Remembering the Japan Disaster

We all know that Japan is an earthquake-prone archipelago, but that doesn’t stop them from creating awesome stuff like our cameras, laptops, phones, TV sets, and so many more.

However, something really disastrous happened. A massive earthquake came in first, then the tsunami. Many people lost their lives, and this is one example:|This is really a very touching photo.

So, during and/or after the earthquake, people are only eating noodles (that’s right!). The earthquake struck the Eastern part, no doubt, and Tokyo is one of them. However, the place that received more massive disasters would be in Tohoku (Sendai, Miyagi… anyone?).

I was worrying about the incident is because… honestly, I really wanted to visit that place. No joke about it, Nippon’s really my dream vacation and YES, even though it’s not in Tokyo, it’s alright.

To those Japanese who suffered, and those whose relatives lost their lives, I would express my sympathy towards you. Even though Japan’s a rich country, the people there still deserve special treatment somehow.

Haters gonna hate: “For their own good!”

Some of the netizens didn’t express their sympathy towards the Japanese people. They said, “Good for them because they’re godless! They should pay for their sins!” Gosh! Those are very mean words. MEAN. MEAN. MEANIE. The Japanese are very nice people, so why hate? Hate them because they’re the villains of the WWII? Come on, even though they still not gonna apologize, at least they’re still forgiving, somehow.

My favorite topic: Hero!|Takeshi Kanno with his lovely wife and two kids.

HAHAHA, does he look familiar to you, Lasallians [specifically those in the CCS, CATCH2T12 uh-huh, and COE, anyone]? This guy’s a real hero. Of course, compare him to Captain America, I would say that this dude’s better and more realistic. In the town of Minami Sanriku, he saved the patients and took them home(?). He’s blessed with a son, BTW, although Christian or not.

So, I just saw him when I read TIME Magazine… on Kansai International Airport, going back home to PH. Promise, I thought he was Masi Oka, then I started searching him on Google… and that’s the whole story. (Crushing!)

Yes, Osaka Monogatari’s Akio Hirata is inspired by this guy.


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