Joseph Cheng: The friendly deviant

I really do not know how to say this but…

He is one of the deviants in deviantArt who noticed my interest in photography. Aside from that, he spent time with me, talking about which camera I should get, and/or lens.

I really do not know how to show gratitude towards this guy. He’s really someone worth featured in this blog.

Credits from|I’m not sure if this is him; but yeah. ;D

Some things that an amateur/enthusiast should learn from this guy

EINS. First of all, he said that a real photographer could capture the best shot by using ANY kinds of camera, even from camera phones. Some of you might not know that I took some pictures by using my Nokia N8, whenever I take pictures of food (I really cannot post it right now unless you’re making a request haha).

ZWEI. This guy has real experience. He usually gives a lot of advice regarding which camera and/or lens to buy. When I first thought of buying the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, he said that the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is better since most of his photography orgmates said that it is the better choice.

DREI. If you’re NOT a fan of both Canon or Nikon, Sony is the best option. Aside from its Carl Zeiss optics line-up, the IS/VR/OS is built into the camera rather than in the lens. No wonder, Sony offers more benefits to the consumer compared to the two leading camera brands. You really can’t question that Sony is a really good brand, which ranges to Home Entertainment System to handy-dandy electronics. Of course, when Sony and Minolta merged, the first Sony Alpha was born.

One of my friends told me that Sony is good in producing colors. Joseph proves that right. Most of his photos are not only good and presentable, but also, the colors are vibrant and “naturally” saturated.

VIER. This guy diversifies. He doesn’t only prove his talent by using a full-frame camera, but he also uses any types of camera. Just check his deviantArt for more.

FUENF. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a full-frame camera although not a professional photographer, for as long as the person operates the most in the camera.

How should I thank him?

Because of our conversation, I think I learned something from him, and also, he’s also informative. Our conversation is so far the most meaningful, and it’s really like a classroom online, sharing ideas.

I do not know how to say this, but I have to say thank you to this guy. (:


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