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F-stop 1 in despair

This is what I intend to do, exactly when the time came I passed through the Walk of Fame.

So, it’s not only about taking cool photographs of Eastwood. In fact, I really cannot decently do a Photowalk because, it’s like, nagmamadalit lagi and ganito-ganyan, so I really got bored, and here are some levitation shots. Oh, and I almost forgot: I really, as in RRREALLLY need a prime lens which has a min. aperture of f/2.8, no joke!

Escape from the bowling lane! I feel bored already! (Eww that left elbow please disregard! *cringes*)

A la Natsumi Hayashi ang peg, ah! However, the subject isn’t really waif thin. *grr*

Sorry guys, if I post this publicly but…

Guys, before you view, please don’t laugh, or I might block you! Here are some of the photos that you might laugh at, but please, don’t. t’s just for fun, ok?

Noice! This IS, a real jumpshot.

FTW, or epic FAIL? You judge.

Of course, I am destined to pursue what I really wanted in life: To become a photographer and not only that; I would collaborate on the glossy pages such as Vogue, CandyMag, Chalk or maybe other things like PhotoYou. No joke, I’ve been practicing photography for a year but… there’s something lacking. I really do not have the imaginative creativity like Zhang Jingna’s or maybe the artful eye of *incolor16, but what matters to me most is, as long as I do my job well, and be thankful about my talent.

The Hunger Games

Wikipedia|Movie poster

The movie is really, very awesome! Alright, so the story goes this way, representatives (or tributes) from each district are chosen (1 boy and girl) to fight for the Hunger Games. It is a matter of survival where they should fight until they die, and there’s only one survivor, declared as the winner.

Alright, so Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, well, I never heard her before, but I think she resembles Emily Browning, alright.

First Impressions

I thought that it is a game show, or maybe some sort of kids-oriented movie/novel, but of course, the “hunger” in the title means “survival.” People have to kill each other to snatch the necessities needed in life. Well, it should be taken note that it’s really very much hard to be a tribute. You have to kill one another to survive.

I’d say I do not recommend this for children. I recommend this only for teens and young adults, since this is somewhat milder than the gore classic Kill Bill. Rating: 5-star.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM

This is how it looks like. HAHA, it is a slightly big lens in person! ((:

The macro lens, reviewed by Alodia

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM is a macro lens which has of course, 1:1 magnification ratio and a 58mm filter size. Actually, this lens is only designed for the day kasi nga, walang IS.

Anyways, I’ll show you only one photo I’ve taken with this lens. Truth is, it’s not very user-friendly at all. HAHA.

Look at the knob! HAHAHA, parang lock ng vault ‘yan, ah? (:

Having your own macro lens would be a very great experience, but let’s just take note that err… most lenses with 1:1 mag. ratio isn’t that easy to use, lalo na without IS? If that’s the case, you rather choose the 1:2 mag. ratio rather.

Here’s a more authentic review of the lens.

Manila Ocean Park, continued

Manila Ocean Park: Define first-time experience. What I liked here in this one is that, it is like Osaka Aquarium located in the Port Ward of Osaka-shi. Here are some photos that I didn’t publish!

Hey, Patrick! Why y’lyin’ there, eh?

Result of being underwater all day (;

Behind the scenes from the shooting.

Pardon me again for the dark skin. Y’know, I’m never a photogenic person!

Nice portrait, eh? I’m not really good in portrait photography, though.

Nice! The best Christmas souvenir just in case you’re either someone from a non-Christian country.

I’m always off-cam, and behind the camera. Kasi hindi nga ako photogenic.

Yum! Salivation-sensitive chicken. <:

Of course, the congee with century egg completed my day.

Since this was my first time to visit Manila Ocean Park, I know, this time, I’m without the family. If I were given a chance to be independent, I hope the Philippines would lessen the crime rate kasi nakakahiya naman sa buong mundo! Parang ‘yung hostage crisis last, last year? As if Philippine tourism was ruined because of the incident. I think, this is another sign of the Spratly issue response… or nagkataon lang.

Here are some of the things about diplomacy/travel (Chinese citizenship vs. Filipino citizenship)

Most Filipino-Chinese people go to Hong Kong, but some do go to China or Taiwan. Okay, share ko lang sa inyo ‘to, ah. I think holding a Philippine passport, although restrictive, has more advantages compared to a mainland Chinese passport. There are many restrictions if you’re a Chinese citizen, and visiting Taiwan is something… really complicated to tell. But to know more about the Filipino-Chinese with how they travel, well… obvious naman that they’re travelling all over the world kahit mas restrictive naman ‘yung passport nila, hindi ba?

Still waiting for the right time to get my lens…

Gosh, I’m still waiting for Kuya Joseph’s reply pa naman! HAHA! Anyways, the Sigma lens talaga, is like risking your life using something with poor quality control… and lemme be honest with you: Never naman talaga ako naging fan ng third-party lens. If you’re talking about third-party, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina are the actual ones that will really boggle you. I’m not discouraging your from buying third-party, pero make sure that it has an anti-shake feature, kasi the results might turn out to discourage you, so sayang naman ang pera.

