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Move over, Pop Music! Welcome the underrated!

One of the things that I hate about “pop” music is that, they get too old, too fast! HAHAHA!

Accuse me for being “old-fashioned” and “0ut-of-this-world,” but if I were to choose Japan over America, you cannot blame me for that. Japan embraces weirdness and they really do LOVE BJORK and LADY GAGA at the same time. It’s NOT questionable after all.

Proud to be Different

Check out the tags if you wanna know my list of favorite artists… haha.

These favorite artists are usually on my iPod (but now they’re on my iPhone… the latest music that I have downloaded, actually). Of course, I am still undeniably the forever loyal Japanese music fan… and of course, that made me love Japan more since I used to be an anime fan. Don’t get me wrong, I am currently a member of a Japanese professional organization right now, and I attended the org for the very first time.

Explore Something

I really love listening to music with a different language, other than English and Filipino. If I am a so-so fan of Gloc 9’s music, that’s because he hires the prettiest voices. Alright, call this something very weird, but I am not alone. Maybe you might as well enjoy Origa’s music (except for Inner Universe because it will surely traumatize you!), or maybe the lightning moves of Chick Corea, who is me number one favorite jazz musician. Although there are some of his music that has redundant styles, some of his compositions are very far more decent than his Crystal Silence. Hmm… lemme name a few: Cappucino, Kuranda, No Mystery, Romantic Warrior… those are the songs of Chick that might be understandable to the Filipino audience.

If you want to appreciate German pop culture, I think Rammstein does it the best. Despite the sexual themes, extreme gore and some controversial themes it presents, it is like the Kamikazee of Germany, only that the latter is just simply “wild-crazy” and it does not project offensive themes, unlike the former.

Pop Music gets really old– trust me

If you’re talking about ’90’s pop, well, it IS the true example of classical pop (hardly getting old!). The pop music that you’re listening to nowadays do not make sense at all, and you might as well stick to British pop and Scandinavian pop rather than American pop music. HAHAHA, now what happened to Britney Spears!? Beyonce (she can’t be spared because a clean record doesn’t make you look as if you’re really “angelic” foa real, in fact, the NICU issue has been ruining her career!)!? Hmmm… it’s only Christina Aguilera who came back, untainted in terms of her worth, although she had personal fights with co-singers. The only singer that I could only appreciate would be Pink. Yeah, call Pink a bad example, but she’s a punk rocker whose songs are really oh-so like related towards reality. She rarely had any personal issues and besides, her life story’s really very sad (Taylor Momsen, you’d rather understand Pink’s real story, a’ryt!).

One of the things I like about the music of the ’90’s and the early 2000’s is that, they’re never the songs that would make your ears hurt.

Followers, thanks

If you’re still wondering why I’m no longer posting interesting blog posts is because…

GOSH, I think I have to take a nap now.

To the followers of this blog, thanks for supporting me. You are the reasons why I keep it alive, rather than leaving it to rot. I know, I may some lapses in posting, but of course, whatever your write on your blog represents you… although I have some drafts that I rrrreaaaalllly wanna type here… I think it would take me some decades to decide beforehand whether I should post it again or not. Seriously, it does not help me anymore. I don’t know what I’m thinking about… or probably because I’m enjoying me new life with the 4S, but I am still updating this blog, of course.

Always take note that everything I post is not for publicity purposes. I post whatever I like, and that’s it. I really don’t know why, but I have to tell you that it does NOT make sense if I post something without meaning at all.

Right now, the stream of consciousness has diminished. I really do not know whether I will go back to the days where I have a restrained flow of thinking and speaking it right in front of you guys. Think about being figuratively choked by society’s very high expectations, especially if your mind is fresh out of the structured life. I know some of you have minds fresh from the structured like (you know what I mean, and I do not need to explain it!), and I know you cannot even comment back properly. What I mean is that, fresh out of the structured life is that, you still cannot develop the stream of consciousness within you… which is the flow of your thoughts, from the mind… to the soul… towards the heart. Everything should be spoken from the heart, mind and soul. End of story.

Just in case you are still wondering, why would I ever post something that would hurt one’s feelings? Yes, sometimes, I may offend people, but you really, as in really, do not know what’s happening. If you think I am as irritable as uh-hmm (you know who you are, but no need to mention), then you simply can’t blame the person who is speaking right in front of you. You do not even know that the person has suffered many crosses from time to time… I guess my heart stopped beating afterwards.

That would be all for now.

To grab, or NOT to grab (again), the camera!?

Thanks to an easier way of life, everything’s upside down.

Ever since the release of the 5D Mark III, I really couldn’t help saving more money just to get one. However, the arrival of the 650D made me… err, slightly hesitate. But I do not like the design of the latter, so why not continue with the former, right?

I don’t want to go back to photography again. I’m not kidding, I won’t be making this as a career anymore. It will only add up to me frustrations of that traumatic, wrecked up trip, or maybe something else!?

