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Canon EOS 5D Mark III|This is the leaked photo.

A repost from my Tumblelog

Well, I was disappointed because it has NO articulated screen, although the aspect ratio is 3:2. Oh, Canon. Once more, you disappointed me. Why are full-frame cameras NOT given a chance to have articulated LCD’s? I really felt disappointed simply because 60D had one, 600D as well… but the 1Dx? Fudge, why do DSLR’s designed for the PRO’s not given a chance to have an articulated LCD monitor? Excuse me? If you want everyone to enjoy video recording, Y U NO include articulation!?

Frustrated to have a Canon EOS 5D Mark II ever since, I just thought that a person should master NOT only the art of composition, but also to manipulate the settings IN-camera. Wait… including the megapixels… why 22, NOT 24? I think it is better NOT to expect more than the usual. Why are articulated LCD’s only reserved for the APS-C cameras? Why not the full-frame ones?

I guess I have to wait again for the 5D… Mark IV. It’s still like I’m getting old, but yeah. I was waiting for the 5D Mark III to come, but the 24 megapixel feature and the articulated screen… fudge. I guess I have to wait for the 7D Mark II to come, but this time, with articulated screen, but it’s really more enjoyable when using a full-frame camera. I’m not being biased, but somehow, there are more lens choices if you’re using full-frame.

What do you think I should do? Switch to Nikon, Sony Alpha? Or simply buy the 60D? BTW, the 60D should’ve been my other option. What do you think, guys?

HOMG, they never learn(ed)

Frustrated of having the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Hmm, naming the owners: Ashley Gosiengfiao, Tricia Gosingtian, Lucie Debelkova, Natsumi Hayashi, Edwin Martinez, Tom Felton, Kuya Kim, Papa Piolo, etc.) as my very first DSLR, well, that’s because it IS the celebrity SLR camera. If you own a 5D Mark II, you’re “sosyal” in my eyes, and owning something with a Mark [insert roman numeral] means that you’re really damn good in taking pictures. Well, for those who are not working as an actor, unless you’re one.

For Joseph Cheng, it is quite different to experience using a full-frame camera (you name it, yo! FF camera has MORE benefits than you think!). The focal length of your lens matches what the full-frame sensor sees (FYI, I’ll still keep the 550D with me because it’s been my best buddy ever since the third term frosh!). If I were to own one, I might be the happiest person in the whole wide world, swear!

The 5D Mark III photos came and it didn’t meet my expectations. READ: Expectations. If I expected it to be 24-megapixel and having an articulate 3:2 LCD monitor, sorry, but NO. However, the good news is, its viewfinder’s 100% (compared to 98%) and if I would own THAT camera, I’ll be the most proud of all photographers. Guess what? I would be using the 24-70mm II. Also, it would have CF and SD card slot at the same time.

If ever the 5D Mark III would just have an articulated LCD monitor, I’m sure you guys would contact me for photoshoots. You be the model, I’ll be the one who’ll shoot. However, don’t expect me to be a fashion blogger, because I swear, I don’t inspire people in different ways.

Owning a 5D Mark III or any FF D-SLR won’t actually make you professional. It will just indicate that you’ve passed the test in learning photography as your passion. (Sooner enough, I’ll own that 5D Mark III, whether it has articulate LCD or not, but it’s really different if the LCD’s only articulated, though! Nobody touches my future camera. It’s my future boyfriend! HAHAHA!)

Natsumi Hayashi: Alias yowayowa, the Levitator

Now who said that levitating need effort, or magic? Well, this person proves you wrong, in any way. Presenting the levitating girl from Tokyo, Japan: Natsumi Hayashi, the woman behind Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary.

Courtesy of Natsumi Hayashi (yowayowa)|Sources are here, next is here, then here… and here!

Using her 5D Mark II (HOMG, I’ll wait for the 5D Mark III!), together with a Pentax lens (with adaptor), an EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM and/or the EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens, she levitates effortlessly using a self-timer, and sometimes, she would ask a friend to help her.

Tricks of the Trade:

– Shutter speed is usually 1/500, and in darker lighting, 1/320 is used.
– To make a composition, manual focus is used.
– Self-timer is activated.
– ALWAYS, as in always bring a tripod with you!

I will post some of my (fail!) levitating shots right here! Please don’t laugh alright!

Ashley Gosiengfiao: The lady behind orangeish Gosiengfiao|The lady behind orangeish/ashlili

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Gosiengfiao is the younger sister of cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Like her sister, she’s an Atenean and her high school alma mater is/was in Miriam College.

