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Creating Music in GarageBand is MORE FUN IN THE PH!

Play it! You’ll definitely NOT gonna believe that I DIY-ed the whole song!

GarageBand: It’s all in your imagination!

So I stumbled on Alex de Rossi’s Tumblr page and I wanted to compose songs like SHE does (she says she has a friend to collaborate with her). So what I did is… I did Musical Typing and recorded it and inserted ALL the notes I really do NOT need because there’s such thing as Piano Roll in GarageBand.

Yeah, it’s really a fail. I’m not really GOOD in arranging notes by hand (PENCIL, huh), but in GarageBand, it does the thing better. Yay Mac!

The only difference with me and Alessandra is that, she has a/n MV accompaniment. I can’t do those scribbles like she does.

Antonello Joseph’s First Death Anniversary

This is how Kei’ichiro Hirata of Osaka Monogatari looks like.

So, I’d never been a fan of AJ Perez, but of course, he’s always the cute boy-next-door we usually see in ASAP, mall shows and some TV shows. Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez in real life, has been an inspiration to everyone in the world.

Alright, so I feel again, inspired to create a new Osaka Monogatari blog post (err, story). It’s all about Akio’s settling in the Orient Pearl and y’know, Kei’s start as a showbiz person. *Sigh* I changed my mind. I might as well learn Japanese to get another bachelor’s degree, this time in Japan. I always loved that place, really. If I were to choose between Japan vs. the two superpowers, the Land of the Rising Sun would be without hesitation.

Oh, please! How I wish those two fictional characters are for real already! 😦

Well, to those who remember Antonello, let us now remember someone who has done a great achievement, although his dreams are cut short. 😦

Randomness in Showbiz

Brangelina Getting Married!

Alright, so (before we continue to our topic) Angelina is NOT naturally-skinny at all. In fact, being a model requires losing weight (HAHAH, you nailed it, Tyra Banks!). Angelina is very fleshy before she became an actress. The real reason why she’s skinny is because of stress, coming from work (name it: motherhood, shooting, hectic schedules). Oh, and I’m never a fan of skinny girls with boobies (y’know what I mean! Well, I’d spare Asia Argento because she’s got a booty).

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4. HAHA.

Oh, so yeah. Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are gonna tie the knot! Well, I think I’m really very happy for them because they have established a good relationship. However, there are fears that the marriage would no longer be worth their love. In societies nowadays, unmarried couples have stronger relationships than those who are married. Well, y’know the rest of d’ story right?

Pinoy Chizmax!

between anne curtis at angel locsin, mas maganda c angel. maputi lang c anne curtis. pag pina-itim mo, hindi na siya artistahin. mas lalong ma-emphasize ang bibig niyang malaki.

– gorgeous_aleck, LINK

Agree with this one! Angel Locsin is prettier, regardless of skin color. Her features are waaaay softer than Anne Curtis’ and she looks younger. And OPKORS, compare Anne to Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Jasmine is prettier. Dapat si Jasmine ang mag-artista, because she’s not clown-y unlike her ate.

Alessandra compared to AA: Flashback

Opkors! My favorite topic about the two frank and feisty people, but it’d definitely be Alex. Alex is of course, proud of her brown skin, but just so yew guys know… why people represent pure Filipina beauties in Miss Universe if in our showbiz industry, most of our actors are half-white? I’m not really cringing on those things, but ironically, it has to mean that brown skin represents elitism, since if you compete for beauty pageants, it is GLOBAL. GLOBAL = RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE. So Alex has a point, actually.

I love Alex! Such an interesting, genuine person. Napaka-artistic and talented pa, pero humble at hindi plastic.

– winged_angel, LINK

And just to take note, Alessandra was UK-born, so no wonder, she speaks her mind (am I right, Felice Fawn?). However, behind the kontrabida face and aura, she’s still a comic at heart.

Life without the 550D in two weeks!

This is a VEEEEEERY sad announcement.

NO 550D in two weeks = BOO! No bokeh, NO 1/500 shutter speed and the worst: EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM is a rare-to-find lens! Guys, I really need yo’ help (d’ lenzzzzz not d’ cam!).

So what I did was, I sent my cam to the service center (I won’t tell you where it IS, a’ryt) because the rubbah grip’s worn out. Completely OUTTA d’ system and that’s it! So I need to wait for two weeks (wait, 14 working days) before it is again, refurbished.

Life Without the 550D…

Opkors! I’m alwizzzzz camera shy! \m/

T_T Imma miss you babe! 😦

Forever a fangirl of yours, 5D. I finally met you in person. Your screen’s bigger!

