Instagram and finally screenshots for the Galaxy Tab

Finally, I created an Instagram account for myself… however, I only installed it just because our portable Wifi worked for the Galaxy Tab… and oh BTW, I know how to take a screenshot using the Tab! (;

There’s the Instagram! YAY!

Here it is! Welcome to me Instagram lair! Bagay na bagay talaga ang mspdzhella! HAHAHA!

Lovely Instagram lair, Ms. Tricia! *drools*

Instagram: First Impressions

I. Simply. Dunno. How. To. Use. It… YET.

Alright, being guilty of not being able to use it properly, I must… err… explore more about it while the 4S is not yet here in da haus. I really feel like a loser whenever I have NO Instagram, but finally I’m no longer the loser. HAHAHA.

Galaxy Tab screenshot

If you have to press the MENU button and the lock/STBY switch in the iPhone/iTouch/iPad simultaneously/at the same time, in Galaxy Tab: Press and hold the backspace or lezzay, “return” button (the curved arrow turning backwards) and press and hold the power switch button until a notification of “screenshot saved to gallery” something notif. comes out. HAHAHA, iOS is NEVER alone. (;


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