I am back, at last!

After my hiatus, well, this is because I don’t want to spend too much time on the Internet or maybe there’s something in the Internet that fascinated me.

In Osaka Monogatari, this is the start of the story where Akio starts to tell his story about his love life. Of course, you will know how Kei differed from Antonello (BTW, Kei and Antonello are based from the late AJ Perez himself). Kei is known to have a certain reputation about being so much different from Antonello and another thing is that, Kei has some of the worst traits that Antonello never had (and won’t have if he were still alive).

In deviantArt, I posted a photo captured on the Galaxy Tab for the first time (I should’ve brought my phone instead haha! I’ll post a separate article about this). It is really as meaningful as you can imagine, because the picture itself is ironic, paradoxical and oxymoronic.

My Reaction Towards Roxy’s err… article about Mariel and AA

First of all, I have nothing against Mariel. However, I was wondering, why was she recruited in ABS-CBN as a host who doesn’t fit in the baduy fashion, and also… why was she chosen by Robin Padilla!? Damn, I think she does everything by the power of her wealth! Well, yeah. However, simply don’t get it… Mariel’s beautiful!? She’s only got BIG BOOBS and that’s it! She looks like a gay and acts like one, but she cannot be like Vice Ganda who has a good voice.

I smiled when Roxy described AA as my “eternal mortal enemy.” It’s very funny and at the same time, true. FUNNY, but TRUE. You can’t imagine how such a prosti-tot is “respected” by teen stars and good actors alike. This is because she has the same level with Mariel Rodriguez, in terms of… reputation. You can’t blame them if they’re admired by some, but that’s because Channel 2 prefers sexualization over taking care of talents more. You can’t question that– Mariel and AA are the two primary examples of “sex toys.” Well, Mariel isn’t bastusin and never got a prosti-tot-y reputation, but she’s really as annoying if she isn’t hosting a game show. She could only host, ON A GAME SHOW, NOT on a music channel.

Well, when Anne Curtis err… endorsed SMART by the… power of the superhero suit, she looked like Mariel due to her bangs. HAHAHA!


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