When I simply take photos with my Sigma lens, parang hindi talaga maganda ang quality. Trust me, flexi-lenses like that won’t really please you…

*still waiting for his reply* Drama mode na naman ako!

Panorama Madness; First Time in Manila Ocean Park

So, my ka-grupo and I went to this attraction near Quirino Grandstand. YES, that’s right. It’s Manila Ocean Park. However, since it’s a Wednesday, there are a few people visiting the place, so yeah.

Believe it or not, this is a panorama shot. Usually, a single shot to this subject would cause distortions.

I love the emptiness [*ehem* ambience] of this place. Look at the top, there’s the slide! HAHAHA!

Alright, this is the entrance towards the real… aquarium, I think? Be the judge!

Taking this shot is like, playing again with Photomerge.

Antarctica! This is one interesting continent and at the same time, a snow desert. BRR!

This is one lucky penguin! Of course, watch out for the next episode… I mean, shot!

Fierce! This one’s really taken like a boss! Pang-NatGeo ang peg, ah! Pardon for the blurry effect, though.

Last photo: This is the interaction between a human being and a polar animal. ((:

I guess, I’m really desperate for the EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, OR the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM for Canon lens. Just in case the 5D Mark III comes, I might as well buy the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens, or maybe the EF 50mm f/1.2L USM.

Just in case the EF 70-30mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens comes, I might as well use it to be a paparazzi person. Hmm…

Define Sea-Green Beauty

Now I successfully made it to vintage, but this time, I think this is my chance to show you my photos regarding the editing style of Ashley Gosiengfiao and my favorite blogger Saab Magalona.

But before we start, these are my photos, in Tricia G.’s editing style:

Yeah, the yummy cake that I should make for a… wishing I have an iPhone 4S for Instagram T_T.

Actually, late post ulit, but I decided NOT to post this in deviantArt. HAHA, such for my OC-ness.

The Sea-Green Photos!

Here are the photos that I’d like to show you… haha, hope you don’t laugh!

Late post again! Actually, the results turned out to be good! No need to make it vintage.

So, this is what I discovered lately: Without the feature of Hue/Saturation with the Colorize-first policy then 53-25-0 input (in order, bitte!) and the fill-in of the 5% transparency hot pink, I guess this result turned out to be a hot babe.

I really do not know why, but somehow, I finally made it: to at least, imitate the style of editing of Ashley Gosiengfiao and Saab Magalona. I really liked the result, actually. It brings out more bold and soothing colors than the vintage effect. Well, IMO.

Another color-graded photo. When I did this one, I made a decision that my photos should be edited like this.

Oh, it’s a hair iron, but I loved it because it’s for travel. However, I’m not really using it because I’m not really packing for travel, haha! If I were you guys, I suggest when editing your photos, just ask me for some video tutorials (slow-mo) or some tips rather, because Photoshop tutorials is best in person, rather than online, no offense.

The reason why I called it “sea-green” is because of the color tint result, which almost match(es) the way Ashley G. and Saab M. do it in some way.

BTW, I have good and bad news for you (FYI, it’s a combination of both things!). Since I’m looking forward to the 15-85mm lens, I guess, there’s a contender, which is the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM (with filter size of 72mm and mag. ratio of 1:2). I’ll buy the one for Canon lens just in case it PWNZ the 15-85mm, but the only thing that I liked about this Sigma are the features and its larger aperture range.

To dear Roxy (aka nagmamareyna, Da Queen)

I hope we see each other in person. Just in case I’m allowed to be on my own (problem is, nakakatakot, at hindi ako marunong tumawid!), I’ll share things that you’re familiar with, and of course, I’ll introduce you to err… basic photography, if you’re interested.

Making it Vintage

Now my dream has come true… it really worked in some sort of way, and this experience will never be forgotten.

This is the edited output/result of something never done before…

Editing your photos into a vintage effect is like dating it back to history. If some people take pictures using sepia, they show off how colors come to life.

If you want to have the same photos like Pilar Pedrosa Pilar and Tricia Gosingtian, here is the tutorial.

Sample Photos

Vintage photography, however, could only be achieved by using either film or err… editing. I really don’t know how it really works on a digital SLR without any edits, besides sepia. Hmm… I think I should edit rather, since some pro photographers are not really contented with the effect of their photos. What will you really do if your photos are purely from the camera rather than edited, right?

Stock Photography III

Photography may be one of hobbies, but I always wish I could create some eye-candy photos that are sort of abstract, and somehow like… still eye-candy.

Note: These photos are still from Microsoft Office website (yeah, I know I want to work for Microsoft one day… but nah).

