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Brangelina Getting Married!

Alright, so (before we continue to our topic) Angelina is NOT naturally-skinny at all. In fact, being a model requires losing weight (HAHAH, you nailed it, Tyra Banks!). Angelina is very fleshy before she became an actress. The real reason why she’s skinny is because of stress, coming from work (name it: motherhood, shooting, hectic schedules). Oh, and I’m never a fan of skinny girls with boobies (y’know what I mean! Well, I’d spare Asia Argento because she’s got a booty).

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4. HAHA.

Oh, so yeah. Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are gonna tie the knot! Well, I think I’m really very happy for them because they have established a good relationship. However, there are fears that the marriage would no longer be worth their love. In societies nowadays, unmarried couples have stronger relationships than those who are married. Well, y’know the rest of d’ story right?

Pinoy Chizmax!

between anne curtis at angel locsin, mas maganda c angel. maputi lang c anne curtis. pag pina-itim mo, hindi na siya artistahin. mas lalong ma-emphasize ang bibig niyang malaki.

– gorgeous_aleck, LINK

Agree with this one! Angel Locsin is prettier, regardless of skin color. Her features are waaaay softer than Anne Curtis’ and she looks younger. And OPKORS, compare Anne to Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Jasmine is prettier. Dapat si Jasmine ang mag-artista, because she’s not clown-y unlike her ate.

Alessandra compared to AA: Flashback

Opkors! My favorite topic about the two frank and feisty people, but it’d definitely be Alex. Alex is of course, proud of her brown skin, but just so yew guys know… why people represent pure Filipina beauties in Miss Universe if in our showbiz industry, most of our actors are half-white? I’m not really cringing on those things, but ironically, it has to mean that brown skin represents elitism, since if you compete for beauty pageants, it is GLOBAL. GLOBAL = RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE. So Alex has a point, actually.

I love Alex! Such an interesting, genuine person. Napaka-artistic and talented pa, pero humble at hindi plastic.

– winged_angel, LINK

And just to take note, Alessandra was UK-born, so no wonder, she speaks her mind (am I right, Felice Fawn?). However, behind the kontrabida face and aura, she’s still a comic at heart.


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  1. kung makapagcomment ang mga taong taong ito halatang ayaw kay anne. alam niyo huwag naman kayong ganyan. kung ayaw niyo sa kanya huwag naman kayong mamintas kc tao din cl nasasaktan din .

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