A Lady with Class is always the winner

Sorry if I have to post this. HAHA, I just feel really very welcomed when people react with class. At least, people like KC Concepcion has/have the guts to answer back to their critics.

So, here are KC Concepcion’s tweets about a critic who was wondering, “You studied in Paris… but you just landed on showbiz.”

Here’s what she said… all along…

These are some inspiring words from a celebrity who prefers doing her job more than doing something really, “heavy.” Well, at least Marion Cotillard proves this right (despite being a geologist)…

Very well said, Ms. KC! I admire you for being courageous and witty at the same time!

People should admire people who are classy

…NOT those who are trying too hard to be “malumanay.” (May I have your attention, Ross, Erits and AA?)

Well, as for me, people like KC earn/s respect because of their good-natured personality, alongside Anne Curtis. Alright, call me someone who has “very high” standards, but don’t get me wrong: KC is at least, something. People with class are more respected than those who had numerous issues (celebrity relative who had a lot of previous problems, anyone!?) simply because they manifest a welcoming personality, unlike those three people I mentioned. HAHA.

For the Win: I’m Always Right

Please read this rant.

Well, to mah momma, the people you don’t like seemed nicer and project a warm personality unlike Ross and AA. Why? Simple: You like bad guys. Ugh, actually, for me, I like people who project a next-door personality because, as for me, being a bitchy and fake-feisty person makes you… nothing. No matter how you admire these bad guys, they’re still nothing. Look, being someone who is a something should have the p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y, not the intimidating aura. Well, here are some of the good guys I admire:

– Gerald Anderson
– Will Devaughn
– Xian Lim
– Joem Bascon (his bad-boy image, but he’s an exception)
– Zanjoe Marudo
– Jon Avila

There are some people aside from KC whom I admire…

– Carmen Soo
– Angel Locsin
– Bea Alonzo
– Princess Ryan
– Solenn Heussaff
– Anne Curtis

No wonder, these people do not receive negative comments, well rare comments. As for people who are suplada in person and those who have “bad boy” aura, well, it’s out of the picture. At least, these people I mentioned are “something,” although some of them are underrated (e.g., Angel Locsin).

Thoughts about Philippine Entertainment

Well, it may be backwards, low-tech and of course, low-quality, but it brings out the best shows ever. Alright, to be biased about things, I like Filipino teleserye more than American TV series. Come to think of it, never ako naging fan ng Gossip Girl or maybe One Tree Hill. Mas lalo na akong hindi fan ng Friends.

Honestly, if you think that ABS-CBN is something that takes care of talents, who cares? Taking a look at their style, they would usually make the “nothings” more famous. No matter how they do so, they’re still nothing. People who manifest a mean attitude on-screen would mean they’re really mean off-cam. Being cheap and talking like someone from the squatters’ area doesn’t make you a jejemon. I was wondering why people still, well I should not rant because like what I promised, I should. NOT. DO. SO. (I have a blog that caters those rants! xD)

People like KC Concepcion and Saab Magalona are really brave enough to express their thoughts about Philippine Entertainment. That’s why I admire them.

To Ate Germsy… here are some words of wisdom

Being judgmental in someone’s education and personal interest doesn’t matter at all! Alright, KC studied in Paris… but her job? Actually, dati pa talaga siyang anak-artista, but the reason she’s qualified because of her looks. Truth is, she’s like Angelina Jolie, who started making a name on their own.

Kung mababa ang tingin mo sa mga artista, don’t you know that being an artista will make you earn easy money? Mah-dam, you’re not sparing anyone in general. Mataas ang tingin ko sa artista, if they manifest a warm and welcoming personality. If they manifest an irritating personality, well, they’re nothing. Siguro ikaw ang nothing!


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  1. Charmaaalets youre great guys!!!its true kepit up

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