Hmmm… what do you guys think? Should I stop holding the camera again or not?

Being NOT able to get that lens (yeah!) that I really wanted was a very big frustration. First of all, who are you to interfere my wants and likes!? Alright, now stop shoving your love towards another race, because seriously, this is getting worse. Your pride seriously makes me feel ashamed of you. That’s right! I’m really very ashamed of you, man. Remember, I hate going back to your “favorite place,” because that “place” is HELL, not heaven. Well, for you it IS heaven.

Of course, that is why I never wanted to hold again the camera. Poor BB, I was only leaving it for nothing. I’m sure, if I get back to photography, it should only be limited to photoshoots required for school.

The only bad side is, I won’t be able to re-establish relationships with my online friends in deviantArt. The camera saved me from any boring posts, because that used to be me real passion for life. Imagine bringing your laptop and camera at the same time while at school? It may be an extreme form of using the Internet, but because of Nelly, everything has changed. I don’t need to bring a laptop and a camera for photoshoots. It’s all a click away.

My love for jumpshots and of course, cool photography effects were only temporary. I didn’t know that food was my only favorite subject, and so does wonderful events. I never grabbed the camera, ever again.

Hiatus: Wasn’t good enough

God forbid. If not because of the incident, I would’ve let my kit lens rot as if its AF motor is already dead. I don’t want to talk about that freaking incident anymore, since I might disappoint myself, and me audience. I don’t want to remember that again, but remember, someone has a PD, and he must be understood. *shuts mouth*

Yes, I ranted about that incident, and it might have silenced me watchers. SILENCED is the term, okay? Of course, I DID rant about these things is because, what is the use of NOT ranting it, if you should follow your heart, right!? AND to that person with that PD, you have NO fair share. Seriously, WALANG diyos-diyosan dito sa pamayanang ito. It’s all about fair share, a’ryt. (Remember, you’re shoving to our throats something that we take [and will always take] for granted, and you still have to insist what you want, para may ipagmayabang ka lang. Your ideas DO NOT help us. It is for your own selfishness. Sino ka, ‘yung ina ni Karen Carpenter!? Ayan ka!)

Now you know why I don’t want to grab the camera ever again. Just so you know, it will only bring me bad memories. First of all, everyone was so chismosa/o simply because of a single camera!? BV naman, oh!

I Need Your Help

What should I do to go back to photography again? I know jumpshots are NOT enough, but of course, if there’s something that would bring time back, it’s possible for me to go back there. We’ll see if Infomax is available with this “lens” I really wanted. I’m getting closer.

Due to personal experiences, I do not recommend you to buy lenses and camera equipment in SG. You’ll never know, those chinks are being rude again for profit. (HAHA, take that, you, that one there!)


My posts would be mostly about rings. That’s right. Mostly, rings. NOT all.




















Hmm… rings may be great accessories, but remember they’re also costly, so that’s why I didn’t want to buy rings… well if there are other designs, I’d buy them.






More iPhone photog escapades

So, here we go again. Another ranting thing again. I guess I could only blog at the iPhone whenever there’s a very strong signal. It really sucks to NOT have your own portable Wi-Fi. BOOOOOO!

Here are some of the photos that I took using me iPhone 4S again… enjoy!

That is right, folks! Here is the finger-touch stylus, which is also effective to the Galaxy Tab!

It works! Indeed, it is the stylus of the world!

Now that’s what we call it, a “built-in” tablet! However, it’s still a TRACKPAD, not a TABLET.

OH WTF major fail! ((: Why in the world should a digicam be a smartphone, right!?

Sorry for everything… for the blurry photos and please, I didn’t even bother to buy the things that I have recently worn. NO WAY would I ever spend that cash that BIG ever again… of course, I’m in the Philippines after all, and don’t call me racist AGAIN, since at least I am not in China. (; HAHA.

Super late post: Hipstamatic D-Lite post, again

Here is another post regarding Hipsta. Stay tuned.

If time would only tell, how I wish I simply owned a disposable camera. Well, that’s the end of the story, guys.

Happy Independence Day, plus some great news!

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan para sa mga kababayan kong mga Pilipino!

Of course, this is my lucky day. Today, Apple and Canon finally announced their new products.


1.) Canon EOS 650D/Kiss X6i/Rebel T4i

Credits to, me all-time favorite cam review website.

This is the moment of truth that we have been waiting for. While the 600D has been released last year, this time, give way to the all-new 650D, which was named after the film camera 650. HAHAHA, I know, coincidence… but let us take a look at some major and minor changes…

Compared to the 600D, it is actually TOUCH-SCREEN (Read: Articulated Touch-screen). Yes, that’s right. Hear that!? Touchscreen! It also comes in DIG!G 5 CMOS sensor, just like the 5D Mark III. It also comes with a CA correction feature which means that you don’t need a 5D Mark III to do it. Guys, we should embrace this thing, for it now offers the CA correction thingy!

