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Hipstamatic D-Lite Post

EWWWWW! AA Klenk the monster!

iPhone 4S official review

Please take note that I only posted this from Nelly.

Alright, to start…|Me Phone… the white one

The iPhone 4S is a phone that has an 8 megapixel camera (I have experienced using a phone with 5 megapixels) and also, I have experienced using a 12 megapixel phone… but I downgraded to lower pixels, but that’s not a problem to me, though.

So let me start with the 4S. First of all, the 4S is like Facebook. It sounds weird when a person doesn’t have his/her own account, but don’t gemme started with that. Sometimes, a certain race CAN live without Facebook… or it’s just me.

There are apps that I downloaded from the app store. If you have an app downloaded directly from the App Store provided by the iPhone, make sure that you have iTunes just in case you use Windows/PC. iTunes will help you download the app if you have Internet.

Let me start with the camera apps, then game apps, followed by social apps.

My most recommended camera apps:

1.) Instagram – It is a camera app, and at the same time it is a mobile social networking site. It is an app where you can edit photographs and make it vintage.

2.) Hipstamatic D-series – It is my most recommended camera app! While using this app, it makes you feel that you’re using an old film camera.

3.) PowerCam – An app that offers video recording. The wide-angle end is much better compared wheeln using the original camera function of the iPhone.

4.) Multi-lens – An app wherein you may take a snap by using different frames. A must for Insta users.

Game apps:

1.) Temple Run – Haha! My all-time favorite game. It is a game about running, jumping, sliding and moving your phone.

2.) Paradise Island – Of course, it is an offline version of FarmVille, CityVille, etc.

3.) Fruit Ninja – One of the games I do recommend. However, iOS users are pressured to own a freaking credit card. Argh!

Social Apps:

Of course, iOS cannot be complete without Facebook, Formspring, Tumblr and Twitter… and don’t forget YM and FB Messenger. dArt, Flickr and WordPress should also be apparent for convenience.


To capture an image w/o the help of tapping, a user may press the increase volume button to take a pic. To focus, the decrease volume button is pressed. To take a screencap, simultaneously push the lock/STBY button and the HOME button (press them at the same time!).

An Apple fan at heart

Apple could be compared to Sony: Sony is the Apple of Japan, ranging to smartphones (Experia is finally owned by Sony) to Sony Alpha DSLRs (thanks to Konica). Although Apple has no iCam yet, at least it first released the ancient QuickTake.

Comparison with other phones

The iPhone is conducive for educational purposes and also for work. Also, it is like a small laptop, and it is the Mac version of the O2 Xda series. As for me, the 4S is number one. It is a phone that has NO stylus, yet it cannot be touched by foreign object that isn’t human skin, unlike phones like the SE; some Nokia phones follow the trend of making their multi-touch system for finger skin only.

Compare the iPhone to the Xda series. Aside from its camera, the Xda runs Windows. The Xda is a PDA, while the iPhone is a smartphone.

The difference between PDAs and smartphones

Usually, PDA’s sometimes do not have the phone function. Swear, the palmOne used NOT to have that function, but for the Xda, it is almost like the smartphones that we know today. People would choose smartphones over PDAs os because, it is very flexible, and you may use it as your pocket laptop (internet + assistant!).

The iPhone is actually ver flexible. No other phone could actually have a Kanji keyboard function, so I chose to own an iPhone instead since I believed that Apple usually offers different input methods, and this made me support Apple more, despite the fact that it is an American brand. Don’t get me wrong. It does not make you LESS of your nationality if you simply adore a foreign brand. Remember, this era is the age of globalization, and this doesn’t equate Westernization at all. Sometimes globalization equates Easternization. Westerners usually learn from Eastern people… and the rest is all history.

The downside of the iPhone and its challenges

Unfortunately, despite being WiFi capable, its 3G function cannot decently connect to the Internet. Worse, its Bluetooth is only meant for the trackpad, mouse and keyboard. It isn ‘t like an extended hard disk drive/mass storage compared to the iPod classic.

Ever since the later wave of iOS gadgets came out, apps became freer and freer just because people demand them that NOT all apps should be paid online. Also, creating an Apple ID doesn’t anymore require a credit card number, so to create an Apple ID is finally like creating a WordPress account, compared to the past days wherein it’s like creating a Typepad account while creating an Apple ID.

Finally, people may now create their own customized Apple.

Hipstamatic Disposable Camera App

So uhh… here it is! This is a blue Hipstamatic… the very first Molybdenum Studios camera! ❤

What’s this app all about

This is an app, but this time with the look and feel of a disposable film camera so you think your iOS-capable gadget would be more of a camera than you think.

