Random Commentary: Writer’s Block

A writer’s block is a term that describes someone who cannot exactly express his/her thoughts through the stream of consciousness. However, ranting needs that thing.

Usually, whenever a person writes a blog post which is obviously a product of a writer’s block, there are times that they should adjust to an environment wherein there is no room for error. Sometimes, they have to adjust with the fact that this institution isn’t as structured as they thought.

Having a writer’s block means that you’re actually thinking first about your thoughts before placing it at the stream of consciousness. If someone asks you, “Are you on with that guy?” You might as well either start to RANT, or maybe deny the allegations.

Here’s an example of stream of consciousness, to those with writer’s block:

Honestly, denying allegations doesn’t always mean you’re hiding something. If you think that AA Klenk is a spitfire, well, she would usually deny the fact that she did it, and she made it worse. Of course, you cannot question her attitude, but her frankness, honesty and credibility? VERY questionable, indeed. It is very obvious that she cannot even be the typical palengkera on TV. Why can’t she even show it!? Hypocrite much? Whenever she is called “frank, feisty, a real person,” to be honest with all of you guys, she’s the La Ultima plastikada, and she even defeated Toni Gonzaga for being a polymer. Granted, Toni Gonzaga may appear sweet on TV, but if you ask some of her workmates, they might confirm that she’s really snobbish, mean and most of all, a diva. Being a pakitang-tao means that you’re more than a polymer than any polymer person. If in the white-dominated, liberated, English-speaking countries, they really speak their mind and they do not lie. You may only find some whites who are actually fake people. Well, Paris Hilton isn’t a fake person, she’s just a spoiled brat. She may be intimidating to talk to, but at least she has cleaned up her act. The only thing with most white people is that, they cannot even admit their nip-tucks, but Megan Fox admitted that she had a boob job (Hello, Salma!), but the reward goes to Ashley Simpson.

Using the stream of consciousness encourages people to write more about their stories. Just in case if your story is top secret, rather push the private option.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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