Y U SO HARD TUH FIND? 😦 U hidin’? [P.S.: Where in the PH would I find THIS!?]

Before heading through my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, I bought these drinks.

ROFL we’re going to eat something… hmmm…

Crab stick mania! Now that’s what I call, “Asian!”

The shrimp exposed! Imma eat you ya’ poor thing! RAWR!

Grilled cuisine!

Whoops! HAHAHA, edit fail!

Alright, so that’s all for now. Y’all gonna see 4:3 aspect ratio rather than 3:2 aspect ratio, which suck dix! ROFL. *Wishes my 550D will really be fixed in no time HAHAHA!*

The real thing about having NO DSLR

Awwwww… there’s something that I want to tell you guys. Aside from the fact that I don’t have an SLR for two weeks, I think I have to suffer with my camera phone… but that’s OK. However, without my camera, I will feel saaaaaad. LOL drama much but… some confessions.

[off-topic shizzzzzz]

I still won’t delete my post regarding anti-Chinese sentiments. Sure, I have NOTHING against the Filipino-Chinese, but if I were Chinese, I’ll feel very ashamed of those melamine and formaldehyde thingy… dunno why but getting mad at Filipino sellers while admiring Chinese ones is just… stupid. Most Chinese are assertive as a strategy of selling things, but it’s just… WRONG. For the Filipinos, however, I personally think they respect people’s decisions. I think if I were going to be a parent, I won’t raise my children the Chinese way (thank goodness some Fil-Chi’s disregarding those things, salutes!).

Gosh. I think I have to go now.

Debate Time! Debate Time!

Dear guys,

Before starting the debate, please be reminded that foul words are forbidden. Thank you! (:

The Debate Starts… NOW!

1.) Canon EOS 5D Mark III – A Must-buy or not?

Advantages: FULL-FRAME 35mm sensor with 22.3 Megapixels, 3.2″ 3:2 1M-dot LCD monitor, 100% intelligent pentaprism viewfinder, dual CF/SD card slot, HDR feature, HD video, DIG!C 5+… and so much more!

Disadvantages: Highlight Tone Priority, Shadow Optimizer cannot be joint to one another, according to Ken Rockwell. Others include: NO articulation on LCD screen (BOO!!!), expensive (!), costs US$ 3500.00 (in fact, most Europeans need to fly to the US because almost everything’s costly in Europe, and everyone knows it, right?), NO AF in video!, doesn’t support EF-S lenses (unlike Nikon’s full-frame, I saw this before that Nikon full-frames might accept AF-S lenses… hmm…)… well, that’s all.

2.) Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta/Extended (with Lightroom 4, DUH!)

Pro/s: New features, improved HDR something… name more…
Con/s: It’s Lightroom interface in Photoshop! BOO! Leave Lightroom alone!

3.) Back-up camera

List: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20, Sony Alpha NEX camera, and so on.

I just wanted to have a compact camera *drools*. Hahaha, I just envied Saab Magalona for some reason (she has a 55oD, but she has a compact Sony NEX, too!).

Levitating in Azure

My most creative jumpshot! Haha, yowayowa ang peg! (Yeah right no effort)

Pardon my fat-ness! Kasing-sabog ng final paper ko, but the shadowwww… xD

Maybe if people do not know just yet, the rubber grip of my camera is GONE. BOO. However, I still managed to take photographs of myself levitating.

I really DO apologize for NOT updating, because I ran out of ideas and I stayed away from my favorite hobby for so long… but don’t worry! I am saving up for the iPhone 4S, or the latest iPhone. (Despo for an Instagraaaam @_@) NAH, jez kidding.

Well, enjoy the rest of the week!

Penitential Ironies

During the Holy Week, this IS what I did.

Alright, apologizing for being focused on Tumblr, but I really cannot get over with the shit about the 5D Mark III and worse, the frustrations. Kidding aside, I never fit in the social groups. I always thought I was someone very, strange: Someone who cannot whistle or maybe balance a two-wheeled bicycle– that’s what made me think that I’m meant to “fall.” Well, it’s a week of suffering for all of us, but don’t make this a reason why you’re “suffering.” It’s not always suffering every Holy Week; truth is, most people go on real “vacation” rather than going to the church to confess their sins. Well, truth is, I’m not a devout Catholic. I don’t go to confession anymore (and I swear, I won’t ever confess my sins to a servant of God; like what? Ironically, why confess your sins to a servant of God if their only advice would be pray this and that if… my granny’s right, after all).