Here are some of the photos that were taken by this cool app:

There you have it. All these photos are taken with the Hipstamatic D-series. ((: Of course, these things are really like vintage photographs, and not only that — it’s also like lomo-fied.

BAD NEWS IS, it’s only for the iOS. 😦 Hope Hipsta makes an app for Android users, too!

iPhone Photography

Sorry for all the delayed things hahahaha! Oh, before I really, as in seriously review the iPhone 4S, let me show you a few photos… hehehehe…

I do sincerely apologize for NOT showing off my face. *AcneProblems*

HAHAHA Milk Tea from Pao Pao! Me all-time favee! Must drink it because it tastes like Cloud 9!

I absolutely agree with this one. HAHAHA, synonymous to P-Noy’s Media as “talangka” thing. ❤

HOMG! AA’s bald!? She now looks faggot-er! LOL!

I forgot to “CHECK ALL” these things! BTW’s, I have ALL of these things!

HAHAHA, good thing the fairness is there!

Lomography alert! This is finally it!

A sample RetroCam shot. HAHAHA, pinhOle camera pa talaga, ah!

Telephone buttons AT FOCUS! Dunno the app that I use, haha.

Joint Movie Review Post: Late Post, I mean!

Avengers + Dark Shadows

Warning: If you haven’t watched the series below (any of the two, please skip this post. Spoilers, spoilers! HAHA!)

Alright, I’m really VERY sorry for posting this very late (alright, to my die-hard fans and followers, I know you’re waiting for this post, but… who knows? HAHA), but here goes…

From Wikipedia and, respectively.

Let’s start with Dark Shadows. The movie is really very funny since it’s Johnny Depp who portrays the vampire, but he’s like a less-romantic but milder version of Edward Cullen. What do you notice when Barnabus isn’t really the blood-sucking vampire? This is what we call it as defamiliarization. Defamiliarization happens when characters/creatures depicted in a stereotypical manner are being disregarded.

So, I have learned a new err… term/device. This is the second one since the stream of consciousness is the very first thing ever that came out of mind.

Second comes Avengers. Everyone is watching it is because of the story itself. However, let me explain to you a few things:

1.) It’s like Iron Man III, and it’s only Black Widow and Iron Man who contributed more to the series. It wasn’t Captain America who had the right amount of charisma to awe the audience. Kumbaga, he’s a sidekick-type of character, alongside Hawkeye. Another thing is, the guy who needed help is no other than Thor.

2.) The first part of the series is boring enough to make people sleep. Gosh, the first part sucked… not until all the characters have met one another and… that’s it.

3.) The Climax is AT the falling action and the resolution of the story. Like, fighting Loki’s subordinates!? It should be at the middle part so that people would not sleep during the movie.

However, the movie is great. It’s much better than the Justice League (Well, I think Spiderman only had the best trilogy and crap) when it had a spin-off.

NEXT POST: 300th post –> this is purely about the iPhone 4S. Alright, the 300th post is reserved for the iPhone 4S as an alternative laptop, camera, mobile phone and… well you may YM in the 4S, so why not use the iPhone rather than the lappy, right?

Tomorrow will be the first day of classes… on the first term of my third (and probably me final year… haha I’m delayed BTW) year in DLSU. This is my only last chance to get a Dean’s List award, but it depends upon the people whom I’ll meet… hopefully I could make it there.

Random Commentary: Writer’s Block

A writer’s block is a term that describes someone who cannot exactly express his/her thoughts through the stream of consciousness. However, ranting needs that thing.

Usually, whenever a person writes a blog post which is obviously a product of a writer’s block, there are times that they should adjust to an environment wherein there is no room for error. Sometimes, they have to adjust with the fact that this institution isn’t as structured as they thought.

Having a writer’s block means that you’re actually thinking first about your thoughts before placing it at the stream of consciousness. If someone asks you, “Are you on with that guy?” You might as well either start to RANT, or maybe deny the allegations.

