Tagaytay Trip on a Sunday

WARNING: This would be the first time I won’t watermark some of my photos (and won’t be featured in deviantArt), so please, you are NOT authorized to use these photos unless featured in deviantArt.

Guten Abend! Well, yesterday, I took photos of the Lake Taal, in the lowlands, this time. HAHA. It was very hot, and we ate on a resort owned by a Korean. But before that, we ate Bulalo at Leslie’s (?) and went to Sonya’s Garden. (Correct me if I’m wrong haha!)

Here are the photos that I took:

Ah, my favorite subject! The blue, blue sky… guess if it’s really from the camera or if it’s edited xD haha.

The fountain with smooth water flowing… I’ll show you a closer photo of that!

Take a closer look at that smooth water! It’s like liquid glass! Nature-kissed museum on the way! xD

Don’t steal or use this photo, just please! These are precious flowers in f/10, I think haha.

The blue, bloooooooooooe sky again! HAHAHA, with the flowers this time, floating? HAHA, nah!

The blooming flowers… as usual. Flowers are the easiest subjects to target… IMO.

Coincidential shot! @_@ There’s an insect on the flower… it’s the power of my imagination without a true macro lens.

As featured in deviantArt, of course, this is one of the shots I want to showcase… outside Tumblr, dArt… etc.

Another shot once more! HAHA! This time it’s the real horizon… (:

The swimming pool of the resort! HAHA, unfortunately, we just hopped by here… NOT overnight.

The very unusual chopsticks (this shot doesn’t rock xD). Well, sorry if my Sigma lens doesn’t have full-time manual focus (MF).

Pardon me if the computer is very slow, I really don’t know why, but my MacBook Pro is still fucking solid for more than a year! Well, it may be a happy birthday to my MacBook Pro every err… September/October, but yeah… you got me. (: I’m a very proud Mac user and at the same time, Canon user for a year, so they’re one year already. I love you babies!

Spoiler: I will be going to a photography workshop for the very first time

Of course, after one year of having a DSLR, well, I think my photography skills are still not yet enough. I want to experience a workshop, and granted, I am in. I am very proud that my deviantArt account (~molybdenumstudios) will turn one year old on a May! It’s like, Happy Birthday to my deviantArt account!

Good night for now! xoxo


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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