moves of Chick Corea, who is me number one favorite jazz musician. Although there are some of his music that has redundant styles, some of his compositions are very far more decent than his Crystal Silence. Hmm… lemme name a few: Cappucino, Kuranda, No Mystery, Romantic Warrior… those are the songs of Chick that might be understandable to the Filipino audience.

If you want to appreciate German pop culture, I think Rammstein does it the best. Despite the sexual themes, extreme gore and some controversial themes it presents, it is like the Kamikazee of Germany, only that the latter is just simply “wild-crazy” and it does not project offensive themes, unlike the former.

Pop Music gets really old– trust me

If you’re talking about ’90’s pop, well, it IS the true example of classical pop (hardly getting old!). The pop music that you’re listening to nowadays do not make sense at all, and you might as well stick to British pop and Scandinavian pop rather than American pop music. HAHAHA, now what happened to Britney Spears!? Beyonce (she can’t be spared because a clean record doesn’t make you look as if you’re really “angelic” foa real, in fact, the NICU issue has been ruining her career!)!? Hmmm… it’s only Christina Aguilera who came back, untainted in terms of her worth, although she had personal fights with co-singers. The only singer that I could only appreciate would be Pink. Yeah, call Pink a bad example, but she’s a punk rocker whose songs are really oh-so like related towards reality. She rarely had any personal issues and besides, her life story’s really very sad (Taylor Momsen, you’d rather understand Pink’s real story, a’ryt!).

One of the things I like about the music of the ’90’s and the early 2000’s is that, they’re never the songs that would make your ears hurt.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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