Here’s an example of stream of consciousness, to those with writer’s block:

Honestly, denying allegations doesn’t always mean you’re hiding something. If you think that AA Klenk is a spitfire, well, she would usually deny the fact that she did it, and she made it worse. Of course, you cannot question her attitude, but her frankness, honesty and credibility? VERY questionable, indeed. It is very obvious that she cannot even be the typical palengkera on TV. Why can’t she even show it!? Hypocrite much? Whenever she is called “frank, feisty, a real person,” to be honest with all of you guys, she’s the La Ultima plastikada, and she even defeated Toni Gonzaga for being a polymer. Granted, Toni Gonzaga may appear sweet on TV, but if you ask some of her workmates, they might confirm that she’s really snobbish, mean and most of all, a diva. Being a pakitang-tao means that you’re more than a polymer than any polymer person. If in the white-dominated, liberated, English-speaking countries, they really speak their mind and they do not lie. You may only find some whites who are actually fake people. Well, Paris Hilton isn’t a fake person, she’s just a spoiled brat. She may be intimidating to talk to, but at least she has cleaned up her act. The only thing with most white people is that, they cannot even admit their nip-tucks, but Megan Fox admitted that she had a boob job (Hello, Salma!), but the reward goes to Ashley Simpson.

Using the stream of consciousness encourages people to write more about their stories. Just in case if your story is top secret, rather push the private option.

Instagram and finally screenshots for the Galaxy Tab

Finally, I created an Instagram account for myself… however, I only installed it just because our portable Wifi worked for the Galaxy Tab… and oh BTW, I know how to take a screenshot using the Tab! (;

There’s the Instagram! YAY!

Here it is! Welcome to me Instagram lair! Bagay na bagay talaga ang mspdzhella! HAHAHA!

Lovely Instagram lair, Ms. Tricia! *drools*

Instagram: First Impressions

I. Simply. Dunno. How. To. Use. It… YET.

Alright, being guilty of not being able to use it properly, I must… err… explore more about it while the 4S is not yet here in da haus. I really feel like a loser whenever I have NO Instagram, but finally I’m no longer the loser. HAHAHA.

Galaxy Tab screenshot

If you have to press the MENU button and the lock/STBY switch in the iPhone/iTouch/iPad simultaneously/at the same time, in Galaxy Tab: Press and hold the backspace or lezzay, “return” button (the curved arrow turning backwards) and press and hold the power switch button until a notification of “screenshot saved to gallery” something notif. comes out. HAHAHA, iOS is NEVER alone. (;

What can I say about the iPhone 4S?

Photo from|This is the 4S.

iPhone 4S: HA! I skipped the original iPhone 4

I chose to own this one just in case, because I’m already sick and tired of waiting for that month of June! Oh, well… I won’t ever tell you the reason! Top secret!

Steve Jobs is right: iTouch is the training hands to the iPhone

The Apple iPhone 4S is a phone with several features. Everyone insisted I should wait for the iPhone 5 to come but… NO. I want to have something that runs an iOS. No joke. I really prefer to own American-sponsored products, although Sinosphere-made. I was shocked to see that Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, manufactures the iPhone 4S. For some people, everything Made in China is always of low-quality UNLESS the United States of America acquires their products. Pati ba naman China, matatakot sa Estados Unidos!? However, the MNC’s CEOs and other staff really do not EVEN realize that China will clone their products. Good grief, there is no such thing as cloned Digital SLR camera, or else!

*Ehem.* Lemme start with Mr. Jobs’s statement. He was right all along. If you know how to use the iTouch, then you’re ready to use the iPhone. Alright, I’m ready, and to tell you that I am really a BIG fan of Apple products.

To be honest with everyone reading the blog, I really like to own an iPhone when the 3GS was released. However, the iPhone 4 has a better design and of course, it was slimmer. But when the 4S came, it urged me to buy one since there’s a 64GB model available in black and white, but WHITE suits me better because it goes with any color. (:

SHIT Insta! I want yeeeeeeeew!

Confessions of having NO Instagram

I really feel like a TOTAL LOSER having NO iPhone 4S just because that time it wasn’t available for Android. However, my heart still goes to iOS (I have NOTHING against Android, but my heart is really for the iOS, sorry guys). Gosh, tell me lies against my preference (e.g., “HOMG inggit ka na naman anoh?) and PLEASE, don’t gemme started with the “Made in China” thing, I already explained me stand on it. I’ll get the 4S once the “sad thing” is over, ok?

Promise, I’ll blog about the 4S

Once I get it (I have NO means of making you guys jealous, ok?), I’ll blog you the features so that you guys will know how it is to own a 4S. (: I’m not the typical borrower of gadgets unless that belongs to a kid. (: AND I let anyone borrow my gadgets if they are good enough to return it safe. I’m not going to coerce you to buy the 4S if Apple is not your favorite brand (or if you’re no Apple fan), OR if you prefer Android. Either way, I don’t mind at all. (:

PS: I could actually NOT blog the unboxing part! The sellers will unbox it for you. (: But I’ll still post photos of the unboxing, if ever.