iPhone 4S official review

Please take note that I only posted this from Nelly.

Alright, to start…

apple.com|Me Phone… the white one

The iPhone 4S is a phone that has an 8 megapixel camera (I have experienced using a phone with 5 megapixels) and also, I have experienced using a 12 megapixel phone… but I downgraded to lower pixels, but that’s not a problem to me, though.

So let me start with the 4S. First of all, the 4S is like Facebook. It sounds weird when a person doesn’t have his/her own account, but don’t gemme started with that. Sometimes, a certain race CAN live without Facebook… or it’s just me.

There are apps that I downloaded from the app store. If you have an app downloaded directly from the App Store provided by the iPhone, make sure that you have iTunes just in case you use Windows/PC. iTunes will help you download the app if you have Internet.

Let me start with the camera apps, then game apps, followed by social apps.

My most recommended camera apps:

1.) Instagram – It is a camera app, and at the same time it is a mobile social networking site. It is an app where you can edit photographs and make it vintage.

2.) Hipstamatic D-series – It is my most recommended camera app! While using this app, it makes you feel that you’re using an old film camera.

3.) PowerCam – An app that offers video recording. The wide-angle end is much better compared wheeln using the original camera function of the iPhone.

4.) Multi-lens – An app wherein you may take a snap by using different frames. A must for Insta users.

Game apps:

1.) Temple Run – Haha! My all-time favorite game. It is a game about running, jumping, sliding and moving your phone.

2.) Paradise Island – Of course, it is an offline version of FarmVille, CityVille, etc.

3.) Fruit Ninja – One of the games I do recommend. However, iOS users are pressured to own a freaking credit card. Argh!

Social Apps:

Of course, iOS cannot be complete without Facebook, Formspring, Tumblr and Twitter… and don’t forget YM and FB Messenger. dArt, Flickr and WordPress should also be apparent for convenience.


To capture an image w/o the help of tapping, a user may press the increase volume button to take a pic. To focus, the decrease volume button is pressed. To take a screencap, simultaneously push the lock/STBY button and the HOME button (press them at the same time!).

An Apple fan at heart

Apple could be compared to Sony: Sony is the Apple of Japan, ranging to smartphones (Experia is finally owned by Sony) to Sony Alpha DSLRs (thanks to Konica). Although Apple has no iCam yet, at least it first released the ancient QuickTake.

Comparison with other phones

The iPhone is conducive for educational purposes and also for work. Also, it is like a small laptop, and it is the Mac version of the O2 Xda series. As for me, the 4S is number one. It is a phone that has NO stylus, yet it cannot be touched by foreign object that isn’t human skin, unlike phones like the SE; some Nokia phones follow the trend of making their multi-touch system for finger skin only.

Compare the iPhone to the Xda series. Aside from its camera, the Xda runs Windows. The Xda is a PDA, while the iPhone is a smartphone.

The difference between PDAs and smartphones

Usually, PDA’s sometimes do not have the phone function. Swear, the palmOne used NOT to have that function, but for the Xda, it is almost like the smartphones that we know today. People would choose smartphones over PDAs os because, it is very flexible, and you may use it as your pocket laptop (internet + assistant!).

The iPhone is actually ver flexible. No other phone could actually have a Kanji keyboard function, so I chose to own an iPhone instead since I believed that Apple usually offers different input methods, and this made me support Apple more, despite the fact that it is an American brand. Don’t get me wrong. It does not make you LESS of your nationality if you simply adore a foreign brand. Remember, this era is the age of globalization, and this doesn’t equate Westernization at all. Sometimes globalization equates Easternization. Westerners usually learn from Eastern people… and the rest is all history.

The downside of the iPhone and its challenges

Unfortunately, despite being WiFi capable, its 3G function cannot decently connect to the Internet. Worse, its Bluetooth is only meant for the trackpad, mouse and keyboard. It isn ‘t like an extended hard disk drive/mass storage compared to the iPod classic.

Ever since the later wave of iOS gadgets came out, apps became freer and freer just because people demand them that NOT all apps should be paid online. Also, creating an Apple ID doesn’t anymore require a credit card number, so to create an Apple ID is finally like creating a WordPress account, compared to the past days wherein it’s like creating a Typepad account while creating an Apple ID.

Finally, people may now create their own customized Apple.


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