Goodbye, Whitney Houston

Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu! I think, one of the legendary pop stars deserve a space here… and that’s…|Whitney Houston in her MV, “I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney Houston, the pop legend that sang “I Will Always Love You” died on February 11, 2012. Apparently, her life was similar to that of Amy Winehouse. If Amy’s ex-husband Blake is an addict who introduced her to drugs, Whitney’s hubby did the same.

The tragedy isn’t new to us

It’s only that she isn’t one of the people in the 27 Club. However, resembling her life to Amy Winehouse, they had soulful voices that “sounded like bells,” according to a Yahoo! user. They both lost weight after they became very famous, due to drugs.

Whitney the Belter

Her songs are the subject of belting out and the soulful way of projecting the voice was all thanks to her. I first knew her on her duet with Mariah Carey, in “When You Believe,” an OST of the “Prince of Egypt.” Every song sung by her are the most iconic, next to Michael Jackson. No wonder, Whitney’s a relative of Dionne Warwick, a fellow African-American singer.

Death in the bathtub

This is the real reason: It’s probably that Houston committed suicide or maybe she collapsed all of a sudden, but that’s not the case at all. She was found dead in her hotel room, and this caused her daughter to be stressed. This was the night before the Grammy’s.

FAIL: Oprah mistaken to be Whitney!?|The Facebook FAIL came viral.

Why is Oprah mistaken to be Whitney Houston!? It doesn’t have to mean if Whitney’s out of the limelight due to battle with drugs, why Oprah? I didn’t hear Oprah sing or maybe dance. Oh, well.

May you rest in peace, pop legend

“We will always love you… oh!” You will always be remembered.


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  1. so sad… 😦 her songs will always be everyone’s favorites… but lol on this… you’re so right! “…I didn’t hear Oprah sing or maybe dance….” XD

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