Being of Spanish-Chinese and Filipino descent, it is no doubt that her chinita-mestiza looks are very obvious, and it is also explained on her surname and middle name. Also, everyone would think that she’s well-off because she has everything: 12 guitars, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Mac computer, what else? However, Ashley explained that she and her sister are both hard-working.

Ashley the Photographer

Ashley started to teach herself photography at a very young age. At 19 years old, she turned professional, and it is clearly explained on her photographs. It is no doubt that she’s the official photographer of Alodia.

Here are some of her photographs (credits from her Flickr account):

Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This is a very interesting photograph.
The Gamer II
Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This one’s a classic! Alodia’s really good in posing for photographs.

Note: I can’t place some more photos. Click HERE and HERE if you want to see more.

Ashley is no doubt a really good photographer. She once said that she learned the adjustments by heart just before she got herself a 5D Mark II. Looking at most of her photos, everything is a classic. You won’t get tired of looking at her photographs, because they’re like jewels when she takes a single photograph. Edited or not, it reflects her passion in making them really wonderful.

For more Ashley…

The Importance of Being Ashley
My favorite blog post from Ashley

Why I won’t ever be a fashion blogger

Just in case someone asks me, “Would you ever be a fashion blogger?” Well, my answer would be like this…

For the love of nature, no thank you. Being a fashion blogger isn’t really my passion, and being a fashion blogger means to become an inspiration to many people.

However, I can’t be that person.

I really cannot relate with the latest fashion trends, despite the fact that there are very famous fashion bloggers who are garnering their fame because they’re an inspiration to the young generation. Inspiration? From where?

I could be the photographer, but never the model

Alright, so there are some famous bloggers who don’t blog about fashion. Typically, most people would look up to the latest trends so that they would at least, have an idea what to wear in some situations. They would give some advice when or when not to wear these things…

I ain’t a blogging expert. If I was one, I’d rather be taking pictures of myself camwhoring about make-up, the specific name of the brand of the top, bottom that I’m wearing and where I purchased them, and so on.

Announcement: The Official Tumblr has changed

The official Molybdenum Studios Tumblr account is no other than:

Click on the icon above to be redirected.

YES, it HAS changed, and you’ll get more and cooler things right there. Another thing, it is MORE organized than the previous one. Molybdenum Studios Photography will be merged together with the original Molybdenum Studios Tumblr, here in this blog! Well, not really so. I will still keep the two previous blogs, but just so you know, this IS the new blog for you to follow, and you’re always free to send me a message.

However, whatever the rules that are applied here will also be applied there, only that it’s more lenient. You may post negative comments, but please don’t be rude. Negative comments shouldn’t equate rudeness to another netizen.

Also, it will also be a blog of collaborations and photoshoots just in case you want someone to shoot you and your clothes that you want the world to see.

PS: Sorry if I still use the same icon, but anyway I changed everything.

My reaction to “This is my English” by Jerome de Dios

To my American followers in WordPress, get ready for some reality drama. I’m not going to hurt your feelings, but I just want you to know that as an Asian and as a Filipino myself, I believe that erasing something that is really Filipino should be stopped. Everything American in the Philippines is overrated and not only that, there are things that I want to let everyone know that some Americans think that the US isn’t the only best place on the planet. Someone said, “Don’t assume that there’s no better country than America!” True that.

First off,

Good hosts should blend in with the crowd and NOT the other way around.

Quoted from Jerome de Dios’s “This is My English,” an Opinion article from The LaSallian.

Accented English: The most annoying part of learning English

Just in case you’re wondering, I have written some articles about the English language…

English vs. Filipino
Importance of English
English makes you ELITE

Whenever I hear Filipinos from abroad (be it Fil-Ams born and/or raised abroad, or halfies) speak in English with an over-acting American accent, it is really annoying, and irritating. No offense, but I just thought about it as something that makes a person bimbo about the Filipino language. Well, if I sound biased, I find the British accent much better and more classic.

Like how Mr. De Dios thought about the two hosts correcting the English of their audience, that is indeed the most insulting. Who wants to be corrected because of their English with a Filipino accent!? Well, it’s alright for me when someone speaks in English, for as long as they could speak it.

Why do most Filipinos coming from abroad think that their English is “better”? Why do they think that it makes them superior? For me, looking more like a bimbo with an irritating-sounding American accent is not music to my ears. It is a sign that you’re neglecting values. It means that you’re being pakawala and “liberated.” Well, there’s nothing wrong with being liberated. However, the only problem I encountered when talking to most Fil-Ams is that, their accent just make my ears hurt.

