Expect the Unexpected

Of course, my blog may be mostly full of bitterness and hatred, but let’s face it: There are times that we do not understand the minds of other people surrounding you. It may be either they think otherwise, or they were only misinterpreted by the fact that you are like this, and so on.

Allow everyone to rant. We may think it’s annoying, especially when these people are well-known, although not very famous. Surely, if you’re well-known, you are expected to behave properly, whether online or not; and it is also expected that you follow proper decorum as well. If a well-known person rants online, he/she is viewed as “mayabang” or someone who as an attitude problem. Granted that most people who rant are “real people (humorously, it’s “tunay na tao“),” but it’s not all the time they should rant about things mixed with bitterness and arrogance because people might misinterpret or view them as “classless” and “graceless” at the same time. Tagalugin ko ah, bawal ang maangas kapag kilala ka ng iilang tao.

Well-known people who are irritable should know anger management. Nakakahiya naman kung ipapakita nila ang totoo nilang pagkatao. Well, it may be perceived as “good,” pero dapat nilulugar. Hindi lang basta-basta pinapakita, as if banat ka na lang ng banat, unless the person he/she’s facing is getting full of him/herself.

People who get full of themselves deserve the silent treatment. It’s not all the time that they get the attention of many people, like the most stupid quote, “There’s nothing spectacular in that place, blah, blah…,” which is just insipid. I actually find (well, allow me to rant, ok, just for this time) China-US relations and all the crap annoyingly overrated. This is one example of ranting things that only the China and the US have better places compared to the more respectable Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and probably Bhutan. You may think I have the “attitude,” but please, don’t get me started with that! Whoever is throwing rants at me like, “trying-hard,” “selfish,” “bratty,” and those other hurtful words, these words represent who the sender is, not the receiver. At least I am doing my best to convince some of you, who are stubborn enough to get away from everything.

I have to admit, I may be directly honest sometimes, but at the same time, I don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, unless it is an endearment. I do not call my friends as “bitches” as endearment, simply because it is a Western culture, and I do not fit in that culture. I am more Eastern than Western, I have to admit, and my values are so Eastern, although there are some Western things that I do appreciate. Alright, it may sound too generalized, but although let’s say that calling your friend as “bitch” is an endearment, it is improper in the corporate world. You have to show proper decorum again.

People cannot understand introverts

If you are giving way to those who have a weird and unstandably-annoying PD, why can’t people try and learn to understand introverts? Let me be very honest with you. Most Internet celebrities are usually introverts, and they were once perceived as weirdos at school. They are usually targeted for being online cyber-bullies who think like “mightier-than-thou” as a form of star complex. However, if you learn to study the background of these introverts, you’d probably understand them.

I will no longer mention celebrities as examples here in this topic. Usually, when talking about introverted-ness, it’s more than complicated compared when you talk about the popular brats (who are pretending to be extroverts).


About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. strong-illed young lady. keep it up. 🙂

  2. i mean, strong-WILLED. letter ‘W’ was hiding in the keyboard. sorry.

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