The Hunger Games

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The movie is really, very awesome! Alright, so the story goes this way, representatives (or tributes) from each district are chosen (1 boy and girl) to fight for the Hunger Games. It is a matter of survival where they should fight until they die, and there’s only one survivor, declared as the winner.

Alright, so Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, well, I never heard her before, but I think she resembles Emily Browning, alright.

First Impressions

I thought that it is a game show, or maybe some sort of kids-oriented movie/novel, but of course, the “hunger” in the title means “survival.” People have to kill each other to snatch the necessities needed in life. Well, it should be taken note that it’s really very much hard to be a tribute. You have to kill one another to survive.

I’d say I do not recommend this for children. I recommend this only for teens and young adults, since this is somewhat milder than the gore classic Kill Bill. Rating: 5-star.


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  1. It was awesome! I wish the film was 18pl though..

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