Define Sea-Green Beauty

Now I successfully made it to vintage, but this time, I think this is my chance to show you my photos regarding the editing style of Ashley Gosiengfiao and my favorite blogger Saab Magalona.

But before we start, these are my photos, in Tricia G.’s editing style:

Yeah, the yummy cake that I should make for a… wishing I have an iPhone 4S for Instagram T_T.

Actually, late post ulit, but I decided NOT to post this in deviantArt. HAHA, such for my OC-ness.

The Sea-Green Photos!

Here are the photos that I’d like to show you… haha, hope you don’t laugh!

Late post again! Actually, the results turned out to be good! No need to make it vintage.

So, this is what I discovered lately: Without the feature of Hue/Saturation with the Colorize-first policy then 53-25-0 input (in order, bitte!) and the fill-in of the 5% transparency hot pink, I guess this result turned out to be a hot babe.

I really do not know why, but somehow, I finally made it: to at least, imitate the style of editing of Ashley Gosiengfiao and Saab Magalona. I really liked the result, actually. It brings out more bold and soothing colors than the vintage effect. Well, IMO.

Another color-graded photo. When I did this one, I made a decision that my photos should be edited like this.

Oh, it’s a hair iron, but I loved it because it’s for travel. However, I’m not really using it because I’m not really packing for travel, haha! If I were you guys, I suggest when editing your photos, just ask me for some video tutorials (slow-mo) or some tips rather, because Photoshop tutorials is best in person, rather than online, no offense.

The reason why I called it “sea-green” is because of the color tint result, which almost match(es) the way Ashley G. and Saab M. do it in some way.

BTW, I have good and bad news for you (FYI, it’s a combination of both things!). Since I’m looking forward to the 15-85mm lens, I guess, there’s a contender, which is the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM (with filter size of 72mm and mag. ratio of 1:2). I’ll buy the one for Canon lens just in case it PWNZ the 15-85mm, but the only thing that I liked about this Sigma are the features and its larger aperture range.

To dear Roxy (aka nagmamareyna, Da Queen)

I hope we see each other in person. Just in case I’m allowed to be on my own (problem is, nakakatakot, at hindi ako marunong tumawid!), I’ll share things that you’re familiar with, and of course, I’ll introduce you to err… basic photography, if you’re interested.


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