Being superior because of speaking “legit” English: High-falutin words + OA American accent

Fuck that shit. Well, sorry for cussing, but the feeling of using “a chink in one’s armor” while using the annoying accent sounds like bullcrap. Thinking that you’re above the level of other people because of that would hurt the feelings of those who are not really good in English.

Well, it’s alright when white people use the American accent. Well, it’s because they’re not OA when using it. Also, they’re not grammar-conscious. They speak it with confidence, without watching their grammar. If the American accent itself is used in an exaggerated manner, get ready for those earplugs!

To the popular kids during high school, whenever they talk to me in English (well just because my ex-best buddy is an English boy), I find them annoying and irritating. They’re trying so hard to interact with people like me if truth is, they’re making me look like a toy. Nakaka-inis, seriously. If I were to judge their actions, they can’t fit in the Lasallian community. In La Salle, you don’t need to exert effort when speaking English. Nobody cares about how you speak in English, for as long as you’re not over-acting when using it.

From a genuine Asian’s POV: Living in the US doesn’t have to mean underestimating Asian tradition

To my American buddies, no offense, but remember the “chink” incident in ESPN. That’s how Americans stereotype people, be it Asian or black, or Latino. Well, Asians are mostly stereotyped for being smart people and not only that. They’re also stereotyped just like how Amy Chua described it.

Well, think about this. Living in the US is hard and lonely at the same time. I hate to generalize, but most people think that it’s not ideal to celebrate Christmas there. No wonder, when I spent my Christmas in LA, we just went to Vegas, and to San Francisco. Still, it’s boring, lonely, and not the usual thing you’re dreaming of. It’s like the Philippines, only that it’s colder.

The American POV is notorious for underestimating Asian culture. Thinking that eye-to-eye contact should be observed, for me as an Asian, it is rude, but not necessarily offensive. Well, to underestimate someone who doesn’t do eye-to-eye contact is completely insulting. Another thing, belittling someone’s personality as an Asian is considered rude. Everything American is completely overrated, and thinking about watching Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and American drama is “cool,” for me, it’s nothing. Everything that is like that for me is boring. I’m not a fan, but I’m no way discouraging you from watching those things. Nothing. I’m not a fan of things that are American.

Why underestimate Asians? Don’t you know that it’s an insult not to produce sound when you eat in Japan? If you think that most Asians do not observe table manners, then that’s something really Asian. We’re not on a fine dining time, we’re in Asia. Also, the “American wave” didn’t stop me from embracing my love for things that are Asian.

Roxy said,

There are things in America that I appreciate, just its disrespectfulness and affluence to other cultures is what I hate.

The second phrase is something I would agree at. That’s the result of Filipinos living in the States, whenever they go back home to the Philippines for a vacation. They tend to underestimate Asian norms, such as the eye-to-eye contact thing and criticizing the disobedience towards table manners. Also, remember that the US troops’ deployment to Iraq was controversial. The troops tend to power-trip the locals right there, unlike the Brits who were more culturally-sensitive and considerate.

Language Superiority equates Rudeness to a certain culture

…even if they are good in English, maybe because they grew up abroad or maybe they had an opportunity to work there, it still doesn’t earn them the right to subjugate people who do not speak the way they speak.

I agree with this the most. It’s like thinking that eye-to-eye contact sensitivity is being dissed. Actually, I don’t do eye-to-eye contact, because I personally think that it IS something that isn’t Asian at all. I don’t look to the eyes of whom I’m talking to, but in meeting new people, it’s encouraged, unless the person thinks it’s OK not to have eye-to-eye contact.

There are things that I want to address to people who are living abroad: Speaking in English doesn’t have to make you intelligent. It makes you a communicator. Period. Thinking that Koreans, Japanese, and the Chinese have higher grades than me in English, it’s alright, for as long as they do their job, because they deserve more, and should be given a chance.

The lesson learned here is this: Don’t correct someone who thinks like an Asian/African, as a person living in the States. Well, it’s equal to do the “rock on” sign right in front of the Italian people and not only that, it’s like tipping a Japanese. Personally, for me, the real Americans who are native-born Americans (that I knew) tend to be more tolerant than those who think that everything Asian is wrong.

The Leprechaun’s Pouch

Hello guys! Just in case you’re interested, I am going to sell some of the items I’m no longer using. However, these are some of the sad factors that you should understand, since this is my only first time to endorse things online (a la trial mode).

