Antonello Joseph’s First Death Anniversary

This is how Kei’ichiro Hirata of Osaka Monogatari looks like.

So, I’d never been a fan of AJ Perez, but of course, he’s always the cute boy-next-door we usually see in ASAP, mall shows and some TV shows. Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez in real life, has been an inspiration to everyone in the world.

Alright, so I feel again, inspired to create a new Osaka Monogatari blog post (err, story). It’s all about Akio’s settling in the Orient Pearl and y’know, Kei’s start as a showbiz person. *Sigh* I changed my mind. I might as well learn Japanese to get another bachelor’s degree, this time in Japan. I always loved that place, really. If I were to choose between Japan vs. the two superpowers, the Land of the Rising Sun would be without hesitation.

Oh, please! How I wish those two fictional characters are for real already! 😦

Well, to those who remember Antonello, let us now remember someone who has done a great achievement, although his dreams are cut short. 😦


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