What can I say about… the following?

WARNING: I won’t err… italicize Filipino words because I’m too lazy haha.

Enough with the AA Klenk rants… I explained shit enough. Well, this time, I’m talking about these stars whom I used to dislike… well… despise. (BTW, if the My bet regards AA has an answer, the obvious would be: F*CK YOU! xD joke joke joke!)

DESPISE THEN, what now?

1.) Mariel Rodriguez – Now what is beautiful to her!? She looks GAY and I would say that she is such a shame to the Lasallian community. I wonder why Binoe chose her!? Poor Binoe, but of course, probably he’s demurely nice (and these kind of MEN/BOYS choose bitchy girls, well… feisty and intimidating ones) in real life.

Regarding baduy-ness, she can’t be like Pokwang (yes, baduy things suit her because she’s a comedic drama queen hahaha, on-screen) or maybe Marian Rivera! Sure she can be jologs, but NO! She has the same level with AA Klenk, and that’s it! BTW, the “you’re fired” role of hers suit her, eh?

My bet: IDGAF

2.) Annabelle Rama – Regarding the classless accent she has and her “un-educated” tactics, well, she is MIS-educated in some sort of way. Starlet? WELL, she was a starlet and she only blossomed when she became old. Hindi siya kagandahan nung kabataan niya, but she’s considerably more attractive than Ruffa Gutierrez during her younger years. Well, it would reflect on how she raised her children, and Ruffa’s actually… going bitchy. Well, I can’t blame them, though.

However, when she starts a fight, it’s always the butt of jokes, not a subject of hatred. WELL, Miriam Defensor Santiago’s a better fighter and a more senseful one.

My bet: HA HA HA, Neutral

3.) Phoemela Barranda – Sure she was suplada, according to third-party sources, but I don’t really know… party girl daw siya and at the same time, classy. Hmmm… but actually, I don’t hate, dislike or like her. Also, with the fake boobs thing, at least she was open about it and helped her with her love life and career.

My bet: Neutral

4.) Rhian Ramos – Of course, she’s not pretty, she can’t act, and what’s to add up on the list? Truth is, she’s nothing more spectacular and remember the abortion thing, it makes her worth tainted.

My bet: IDGAF

5.) Kris Aquino – If she’s prangka and taklesa in real life, well, it’s all thanks to the late Tita Cory who can’t discipline or tame her. Sure Kris is really bitchy and loud, but you can’t question her generosity towards her helpers. Despite being a high-class megaphone, at least she learns how to control herself, ever since her mother’s passing and PNoy as President.

The reason why I used to dislike her is because, she had many guys, but she never failed to project a welcoming image towards her kasambahay and her kids. Granted that she’s a flirt, you can’t question that, actually. One of the sources said that the late former president was stalking Ninoy bago pa man naging sila. WELL, I don’t really know if it’s true or not, but it’s just a theory.

My bet: Neutral

6.) Alessandra de Rossi – She is one of the most respected actresses today, but before she moved to ABS-CBN (btw, she’s on GMA again, wonder what happened), she had many catfights. I was really cringing on what she’s doing is because she’s so classless. Truth is, she’s only fighting for what she believes in. S’yempre, prangka. The thing that I liked in her is that, she keeps a good relationship with her Ate Sam (Assunta de Rossi) and said that her ate’s more childish, and at the same time, silent type.

My bet: So-so

7.) Gretchen Barretto – Greta’s really the bitchiest, but actually, IDGAF about her, and her atrocities. Granted na conceited siya, but I don’t feel it. I don’t hate her or like or dislike her, but that’s about it.

My bet: It’s in the text above.

8.) Maja Salvador – Ever since she started off her showbiz career, I didn’t like her. I don’t really know, probably because of John Wayne Sace, ehehe. Although she used to be down-to-earth, I don’t know… I was thinking that she had the same level with AA, but she’s more talented, no question about that. It’s only that, she’s the niece of Philip Salvador but she made a name on her own.

One of my acquaintances said that she’s too awkward in acting, and Kim Chiu is better. No question about it, Kim surpassed Maja in terms of acting. After Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and before Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin, her career didn’t flourish that much. Sa Tagalog, hindi umasenso ang career niya, after she was given a real break in May Bukas Pa. Nakakahiya namang isipin, kung kailan ka pa nabigyan ng break, eh lumaki na ulo mo. Why, ganun ba si Pokwang at si Melai? Yes, alongside AA, she’s also the people I wanted to mention in one of my blog posts regarding snobbish women as err… more progressive in terms of talent and academics.

My bet: Why would I care less? *cringes*

Hollywood and its… shit

1.) Paris Hilton – High-class skank, according to Roxy, but to be honest with you, I have respects for her after she learned her lesson after the jail and drugs thing. She may be a spoiled brat, but good news is, she spends her money and gives it to charity (ahaha… Rihanna does it too but who cares?). Paris is OK, no if’s and but’s about it.

2.) Lindsay Lohan – Why do people still like her despite her issues!? Actually, she’s not a mean person after all. Blame her dad who is now being dissed for his “dark secrets” (sorry LiLo, but you know that, right?). She can sing, but act? Nah, so-so, but yeah. Oh, well. Get well soon, LiLo!