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed with the design (I think the 550D’s design was faaaar better, not even the 600D pulled it off, for its bulkiness, and it only copied the 60D’s design, only smaller– which makes the 600D better-looking so far). Latest cameras should be BETTER off in design, but come on! I think the next iPhone (probably the iPhone 5) might not have a better design compared to the 4S (I know, I think the iPhone 5 might NOT have a good design hahahaha!). Gah, I think the 650D’s screen shrank! Oh noes!

2.) Canon lenses: EF 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens and the all-new EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but the STM in the lenses mean, Stepping Motor. Stepping Motor is actually NOT the silent-focusing thing. It’s actually the AF for recording video. HA, I gotcha’ll!

CLICK HERE for the photos of the two lenses.

Thank goodness, Canon users could finally record video with autofocusing, but I am in doubt with Canon, why should everything be LENS-dependent, if Nikon actually has movie auto-focusing in-cam, and Sony Alpha has their SuperSteady Shot inside the camera?

Hmm, is the USM still there? Or it’s just me?

Alright, I think I have NO time for the 650D. I don’t like the design either, and it makes me want to pursue my 5D Mark III dream again. LOL.


1.) MacBook Pro with Retina Display|This is the MacBook Pro with Retina display, to those who don’t know yet.

So I have some of my rants against the design and of course, the features… but let’s take a look at the good side first.

So, it is thinner compared to the MacBook Pro’s that Apple used to show us. However, THIS!? Wow, the thickness rules ass, and I bet, this is one of the best Macs, if ever possible. However, the rants that I’m going to tell you are: Why no such thing for the 13-inch size!? Why only for the 15-inch, and NOT also for the 17-inch!? Alright, Apple website shows us that the 17-inch is obsolete, and it sucks ass since people over 6 feet might no longer appreciate Apple (oh noes, well unless you’re a Mac Air user!). Also, people under 5’4″ might no longer do the same as well.

So, if I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro with me, gah! It’s a headache since it’s bigger, and it’s like a storybook already! I’m no longer bringing a heavy folder with me, hahaha! Oh, well!

2.) iOS 6

HAHAHA, be prepared, iPhone 5 (to-be!). This is going to be your primary iOS.

The moment of truth is finally here: Integrated Facebook! HAHAHAHA!

Of course, I would upgrade my own phone to this COOL OS, and no doubt, even a Visual Basic for the Mac will also be available! Yee-haw!

I really do not know if I should upgrade my phone to this iOS, but my mind says YES, without any hesitation. Take a look, the Passbook has this certain err… barcode-scanning feature. Well, that’s ONLY a guess, ok? But the rest of the features, it’s all an O-K!

Independence Day of the Philippine Islands

No wonder, the July 4 Independence Day was reverted back to the June 12 Independence Day. That is BECAUSE, that is the original and the very first one, although our very first president ever of the Philippines had a bad record for being a traitor. BUT this doesn’t have to mean, the Philippines does NOT have any progress. Politics should NOT hinder economics in growing, but sometimes, politics should also be a back-up. Hmmm… how’s the PNoy’s admin going, eh? Hope he DOES NOT again, throw rants and bitterness on his upcoming SONA. Seriously, he should be bragging his PROGRAMS and motivations, because that is A LEAP FORWARD to the nation.

Lasallian Centennial Week











The Economics of Research, etc.

When doing some research, it is very difficult for mose students to access some content regarding their most important research. Worse, gadgets are not allowed without securing a permit from a certain body.

However, the economics of doing research applies here. Since economics talks about the allocation of resources, here, people are taught to survive through the OPAC, card catalogue and reading journal articles.

It is very important to value books, more than simply relying to the world wide web because not everything in the Internet is reliable. Typos, errors and ad hominiem fallacies are usually encountered, unless people rely on the most reliable sources such as the BBC News, etc.

Interpretation of the News

Usually, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Telegraph, Inquirer and the Phil. Star are considered as print materials where students may use these sources. Usually, when reading newspapers, it should be in broadsheet. Broadsheet newspapers are more highly-regarded compared to tabloids. Most tabloids show exaggerated types of news, and traumatizes the reader.

Take Note: Reading the news is way different from watching the news. Watching the news needs precaution. First of all, these are current events that are simply misinterpreted. Usually, the news is viewed in a negative manner like, killing everywhere.

Usually, current events stress everyone, so most people do not watch the news to keep themselves updated. Others prefer not to watch it since the news that we watch are mostly… negative. Do you know what groups of people do not watch current events? Probably the nuns, because they are not allowed to access it, or maybe they might get themselves depressed. They don’t even read newspapers, but that does not make them ignorant. It’s only that the nuns simply focus on a simple life rather than focusing on political life.

iPhone Photography again