To grab, or NOT to grab (again), the camera!?

Thanks to an easier way of life, everything’s upside down.

Ever since the release of the 5D Mark III, I really couldn’t help saving more money just to get one. However, the arrival of the 650D made me… err, slightly hesitate. But I do not like the design of the latter, so why not continue with the former, right?

I don’t want to go back to photography again. I’m not kidding, I won’t be making this as a career anymore. It will only add up to me frustrations of that traumatic, wrecked up trip, or maybe something else!?

Hmmm… what do you guys think? Should I stop holding the camera again or not?

Being NOT able to get that lens (yeah!) that I really wanted was a very big frustration. First of all, who are you to interfere my wants and likes!? Alright, now stop shoving your love towards another race, because seriously, this is getting worse. Your pride seriously makes me feel ashamed of you. That’s right! I’m really very ashamed of you, man. Remember, I hate going back to your “favorite place,” because that “place” is HELL, not heaven. Well, for you it IS heaven.

Of course, that is why I never wanted to hold again the camera. Poor BB, I was only leaving it for nothing. I’m sure, if I get back to photography, it should only be limited to photoshoots required for school.

The only bad side is, I won’t be able to re-establish relationships with my online friends in deviantArt. The camera saved me from any boring posts, because that used to be me real passion for life. Imagine bringing your laptop and camera at the same time while at school? It may be an extreme form of using the Internet, but because of Nelly, everything has changed. I don’t need to bring a laptop and a camera for photoshoots. It’s all a click away.

My love for jumpshots and of course, cool photography effects were only temporary. I didn’t know that food was my only favorite subject, and so does wonderful events. I never grabbed the camera, ever again.

Hiatus: Wasn’t good enough

God forbid. If not because of the incident, I would’ve let my kit lens rot as if its AF motor is already dead. I don’t want to talk about that freaking incident anymore, since I might disappoint myself, and me audience. I don’t want to remember that again, but remember, someone has a PD, and he must be understood. *shuts mouth*

Yes, I ranted about that incident, and it might have silenced me watchers. SILENCED is the term, okay? Of course, I DID rant about these things is because, what is the use of NOT ranting it, if you should follow your heart, right!? AND to that person with that PD, you have NO fair share. Seriously, WALANG diyos-diyosan dito sa pamayanang ito. It’s all about fair share, a’ryt. (Remember, you’re shoving to our throats something that we take [and will always take] for granted, and you still have to insist what you want, para may ipagmayabang ka lang. Your ideas DO NOT help us. It is for your own selfishness. Sino ka, ‘yung ina ni Karen Carpenter!? Ayan ka!)

Now you know why I don’t want to grab the camera ever again. Just so you know, it will only bring me bad memories. First of all, everyone was so chismosa/o simply because of a single camera!? BV naman, oh!

I Need Your Help

What should I do to go back to photography again? I know jumpshots are NOT enough, but of course, if there’s something that would bring time back, it’s possible for me to go back there. We’ll see if Infomax is available with this “lens” I really wanted. I’m getting closer.

Due to personal experiences, I do not recommend you to buy lenses and camera equipment in SG. You’ll never know, those chinks are being rude again for profit. (HAHA, take that, you, that one there!)


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