Canon EOS 5D Mark III|This is the leaked photo.

A repost from my Tumblelog

Well, I was disappointed because it has NO articulated screen, although the aspect ratio is 3:2. Oh, Canon. Once more, you disappointed me. Why are full-frame cameras NOT given a chance to have articulated LCD’s? I really felt disappointed simply because 60D had one, 600D as well… but the 1Dx? Fudge, why do DSLR’s designed for the PRO’s not given a chance to have an articulated LCD monitor? Excuse me? If you want everyone to enjoy video recording, Y U NO include articulation!?

Frustrated to have a Canon EOS 5D Mark II ever since, I just thought that a person should master NOT only the art of composition, but also to manipulate the settings IN-camera. Wait… including the megapixels… why 22, NOT 24? I think it is better NOT to expect more than the usual. Why are articulated LCD’s only reserved for the APS-C cameras? Why not the full-frame ones?

I guess I have to wait again for the 5D… Mark IV. It’s still like I’m getting old, but yeah. I was waiting for the 5D Mark III to come, but the 24 megapixel feature and the articulated screen… fudge. I guess I have to wait for the 7D Mark II to come, but this time, with articulated screen, but it’s really more enjoyable when using a full-frame camera. I’m not being biased, but somehow, there are more lens choices if you’re using full-frame.

What do you think I should do? Switch to Nikon, Sony Alpha? Or simply buy the 60D? BTW, the 60D should’ve been my other option. What do you think, guys?

HOMG, they never learn(ed)

Frustrated of having the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Hmm, naming the owners: Ashley Gosiengfiao, Tricia Gosingtian, Lucie Debelkova, Natsumi Hayashi, Edwin Martinez, Tom Felton, Kuya Kim, Papa Piolo, etc.) as my very first DSLR, well, that’s because it IS the celebrity SLR camera. If you own a 5D Mark II, you’re “sosyal” in my eyes, and owning something with a Mark [insert roman numeral] means that you’re really damn good in taking pictures. Well, for those who are not working as an actor, unless you’re one.

For Joseph Cheng, it is quite different to experience using a full-frame camera (you name it, yo! FF camera has MORE benefits than you think!). The focal length of your lens matches what the full-frame sensor sees (FYI, I’ll still keep the 550D with me because it’s been my best buddy ever since the third term frosh!). If I were to own one, I might be the happiest person in the whole wide world, swear!

The 5D Mark III photos came and it didn’t meet my expectations. READ: Expectations. If I expected it to be 24-megapixel and having an articulate 3:2 LCD monitor, sorry, but NO. However, the good news is, its viewfinder’s 100% (compared to 98%) and if I would own THAT camera, I’ll be the most proud of all photographers. Guess what? I would be using the 24-70mm II. Also, it would have CF and SD card slot at the same time.

If ever the 5D Mark III would just have an articulated LCD monitor, I’m sure you guys would contact me for photoshoots. You be the model, I’ll be the one who’ll shoot. However, don’t expect me to be a fashion blogger, because I swear, I don’t inspire people in different ways.

Owning a 5D Mark III or any FF D-SLR won’t actually make you professional. It will just indicate that you’ve passed the test in learning photography as your passion. (Sooner enough, I’ll own that 5D Mark III, whether it has articulate LCD or not, but it’s really different if the LCD’s only articulated, though! Nobody touches my future camera. It’s my future boyfriend! HAHAHA!)


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