Creating Music in GarageBand is MORE FUN IN THE PH!

Play it! You’ll definitely NOT gonna believe that I DIY-ed the whole song!

GarageBand: It’s all in your imagination!

So I stumbled on Alex de Rossi’s Tumblr page and I wanted to compose songs like SHE does (she says she has a friend to collaborate with her). So what I did is… I did Musical Typing and recorded it and inserted ALL the notes I really do NOT need because there’s such thing as Piano Roll in GarageBand.

Yeah, it’s really a fail. I’m not really GOOD in arranging notes by hand (PENCIL, huh), but in GarageBand, it does the thing better. Yay Mac!

The only difference with me and Alessandra is that, she has a/n MV accompaniment. I can’t do those scribbles like she does.


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