The reasons why not to trust e-Translators online…

Alright, everyone of us are guilty to use Google Translate and/or any e-Translators online. Truth is, a human translator/interpreter would be a more reliable source.

This usually comes from Google Translate. The Japanese expression, “Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu” (日本語: よろしくお願いします) doesn’t necessarily equate “thank you” or “Arigatou” (日本語: ありがとう).

I may know just a few Japanese words and/or phrases, but that doesn’t have to hinder me from learning Japanese as well as learning other languages. Honestly, there’s a Korean equivalent for the phrase, “Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu,” but quite much harder to pronounce if you can’t read Hangul or if you just have to read the Romanja words.

Subtitled: Uncertain

People who usually create the subtitles for most Japanese doramas would say that they’re not really certain about the translations they made. Well, I enjoyed watching those doramas just in case I read the subtitles while watching the series. Sorry if I’m biased, but I enjoy watching K-Dramas if dubbed in Tagalog (the Philippines has a reputation for preferring Korean dramas over Japanese ones, except when GMA airs a Japanese dorama). Well, I think I’m used to it, but watching J-Dorama is a very different experience. Learning a new language or phrases from that certain tongue might help one learn the culture as well. Just like, “Chotto matte kudasai (日本語: ちょっと待ってください!),” which means, “Wait a minute, please,” you’ll only have to understand it (the dialogue!) if you downloaded the subtitles for the certain J-Dorama.

Most Chinese movies (particularly HK movies) are actually subbed in English, it’s all thanks to Hong Kong and its pre-dominantly bilingual population (most people there know Cantonese, Mandarin and English). Most Hong Kong actors speak English, although not very fluent.


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