Consider these factors:

– Not to be biased, but I’m not allowed to get out of town without a companion unless near DLSU premises.
– Err, I only stay in La Salle during my wee hours.

So, this would be the result:

– This would only be open to Lasallians.
– The meet-up would be in La Salle.
– Please follow this on Tumblr:

Items on Display

Camera pendants cost Php 340; Cameo pendants cost Php 200.

Ever Bilena Red Lipstick costs Php 450. Once purchased, you get a free Chalk Magazine February ’12 Issue.

Still wondering about the price and meet-up place?

Actually, here’s the thing. This is my first try to endorse these products since I’m no longer using these things. I may make tawad on these things, for as long as you’re on a tight budget. Alright, to explain everything, we would only meet in La Salle just in case you want to buy these products. If you’re not a Lasallian, the only possible place we could meet would be in One Archer’s Place (Coffee Bean in West Tower, Holly’s Coffee in East Tower), or maybe in Starbucks near La Salle.

Please understand my sentiment. I just want everyone to know that I’m not going out of town for no reason.

The reasons why not to trust e-Translators online…

Alright, everyone of us are guilty to use Google Translate and/or any e-Translators online. Truth is, a human translator/interpreter would be a more reliable source.

This usually comes from Google Translate. The Japanese expression, “Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu” (日本語: よろしくお願いします) doesn’t necessarily equate “thank you” or “Arigatou” (日本語: ありがとう).

I may know just a few Japanese words and/or phrases, but that doesn’t have to hinder me from learning Japanese as well as learning other languages. Honestly, there’s a Korean equivalent for the phrase, “Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu,” but quite much harder to pronounce if you can’t read Hangul or if you just have to read the Romanja words.

Subtitled: Uncertain

People who usually create the subtitles for most Japanese doramas would say that they’re not really certain about the translations they made. Well, I enjoyed watching those doramas just in case I read the subtitles while watching the series. Sorry if I’m biased, but I enjoy watching K-Dramas if dubbed in Tagalog (the Philippines has a reputation for preferring Korean dramas over Japanese ones, except when GMA airs a Japanese dorama). Well, I think I’m used to it, but watching J-Dorama is a very different experience. Learning a new language or phrases from that certain tongue might help one learn the culture as well. Just like, “Chotto matte kudasai (日本語: ちょっと待ってください!),” which means, “Wait a minute, please,” you’ll only have to understand it (the dialogue!) if you downloaded the subtitles for the certain J-Dorama.

Most Chinese movies (particularly HK movies) are actually subbed in English, it’s all thanks to Hong Kong and its pre-dominantly bilingual population (most people there know Cantonese, Mandarin and English). Most Hong Kong actors speak English, although not very fluent.

The Rest of the U-Week: Reflections

Frankly, I didn’t enjoy the U-Week for 2011-2012. The first one’s better (2010-2011).

Well, there are some photos that I took during my very first U-Week, and the only reason why I enjoyed it is because, there are absolutely NO major subjects bugging me like hell. *Sigh.* I didn’t bother to update this one yesterday or for the other days is because I really have to study in one of my major subjects. Fudge, I think I won’t pass the quiz. It was really mind-boggling like before.

New Items!

I won’t post the other ones (saka na lang) because I have to make this in a hurry, so here goes.

This is the Eiffel Tower pendant that I bought… and the plastic bag. HAHA.

I was thinking of buying some of the items that I liked, and yes, it was wish granted. Every wish should be everyone’s command or else, they might pay a fine for illegal intervention.

Sure, the thing about the whole U-Week is that, it is full of joy. However, it is conflicted with the academics I should accomplish, such as essays, papers, other requirements and so on. I think I should stay away from the Internet is because, it is not getting healthy anymore, and besides, I am no longer a freshman student. It’s really enjoyable to be an freshman, but to be a sophomore is quite harder. We have to get away from our comfort zones whenever we have priorities to do. Remember, second year college is the most hectic, and not only that; the third term is the most challenging term ever. No terms are easy and chill; everything’s a challenge to all of us.

I won’t make another Hiatus anymore. It’s deeply rooted in here, that I won’t be updating any rant at all. Time for the serious blogger to operate like bad-ass.

Obligatory Reflection: Top Fashion Bloggers

Note: There’s no such thing as ranking here, so yeah.

