Stock Photography II

The photos are from Microsoft Office Website, with partnership via iStockPhoto. I am citing these sources since these photos are NOT mine.

Of course, since my lappie’s sorta… slowpoke, maybe lezz try looking at these photos:

So, yeah. I made a final decision: I’d sell my Sigma lens just in case I’m really aiming for the lens that I really desire, in lieu of the 24-105mm and the 28-135mm lens. HAHAHA, I guess after all, I could outsmart people via my ideas. BTW, these photos are really amazing.

Note to self: Don’t ever let the villain open his/her mouth. They have LOW standards. BV, I forgot the other term.

To those who want to ask me why I’ll give up my Sigma is because: 1.) Lack of full-time MF; 2.) No OS; 3.) Err… I really never aimed for a Sigma. Once again, wala akong pakialam kung matagal ka nang seller ng camera and I don’t care about the manufacturing place. Kung sino man ang matamaan, halatang mababa lang talaga standards niyo and the bad news is, I’ll sell the Sigma lens, for good. If anyone of those people would contradict, sorry, I will do it, and please, I’m the one using the camera. (HAHA, envies my classmate who had her camera bought in Japan. I’ll buy the lens in Japan na lang, once I study MA there. However, I’m starting to hesitate na… *sad*.)


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