Happy Independence Day, plus some great news!

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan para sa mga kababayan kong mga Pilipino!

Of course, this is my lucky day. Today, Apple and Canon finally announced their new products.


1.) Canon EOS 650D/Kiss X6i/Rebel T4i

Credits to dpreview.com, me all-time favorite cam review website.

This is the moment of truth that we have been waiting for. While the 600D has been released last year, this time, give way to the all-new 650D, which was named after the film camera 650. HAHAHA, I know, coincidence… but let us take a look at some major and minor changes…

Compared to the 600D, it is actually TOUCH-SCREEN (Read: Articulated Touch-screen). Yes, that’s right. Hear that!? Touchscreen! It also comes in DIG!G 5 CMOS sensor, just like the 5D Mark III. It also comes with a CA correction feature which means that you don’t need a 5D Mark III to do it. Guys, we should embrace this thing, for it now offers the CA correction thingy!

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed with the design (I think the 550D’s design was faaaar better, not even the 600D pulled it off, for its bulkiness, and it only copied the 60D’s design, only smaller– which makes the 600D better-looking so far). Latest cameras should be BETTER off in design, but come on! I think the next iPhone (probably the iPhone 5) might not have a better design compared to the 4S (I know, I think the iPhone 5 might NOT have a good design hahahaha!). Gah, I think the 650D’s screen shrank! Oh noes!

2.) Canon lenses: EF 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens and the all-new EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but the STM in the lenses mean, Stepping Motor. Stepping Motor is actually NOT the silent-focusing thing. It’s actually the AF for recording video. HA, I gotcha’ll!

CLICK HERE for the photos of the two lenses.

Thank goodness, Canon users could finally record video with autofocusing, but I am in doubt with Canon, why should everything be LENS-dependent, if Nikon actually has movie auto-focusing in-cam, and Sony Alpha has their SuperSteady Shot inside the camera?

Hmm, is the USM still there? Or it’s just me?

Alright, I think I have NO time for the 650D. I don’t like the design either, and it makes me want to pursue my 5D Mark III dream again. LOL.


1.) MacBook Pro with Retina Display

uncrate.com|This is the MacBook Pro with Retina display, to those who don’t know yet.

So I have some of my rants against the design and of course, the features… but let’s take a look at the good side first.

So, it is thinner compared to the MacBook Pro’s that Apple used to show us. However, THIS!? Wow, the thickness rules ass, and I bet, this is one of the best Macs, if ever possible. However, the rants that I’m going to tell you are: Why no such thing for the 13-inch size!? Why only for the 15-inch, and NOT also for the 17-inch!? Alright, Apple website shows us that the 17-inch is obsolete, and it sucks ass since people over 6 feet might no longer appreciate Apple (oh noes, well unless you’re a Mac Air user!). Also, people under 5’4″ might no longer do the same as well.

So, if I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro with me, gah! It’s a headache since it’s bigger, and it’s like a storybook already! I’m no longer bringing a heavy folder with me, hahaha! Oh, well!

2.) iOS 6

HAHAHA, be prepared, iPhone 5 (to-be!). This is going to be your primary iOS.

The moment of truth is finally here: Integrated Facebook! HAHAHAHA!

Of course, I would upgrade my own phone to this COOL OS, and no doubt, even a Visual Basic for the Mac will also be available! Yee-haw!

I really do not know if I should upgrade my phone to this iOS, but my mind says YES, without any hesitation. Take a look, the Passbook has this certain err… barcode-scanning feature. Well, that’s ONLY a guess, ok? But the rest of the features, it’s all an O-K!

Independence Day of the Philippine Islands

No wonder, the July 4 Independence Day was reverted back to the June 12 Independence Day. That is BECAUSE, that is the original and the very first one, although our very first president ever of the Philippines had a bad record for being a traitor. BUT this doesn’t have to mean, the Philippines does NOT have any progress. Politics should NOT hinder economics in growing, but sometimes, politics should also be a back-up. Hmmm… how’s the PNoy’s admin going, eh? Hope he DOES NOT again, throw rants and bitterness on his upcoming SONA. Seriously, he should be bragging his PROGRAMS and motivations, because that is A LEAP FORWARD to the nation.


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