If you noticed, I’m no longer posting rants and anything nonsense since I don’t want this blog to have a reputation. Past is past, so yeah.|THIS. Fashion blogging has been the trend of the century.


1.) Raid My Closet – Of course, that would definitely be Arnie. Actually, I feel that I want to have a photoshoot collaboration with her soon, if only I have free time or if there’s another Foundation Day in our alma mater. That’s because she’s a very friendly person, and also, I didn’t even know that she would be a fashion blogger. I guess she proved me wrong in some way, somehow. xoxo

2.) Tricia will go places – Of course, my favorite fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian! That’s because she’s also a photographer and a stylist. She has been one of the most prominent photographers in fashion, and also, she also had a collaboration with Ramon Bautista in a magazine with Paloma Esmeria. Cool, eh?

3.) Camille Co – Shiz… the name’s too common, but she isn’t only a fashion blogger. Truth is, she’s a fashion designer and an Atenean at the same time. She would give some tips when it comes to dresses, such as the prom. I think she’s the only fashion blogger who would give some real fashion advice.

4.) Strutting on Sunshine x Cristina Decena – No joke, she’s my classmate in my majors last term, and no wonder, she’s really a fashionista at school. When I started looking at her Tumblr, I thought it would be a regular Tumblelog, but again, someone has proved me wrong. It’s her fashion blog and whoa, so I guess, that’s not surprising for me. My favorite blog post is her Japan trip. If I were in Osaka, having my feet strained, she was in Nagoya.

5.) Yumi Arima – I wonder why her fashion blog’s inactive, and yet this SOPA thing’s bugging the hell out of me, but never mind. Yumi was one of the people in a magazine and it was really surprising. Almost everyone in DLSU are fashion-updated (of course, I won’t be that type of person haha! I might as well stick to 2NE1’s Dara’s fashion rather) and yes, their dresses are chic. However, the last time I saw her blog, I think she deserves a space in this list, not just because of her looks and body shape, but she’s the only person of part-Japanese descent who would be more Filipina than Japanese.

I have a feeling of being the photographer… and the model?

It’s really fun having a collaboration with someone who’s famous. Hmm… you want me to show you a picture of a celebrity (and I’m the photographer, no joke)? HA, just take a look at my photography portfolio in Tumblr so that you’ll know. I usually blog things about celebrities, current events, sociology, everything nerdy. I’m not really a chic person and I believe I won’t be one.

Swear, I might charge you a hundred pesos, more or less if you’ll accept the offer. To my disappointment, I should’ve organized a LEAP about taking photos about fashion, or y’know, something that will benefit photographers and models alike. Well, that’s the start of my own business. I might as well make this blog something more meaningful.

What could I name my collaboration blog?

I’d still blog in WordPress. Like what I said, WordPress is blogging for informative posts.

a.) Glitter Glossy Sparkles [glitterglossysparkles] – This is really a girly username. Do you think this is taken already? HAHA, this is really for a fashion blog. However, before I named my own “studio” as Molybdenum Studios, I was thinking if this username’s fine, but… NO. I lately realized that Molybdenum Studios [molybdenumstudios] would be a really, very unique username. PTL, really.

b.) Little Pink Cherry Pop [littlepinkcherrypop] – Another girly username! I’m really NOT a fan of girly names, like if I would name my blog so girly, but inside it’s like gothic like metallica. HAHA, ironic much? If this was my blog’s name, it would be like PINK AND RED AND WHITE, and that’s it.

c.) Vintage Lomografix [vintagelomografix] – I know, sounds too antique, retro, but STILL, I won’t ever take it as a final name for my collaboration blog.

d.) Molybdenum Studios <state whatever thing desired> [molybdenumstudios___________] – Actually, NO. I’m sick and tired of putting molstudphlog, MSPFounderCEO shit, HAHA. I wanted everything to be very, very unique. Something that would fit my personality.

e.) Sacred Charm/Charming [sacredcharm/sacredcharming] – This is the username in my personal Tumblr and with the Twitter thing. Actually, NO. Not again, because everything in my blog’s full of cussing and swearing, so NO.

f.) Gelay Loves the Internet [gelaylovestheinternet] – Gah. NO way. It’s too narcissistic-sounding.

g.) MSP Collabz [mspcollabz] – Almost. I think.

h.) Molybdenum Studios Portfolio Blog [mspofficialportfolio] – I think this would be the username fit for the blog. Oh, well.

I really, can’t use the Tumblog. Frankly, I’m happy to be in WordPress. This is my home, next to deviantArt, Tumblr and Facebook.