Stock Photography

I was wondering how to create a stock photo qualified to be an object for Microsoft Office, as if for instance, PowerPoint?

BTW, these photos I got are from Microsoft Office Website with its partnership at iStock Photo.

This is one of my favorite subjects: Vintage.

Twin-lens reflex: Something vintage, yet a classic.

Microsoft’s Photos: Something Classic

Alright, are you tried of looking at these “sample” photos offered by Microsoft Windows? Do you want to venture out towards something undiscovered, or never seen before? Before you create something out of nothing, let us take a look at some photos…

Guess what country do you think you’ll find something uniformly blue and white? (:

Looking at the photo itself, you’ll really know where this mysterious place really is.

You’re almost there… this is the most obvious clue.

Stock photography has always been my lifelong dream… to have my photos accepted by Microsoft for MS Office use, and of course, almost every of their most popular and most beautiful media are only reserved for the ones who have the money. Talk about calling the attention of consumers. Just so you know, it’s really an honor if Microsoft accepts your photos via iStockPhoto or maybe make it as one of the default pictures in clip-art.

Studying Photography: Should I pursue it?

Alright, thinking that I’m still stuck in my course, I think I want to quit now, because my passion is on photography and travelling, but who knows, maybe my course might help me travel throughout the world, like exploring cultures. I think, pursuing a career in this field of craft might make me be hired in Microsoft, or maybe somewhere… maybe in Nat Geo? Discovery? If I were to work for a magazine cover, that would be in Nat Geo.


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