Joint Movie Review Post: Late Post, I mean!

Avengers + Dark Shadows

Warning: If you haven’t watched the series below (any of the two, please skip this post. Spoilers, spoilers! HAHA!)

Alright, I’m really VERY sorry for posting this very late (alright, to my die-hard fans and followers, I know you’re waiting for this post, but… who knows? HAHA), but here goes…

From Wikipedia and, respectively.

Let’s start with Dark Shadows. The movie is really very funny since it’s Johnny Depp who portrays the vampire, but he’s like a less-romantic but milder version of Edward Cullen. What do you notice when Barnabus isn’t really the blood-sucking vampire? This is what we call it as defamiliarization. Defamiliarization happens when characters/creatures depicted in a stereotypical manner are being disregarded.

So, I have learned a new err… term/device. This is the second one since the stream of consciousness is the very first thing ever that came out of mind.

Second comes Avengers. Everyone is watching it is because of the story itself. However, let me explain to you a few things:

1.) It’s like Iron Man III, and it’s only Black Widow and Iron Man who contributed more to the series. It wasn’t Captain America who had the right amount of charisma to awe the audience. Kumbaga, he’s a sidekick-type of character, alongside Hawkeye. Another thing is, the guy who needed help is no other than Thor.

2.) The first part of the series is boring enough to make people sleep. Gosh, the first part sucked… not until all the characters have met one another and… that’s it.

3.) The Climax is AT the falling action and the resolution of the story. Like, fighting Loki’s subordinates!? It should be at the middle part so that people would not sleep during the movie.

However, the movie is great. It’s much better than the Justice League (Well, I think Spiderman only had the best trilogy and crap) when it had a spin-off.

NEXT POST: 300th post –> this is purely about the iPhone 4S. Alright, the 300th post is reserved for the iPhone 4S as an alternative laptop, camera, mobile phone and… well you may YM in the 4S, so why not use the iPhone rather than the lappy, right?

Tomorrow will be the first day of classes… on the first term of my third (and probably me final year… haha I’m delayed BTW) year in DLSU. This is my only last chance to get a Dean’s List award, but it depends upon the people whom I’ll meet… hopefully I could make it there.


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