Stock Photography III

Photography may be one of hobbies, but I always wish I could create some eye-candy photos that are sort of abstract, and somehow like… still eye-candy.

Note: These photos are still from Microsoft Office website (yeah, I know I want to work for Microsoft one day… but nah).

The Desert

Of course, I had never been in some Middle Eastern countries, but if you ask me, I’d choose Israel as my destination (it’s a good thing UAE accepts passports with Israeli stamps, but aww… it doesn’t accept Israeli passports). Well, not only because Philippine passport holders may visit the country without a visa, but alongside Jordan, it is a very modern yet traditional place, just like Japan.

Visiting the desert is like, literally going to a living hell, but to be honest with you guys, most desert-surrounded countries are very rich because of petroleum. Although some Middle Eastern and North African countries reject Israel as a state, it is still like a lifetime experience when you walk around the desert and enjoy the wideness of the surroundings.

Define Abstract Fine Art Photography

This is one of the most challenging fields and specializations of photography, but don’t let this hinder you: There are many ways to create something out of nothing through the power of photography.

I would define photography as something that is like, unexplainable. It’s like painting, really. However, painting and photography are different forms of art in their own styles. Painting needs paint or any liquid coloring medium while photography? You only need light and your camera.

Travel and Landscape Photography

Before I proceed with my topic, let me introduce you to a very amazing photographer: Lucie Debelkova. Born in Prague, she is currently based in Kuwait, but she used to live in the UK. Her adventures regarding photography is like, traveling to a whole new world, and exploring the greatest of all landscapes. Most of her photographs are mostly souvenirs coming from the most exotic places.

Now let me proceed…

I always loved traveling. This may be one of the most expensive hobbies ever, but looking at the deeper picture, you’ll see how important traveling is. Visiting the Eiffel Tower of Paris, or maybe the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy would be the greatest of all things you would do, if you have the money.

Notice that most of these photos are shot in landscape orientation. However, not all landscape photos should be shot by using that orientation… sometimes, portrait orientation would flatter the subject more than everyone thinks… now here are some more examples…

For most of us people, we think that sticking to some certain rules would make the subject more flattering. However, composition is something that should be coming from creativity and imagination. Sticking to certain rules alone may make your photos ordinary and not flattering.

Just in case I could edit my photos the decent way, I’ll tell you how it’s done. Oh, and I created a special Tumblelog where you may look for some inspiring stories regarding the most famous photographers, be it in your native country or worldwide. Just take a peek when I write some of the best articles there. (:


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