The Desert

Of course, I had never been in some Middle Eastern countries, but if you ask me, I’d choose Israel as my destination (it’s a good thing UAE accepts passports with Israeli stamps, but aww… it doesn’t accept Israeli passports). Well, not only because Philippine passport holders may visit the country without a visa, but alongside Jordan, it is a very modern yet traditional place, just like Japan.

Visiting the desert is like, literally going to a living hell, but to be honest with you guys, most desert-surrounded countries are very rich because of petroleum. Although some Middle Eastern and North African countries reject Israel as a state, it is still like a lifetime experience when you walk around the desert and enjoy the wideness of the surroundings.

Define Abstract Fine Art Photography

This is one of the most challenging fields and specializations of photography, but don’t let this hinder you: There are many ways to create something out of nothing through the power of photography.

I would define photography as something that is like, unexplainable. It’s like painting, really. However, painting and photography are different forms of art in their own styles. Painting needs paint or any liquid coloring medium while photography? You only need light and your camera.

Travel and Landscape Photography

Before I proceed with my topic, let me introduce you to a very amazing photographer: Lucie Debelkova. Born in Prague, she is currently based in Kuwait, but she used to live in the UK. Her adventures regarding photography is like, traveling to a whole new world, and exploring the greatest of all landscapes. Most of her photographs are mostly souvenirs coming from the most exotic places.

Now let me proceed…

I always loved traveling. This may be one of the most expensive hobbies ever, but looking at the deeper picture, you’ll see how important traveling is. Visiting the Eiffel Tower of Paris, or maybe the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy would be the greatest of all things you would do, if you have the money.

Notice that most of these photos are shot in landscape orientation. However, not all landscape photos should be shot by using that orientation… sometimes, portrait orientation would flatter the subject more than everyone thinks… now here are some more examples…

For most of us people, we think that sticking to some certain rules would make the subject more flattering. However, composition is something that should be coming from creativity and imagination. Sticking to certain rules alone may make your photos ordinary and not flattering.

Just in case I could edit my photos the decent way, I’ll tell you how it’s done. Oh, and I created a special Tumblelog where you may look for some inspiring stories regarding the most famous photographers, be it in your native country or worldwide. Just take a peek when I write some of the best articles there. (:

Stock Photography II

The photos are from Microsoft Office Website, with partnership via iStockPhoto. I am citing these sources since these photos are NOT mine.

Of course, since my lappie’s sorta… slowpoke, maybe lezz try looking at these photos:

So, yeah. I made a final decision: I’d sell my Sigma lens just in case I’m really aiming for the lens that I really desire, in lieu of the 24-105mm and the 28-135mm lens. HAHAHA, I guess after all, I could outsmart people via my ideas. BTW, these photos are really amazing.

Note to self: Don’t ever let the villain open his/her mouth. They have LOW standards. BV, I forgot the other term.

To those who want to ask me why I’ll give up my Sigma is because: 1.) Lack of full-time MF; 2.) No OS; 3.) Err… I really never aimed for a Sigma. Once again, wala akong pakialam kung matagal ka nang seller ng camera and I don’t care about the manufacturing place. Kung sino man ang matamaan, halatang mababa lang talaga standards niyo and the bad news is, I’ll sell the Sigma lens, for good. If anyone of those people would contradict, sorry, I will do it, and please, I’m the one using the camera. (HAHA, envies my classmate who had her camera bought in Japan. I’ll buy the lens in Japan na lang, once I study MA there. However, I’m starting to hesitate na… *sad*.)

Stock Photography

I was wondering how to create a stock photo qualified to be an object for Microsoft Office, as if for instance, PowerPoint?

BTW, these photos I got are from Microsoft Office Website with its partnership at iStock Photo.

This is one of my favorite subjects: Vintage.

Twin-lens reflex: Something vintage, yet a classic.

Microsoft’s Photos: Something Classic

Alright, are you tried of looking at these “sample” photos offered by Microsoft Windows? Do you want to venture out towards something undiscovered, or never seen before? Before you create something out of nothing, let us take a look at some photos…

Guess what country do you think you’ll find something uniformly blue and white? (:

Looking at the photo itself, you’ll really know where this mysterious place really is.

You’re almost there… this is the most obvious clue.

Stock photography has always been my lifelong dream… to have my photos accepted by Microsoft for MS Office use, and of course, almost every of their most popular and most beautiful media are only reserved for the ones who have the money. Talk about calling the attention of consumers. Just so you know, it’s really an honor if Microsoft accepts your photos via iStockPhoto or maybe make it as one of the default pictures in clip-art.

Studying Photography: Should I pursue it?

Alright, thinking that I’m still stuck in my course, I think I want to quit now, because my passion is on photography and travelling, but who knows, maybe my course might help me travel throughout the world, like exploring cultures. I think, pursuing a career in this field of craft might make me be hired in Microsoft, or maybe somewhere… maybe in Nat Geo? Discovery? If I were to work for a magazine cover, that would be in Nat Geo.