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LATE POST! Well, I just saw the movie via VCD.

So, the story goes this way: Ram (Derek Ramsay) is married to Charmaine (Cristine Reyes)… but he works as a house designer, and shit. However, he accidentally meets Kara (Anne Curtis), who happens to be his boss’ daughter in a vacation. The story continues as Ram’s marriage becomes fucked up when his “double-life” goes on. Well, I don’t want everything to be a spoiler.

My Take

It IS a good movie, however, it’s because of the portrayal itself. I thought the movie would have supporting characters related to the centered protagonists. I guess the trailer’s better than the whole movie. HAHA.

Anne Curtis is actually, really sexy in the movie. Of course, portraying the rich heiress is a challenge, but just so you know, it fits Anne perfectly. Well, if Anne would portray the poor person, she would look like Paolo Contis. Lawl. (PS: Anne’s tittays are eech! The worst thing you’ll ever see! HAHA!)

Derek Ramsay… well, he’s really great. Decent job he did, but yeah. I would say that he’s really a good actor in the movie.

Last but not the least, Cristine Reyes (ahahaha, the fishy thing!) still looked really, seriously, as in very cheap in portraying the rich kid. Alright, she can act decently, but still, she can’t brush up her speech just to save her life. Also, she can’t act as if she’s the brave one. Ang dapat lang sa kanya, ‘yung kontrabida. HAHA.

Rating: Well, I think this is really way more decent to watch than any Kate Hudson movie. American romcoms sucked ass, and it cannot be at-par with this movie.

Additional Opinion

Whoopsie! This is ANOTHER rant, but please excuse me because… it IS going to be… another bumpy ride! RAWR!

I think Anne is better in portraying the role of the rich kid. AA? Fuck, NO. Alright, granted that everyone thinks she’s a good actress, parang kulang. Hindi siya bagay sa mayaman na role, and it is just annoyingly irritating (honestly speaking, in a brutal form of manner, AA seemed too awkward with the rich person role. FUCK, nakakairita lang). Alright, Roxy said that most of her roles are “good guys,” but don’t you ever notice that most of her roles are like this: The feeling when you’re being focused because of some sexual brouhaha. Well, it’s not going to work… but thinking that AA and Piolo will be the new love team in “Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig,” it’s the gay and the cunt in one serye! HAHAHAHA! Ano ang utot ng bading ulit!? PWAAAAAHHHH.

Remember the scene when AA’s role as Charmaine almost killed Anne’s role as Kara, the “malandi ka!” is not like the way a classy person would rant. HAHA, let Paris Hilton do the thing, and she would say it, the more flirt way! No matter how you compare AA to the more classy ones, she’s still NOTHING. Like what I said, napaka-awkward niya sa mga rich roles, and the way she ranted, “malandi ka!” is like someone from the squatters’ area who said that. Potcha! Masakit sa tenga! PAK!

Her speech quality is not good for the love of humanity.

Well, true that. If I were to describe AA’s speech quality, I’d say, “Fudge, she’s the bobo and iskwater that Beni Medici is describing, for the love of God!” Alright, if AA Klenk is the subject of hatred, well at least, I’d say that Kate Hudson is far more decent, although accused of being a “brat.” Well, Kate’s not really the brat everyone knows, she was tomboyish during her teen years (well infairness pa sa kanya, she’s far prettier in her younger years! As in fresh from the garden!).

Conclusion: It’s better to be the “butt of jokes” rather than to be a subject of hatred. Right, Wendy “Japayuki” Valdez? Rosanna Roses? Whore-den KOW?


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  1. No Other Woman. Ironically, I felt “bitin” with Derek Ramsey’s acting. It was decent but I think he got the role because of the fact that Star Cinema has no other man– Leading that is. I when I saw the movie months ago, I kept thinking who could play Ram’s role. Piolo Pascual looks too old for both the leading ladies, not to mention that he looks too “mabait” for it. Jericho Rosales can’t play the rich role, as good-looking as I think he is. I can’t think of any more actors. Help me out with that one?

    And the fact the Cristine Reyes seemed cheap despite being rich as fuck in the movie, I think it was part of the “nouveau riche” that came with Charmaine’s family.

    And who is this “AA” you talk about?

    • AA is Cristine’s nickname (;

      Well, I really don’t know some actors, but Jake Cuenca would somewhat fit the role of Ram. Well, that’s because of his tiger look, but I think it’s too awkward. What about Ron Morales? He’s alright. Coco? I’d say, he’s well-rounded, but he doesn’t look rich! HAHA! I really couldn’t think of someone who looks like a rich womanizer, but Dennis Trillo should be the one portraying Ram. But if that happens, the Charmaine role should be with either Angelica Panganiban or Angel Locsin instead.

      Angelica – She fits on a feisty role.
      Angel – She has the “maharot” facial expression.

      Well, Cristine was only chosen to be the “wife” because she’s good in “pa-demure” effect, even in real life. Lawl.

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