Manila Ocean Park, continued

Manila Ocean Park: Define first-time experience. What I liked here in this one is that, it is like Osaka Aquarium located in the Port Ward of Osaka-shi. Here are some photos that I didn’t publish!

Hey, Patrick! Why y’lyin’ there, eh?

Result of being underwater all day (;

Behind the scenes from the shooting.

Pardon me again for the dark skin. Y’know, I’m never a photogenic person!

Nice portrait, eh? I’m not really good in portrait photography, though.

Nice! The best Christmas souvenir just in case you’re either someone from a non-Christian country.

I’m always off-cam, and behind the camera. Kasi hindi nga ako photogenic.

Yum! Salivation-sensitive chicken. <:

Of course, the congee with century egg completed my day.

Since this was my first time to visit Manila Ocean Park, I know, this time, I’m without the family. If I were given a chance to be independent, I hope the Philippines would lessen the crime rate kasi nakakahiya naman sa buong mundo! Parang ‘yung hostage crisis last, last year? As if Philippine tourism was ruined because of the incident. I think, this is another sign of the Spratly issue response… or nagkataon lang.

Here are some of the things about diplomacy/travel (Chinese citizenship vs. Filipino citizenship)

Most Filipino-Chinese people go to Hong Kong, but some do go to China or Taiwan. Okay, share ko lang sa inyo ‘to, ah. I think holding a Philippine passport, although restrictive, has more advantages compared to a mainland Chinese passport. There are many restrictions if you’re a Chinese citizen, and visiting Taiwan is something… really complicated to tell. But to know more about the Filipino-Chinese with how they travel, well… obvious naman that they’re travelling all over the world kahit mas restrictive naman ‘yung passport nila, hindi ba?

Still waiting for the right time to get my lens…

Gosh, I’m still waiting for Kuya Joseph’s reply pa naman! HAHA! Anyways, the Sigma lens talaga, is like risking your life using something with poor quality control… and lemme be honest with you: Never naman talaga ako naging fan ng third-party lens. If you’re talking about third-party, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina are the actual ones that will really boggle you. I’m not discouraging your from buying third-party, pero make sure that it has an anti-shake feature, kasi the results might turn out to discourage you, so sayang naman ang pera.

When I simply take photos with my Sigma lens, parang hindi talaga maganda ang quality. Trust me, flexi-lenses like that won’t really please you…

*still waiting for his reply* Drama mode na naman ako!


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