3.) Rihanna – The only thing is that, she’s trying too hard to be like Beyonce. Sure, Beyonce may have haters and critics after her marriage to Jay-Z, but she never manifested any shit moments. She is far more respected compared to Rihanna who ended up beaten and going jailbait! Rihanna was slammed by Taylor Momsen for the leather jacket, but who cares? I don’t know, but when she was still decent-looking (compared to NOW), she’s alright. Y’know what happened, right (refer to Roxy’s err… blog)?

4.) Lady GaGa – I don’t like her name, GaGa. However, looking at the past, she’s more adorable than any other. She’s young-looking and more fresh, compared when she does weird things like spilling blood and y’know, the androgyny thing.

5.) Taylor Momsen – Of course, the juvenile delinquent I used to err… lambast. I may compare her to Peaches Geldof (who’s a combined Paris Hilton and Little J), but Tay’s trying too hard to be skanky, which I cringe at. Exposing your boobs with an X-tape isn’t good. You’re just whoring for attention.

6.) Kate Hudson – AHAHA! The butt of all jokes when it comes to looks and physique, it’s no doubt that she has NO talent after all besides acting in a romcom. Truth is, she’s the daughter of veteran actress Goldie Hawn (who was pretty before she became old, and considering that Audrey Hepburn during her 60’s is more elegant-looking, same with Liz Taylor). Kate might have looked more fresh and younger if she never had her nose fixed. She’s prettier during her teens and consider that she’s baby-faced (when she had her rom-coms y’know… she looked like a fake Asian, and siya ang celebrity look-alike ni Suri Cruise when she was first shown on TV), mas maganda pa siya sa mother niya before she rose to fame. I doubt, she had her lips thinner (her thin lips aren’t really razor-thin, it was more kissable!).

Kate may have been the least pansinin during her younger years, but at least, she was very open about it. Kahit sabihin nating, anak-artista siya, she is the real jologs who looked funny-cheap (but although she was a flirt, she never manifested jealousy, no, not even Madonna did experience bad things against Kate). No one, not even Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie would be that jologs. Granted na jologs din si Angelina, however, she is far more classier and never looked cheap.

Kate may have knowledge in acting, but she’s NOT as good as any comedienne we know. YEAH, I don’t actually like her before because of the unusual, weird physique, but that’s a requirement if you’re a comedian.

Side note: Pareho sila ng body type ni Maja (body type’s like of a tween boy, small boobs, slightly narrow hips but has butt). No doubt, they have manlier bodies, but that doesn’t mean walang korte.

Is AA the same level with these people?

I would say, NO. Sure, she may be compared with Maja in terms of attitude problem issues, but I really don’t know if Jason Abalos liked them for their attitude. It seemed that he’s supporting the “Wendy Effect” thing. I don’t know, but I have nothing against Jason, btw. I was only doubting about his preference on suplada girls.

Back to topic.

AA is NOT on the exact same level with the Hollywood actresses mentioned above, but when it comes to local stars, it’s only Mariel who was in the exact position. I can’t say that AA has the same level with Maja is because, Maja has a better achievement and guess what? She was given the right time to relax.

Well, how wil you compare AA and Mariel with Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, KC Concepcion and the others? NOTHING. I think, these two should learn a thing or two from the Hollywood actresses I mentioned. Sure, there are mishaps when you’re an actor, but remember, it’s always your reputation and character that is err… observed.

In Hollywood, at least mas OK pa si Kate Hudson than AA. Let’s say AA is prettier, sexier, but Kate never manifested jealousy during her failed relationships. If in most tabloids, A-Rod was “stolen” by Madonna, at least Kate didn’t lash out Madonna for being a “cradle-snatcher.” Kate never manifested bitchy moments with other stars. In Tagalog, hindi siya palengkera.

Taylor Momsen may have the same level with AA Klenk, in regards to background. Taylor may seem jailbait, but she wasn’t like the innocent-looking girl we know. Another thing, pareho siyang matured-looking ni AA.

I may have lambasted Taylor Momsen for being skankier than Miley Cyrus or Rihanna, but that’s because she’s becoming rebellious. No doubt, she was reprimanded by Perez Hilton not to objectify herself… but see what happens. Showing your boobs with your nipples covered in tape!? HA! Well, I don’t want to be judgmental towards Taylor right now, because she’s 18. She cant just wait to act older than her age.

It’s time to change the society of the media industry

People say you can’t judge someone by attitude, but there are times that people should put their BEST FACE. This is what the Philippine media industry is lacking. Do you think casting couch and sexualization is “good”? Alright, if former MTRCB chairperson La Guardia condemned the “sexy” things (it may include Viva Hot Babes) because of children watching, why was nobody believing her? If there’s no malice about the “sexy” things, I think it should be minimized. Gagawin niyong poster girl si AA for something about morality which is… eww. YUCK. Kadurdur. To be honest with you, there are things that I want to change in Philippine media industry. Hindi pwede sa lahat ng oras, eh mga pokpok ang isyo-showcase nila. Nakakahiya naman. Also, there are some veteran stars who earned a title who ended up like gargoyles (Diamond Star, you are NOT forever anymore lawl!). Alright, here’s the thing: I will post something about ABS-CBN I do not like, but it won’t be here. I will mention the ones that GMA has that ABS doesn’t have…


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