Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM

This is how it looks like. HAHA, it is a slightly big lens in person! ((:

The macro lens, reviewed by Alodia

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM is a macro lens which has of course, 1:1 magnification ratio and a 58mm filter size. Actually, this lens is only designed for the day kasi nga, walang IS.

Anyways, I’ll show you only one photo I’ve taken with this lens. Truth is, it’s not very user-friendly at all. HAHA.

Look at the knob! HAHAHA, parang lock ng vault ‘yan, ah? (:

Having your own macro lens would be a very great experience, but let’s just take note that err… most lenses with 1:1 mag. ratio isn’t that easy to use, lalo na without IS? If that’s the case, you rather choose the 1:2 mag. ratio rather.

Here’s a more authentic review of the lens.


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  1. omgosh..! thanks so much for the post.. very good reference for macro photography lovers….!! → 😀 looking forward to more posts to come ^^

    greetings from RarusuChin~ラルス珍より♥
    セブ専門留学エージェント・CEBU English

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