Alright, there’s something I’d like to share with you… again.

The Truth Hurts by David Pagulayan: Reactions

So lemme start with James Soriano, someone who praised the English language for being the language of the learned. It is actually a misunderstanding that he was only sarcastic against the educational system of the Philippines (well, side note: K-12 won’t include Philippine History in college, which sucks dick since according to a historian, the government is very selfish and wanted the Filipinos to only concentrate in three subjects. One word: BOO). Take note: Sarcastic. That is because everything in the government is written in English, and unfortunately, my parents were also miseducated with the fact that English should be more given attention to than Filipino. Now let me explain the historical details (Warning: Read @ yer own risk)…

Y’know why the Americans invaded us? Go to Emilio Aguinaldo’s grave and ask him! His stupidity led the Americans to invade the Philippines, and hamper development. Well, American invasion shouldn’t be really a factor, since it was during the reign of the “Mother of Democracy (kuno)” that led the Philippines to poverty. That’s right. It’s oligarchy that held hands with imperialism (of the American invaders) which shattered the Philippines… and look what happened. Going back to the Aguinaldo thing, it was Mabini who advised Aguinaldo NOT to welcome the Americans, but Aguinaldo refused to listen. Well, to make the story short, in most American war films, Americans always win– but to think that the Americans defeated the Filipinos? Well, they really cannot capture Aguinaldo after all… which of course, worsened history itself. We all know that Aguinaldo is a traitor, since he was the mastermind under the death of Bonifacio. So, yes. Unfortunately, everything is reserved for the elites. Almost everything that you see… is only for the elites. Nothing. It’s only the stupidity of Aguinaldo that made the Philippines a wailing lady that is hoping for her “true love” to come… now who’s that true love? It’s no other than freedom itself. We may be free for some instance, but in our minds, not really. Imperialism and oligarchy ruined it. These two factors are very lethal because one country won’t prosper at all if we continue to let these two evils flow… and with that, it’s the end of the Philippines, and when that happens, it’s the end of the world.

So now y’know why the elites exploit the mass people, eh?

With regards to Mideo Cruz’s Poleteismo, it is like a message to the RH Bill, and of course, to the current situation that, in the Bible, it was said, “Go forth and multiply,” and that was Jesus, covered in condoms to represent birth control. Now why get offended, Filipinos? All right, since the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, we get insulted. It’s like dissing God and the angels. If we know the deeper perspective, it is because the Church interferes the state’s decisions. Like, c’mon, divorce, abortion? NO? Divorce may be legalized, but only provided if women are battered by their spouses. Abortion may be legalized if you’re either raped… everything should be modified. It’s like, “We’re not devout Catholics, so please, leave us be.” One joke that I made was this…

Rather than, “Leave us alone, so Noli Me Tangere!”
It might turn out to be, “Leave us alone, so laissez-faire!”

Feisty People are well-admired: Shut up!

Being feisty, according to New Oxford American Dictionary means, “touchy and aggressive.” Touchy means, “oversensitive and irritable.” This may be true in the case of the likes of AA Klenk, but why is she respected? For being frank and feisty!? For God’s sake, why is Miriam Defensor-Santiago slammed for being a psycho? For me, Madame Senator deserves more respect, it’s only that her way of being feisty is due to her over-intelligence as a person, thus, losing a certain amount of EQ. Annabelle Rama? Well, for most people, she’s misunderstood. She is only fighting for her beliefs. However, the media would depict her as someone monstrous, but good news is that, she has a good side, and that’s her sense of humor. Also, Cebuano people are known for being feisty.

There are many more feisty people like Katrina Halili, although not frank. Katrina Halili is really feisty and like what I said before, she shows off her bitchy side. People look up to her with respect because she doesn’t really care about the issues surrounding her. I also did admire her because she always admit her mistakes and she IS the real fighter.

To quote Roxy:

Katrina Halili is sexy, but she was looked up to with respect. But Cristine? Even her career went succesful than Katrina, most people do not feel it because of her behavior and continued objectifying herself than proving her worth.

Katrina Halili knows how to carry herself, in some ways. Compared to the cunt, although she had her nose and tittays done, she admits it. But for AA, she never admitted that she had nip-tucks, because she always claims about her German ancestry. Like, seriously? Germans have a big body built, unlike AA, who is obviously petite and at the same time, her arms are overly-liposuctioned. Katrina Halili looks healthier and more on-the-go, unlike AA. (Gah, compare and contrast mode na naman ako!)