U-Week in DLSU: Day One

Achtung!: You’re NOT authorized to copy-paste my photos, just please. Thank you. [All Photos are mine, BTW]

Good news! Tomorrow will be my very first time to attend a photography workshop as my LEAP. Anyways, here are my photos during the University Week! It’s all about fashion and accessories, just in case you’re interested in buying clothes, either from the mall or from the ukay-ukay! Nothing’s impossible when you know how to be fashionable.

To my dearest and most favorite fashion bloggers Ate Arnie, Ms. Tricia, Ms. Camille, etc., here’s the blog post dedicated for you guys.

The Wardrobe Shop

I just took this photo just in case you’re wondering the clothes that they sell.

Here is another set of wardrobe. Ironically, I’m not a fan of buying clothes, lawl.

Rainbow T-shirts! It reminds me of Joe in Blue’s Clues!

Another set of wardrobe! This has to mean that I’m a flexible enthusiast, so yeah.

I can’t say anything about this photo, except that there’s a dress and a bag at the same time! Chowz!

A dress with matching Eiffel Tower pendant necklace! Sorry to those who were naharang because of me taking this photo!

The last one! This is almost complete with the wardrobe and accessories!

Basics of Fashion Blogging

Since I’m NOT a fashion blogger (and will NEVER be one, unfortunately), I think you have to observe the blogs of the three people mentioned a while ago and get some pieces of advice from them. Usually, they would blog about their clothes from top to the shorts they wear, and they specify the brand, and don’t forget to pose for pictures. Upload these pics and put some captions so that everyone will know where you bought these clothes and stuff.

Footwear Gaga

Flats! I used to have one pair, but the current one is the Oxfords. Fudge, I wonder if it’s with me or not. HAHA.

Flip-flops! Well, I mean, slippers. Choose one of these and they’re all yours, kidding!

Giant shoes! Wonder if this is reserved for gigantic people or bigfoots. HAHA. They’re bags, BTW.

HAHAHA! Heels and wedges all the way! I wanna have anything of these things!

The Rest of the Story

よろしくお願いします! These are the accessories not only for display!

Another set of accessories.

The top photo is one of my favorites. The output’s very beautiful.

When Photography, Fashion and Business Meet

I think it’s really a good idea posting photos of your products once you earned enough money to start your own online shop. This is what the three fashion bloggers do. They usually balance their academics first (BTW, one of two of them are graduates) and their love for fashion. This blog post is like taking time to have this done, because I am now taking my photos in RAW.

I think it’s really a great idea having collaborations with someone in the fashion industry, be it these three fashion bloggers, or someone else. I’d be very happy to accommodate you, and if ever something happens, I would not charge if I would start this as a hobby. However, if this is serious business, I would charge, but for cheap. I won’t overcharge, I promise that!

Please like this post just in case you want to have a collaboration with me in fashion photography for your blog!

About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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