What can I say about the iPhone 4S?

Photo from vodaphone.qa|This is the 4S.

iPhone 4S: HA! I skipped the original iPhone 4

I chose to own this one just in case, because I’m already sick and tired of waiting for that month of June! Oh, well… I won’t ever tell you the reason! Top secret!

Steve Jobs is right: iTouch is the training hands to the iPhone

The Apple iPhone 4S is a phone with several features. Everyone insisted I should wait for the iPhone 5 to come but… NO. I want to have something that runs an iOS. No joke. I really prefer to own American-sponsored products, although Sinosphere-made. I was shocked to see that Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, manufactures the iPhone 4S. For some people, everything Made in China is always of low-quality UNLESS the United States of America acquires their products. Pati ba naman China, matatakot sa Estados Unidos!? However, the MNC’s CEOs and other staff really do not EVEN realize that China will clone their products. Good grief, there is no such thing as cloned Digital SLR camera, or else!

*Ehem.* Lemme start with Mr. Jobs’s statement. He was right all along. If you know how to use the iTouch, then you’re ready to use the iPhone. Alright, I’m ready, and to tell you that I am really a BIG fan of Apple products.

To be honest with everyone reading the blog, I really like to own an iPhone when the 3GS was released. However, the iPhone 4 has a better design and of course, it was slimmer. But when the 4S came, it urged me to buy one since there’s a 64GB model available in black and white, but WHITE suits me better because it goes with any color. (:

SHIT Insta! I want yeeeeeeeew!

Confessions of having NO Instagram

I really feel like a TOTAL LOSER having NO iPhone 4S just because that time it wasn’t available for Android. However, my heart still goes to iOS (I have NOTHING against Android, but my heart is really for the iOS, sorry guys). Gosh, tell me lies against my preference (e.g., “HOMG inggit ka na naman anoh?) and PLEASE, don’t gemme started with the “Made in China” thing, I already explained me stand on it. I’ll get the 4S once the “sad thing” is over, ok?

Promise, I’ll blog about the 4S

Once I get it (I have NO means of making you guys jealous, ok?), I’ll blog you the features so that you guys will know how it is to own a 4S. (: I’m not the typical borrower of gadgets unless that belongs to a kid. (: AND I let anyone borrow my gadgets if they are good enough to return it safe. I’m not going to coerce you to buy the 4S if Apple is not your favorite brand (or if you’re no Apple fan), OR if you prefer Android. Either way, I don’t mind at all. (:

PS: I could actually NOT blog the unboxing part! The sellers will unbox it for you. (: But I’ll still post photos of the unboxing, if ever.


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