Why is morality getting loose nowadays? Here’s your answer

Morality is the most valued; or at least, something that mean doing what is right or wrong, or good or bad. In the present day world, “the world is getting immoral nowadays; the bad guys gets on the spotlight while the good ones are being set aside.” If you dislike KC Concepcion, Carmen Soo, Shaina Magdayao but like Cristine Reyes (truth is, I HATE TO name-drop this “thing” again, but this is necessary), you are the one promoting this quote. You prefer to idolize someone whom you thought was frank and feisty, if truth is, she’s a fake, plastic sex toy (no offense, but this is undeniably true) with an attitude problem. Yes, you know who you are, and I have to be this time, assertive. You once asked me if I hate Cristine, and I said, “I just don’t like her attitude,” if truth is, I really despised her as a person because she’s really as bitchy as hell. She’s really a skank who always looked cheap, and that is impossible to change. Don’t you know that even her own mother cannot even sermon her or discipline her in any way (Sorry Madam Klenk for the violent reaction)? That’s because she might have ADHD/ADD.

Admiring some suplada actresses like Juday isn’t bad; there are some actresses like Mylene Dizon who is suplada, but is a versatile and respected actress, alongside Cherry Pie Picache. Also, some actresses who often portray villains are really nice people in real life, like for instance, Gladys Reyes. I really liked her although she was a villain on-screen, because she also does comedy. In fact, she is a good parent and shows a good example to the youth. You do not hear issues involving her, unlike Juday.

What ever happened: Get ready

One of the actresses that I used to like is no other than the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano. She’s really a good actress, she is funny and also serious on-screen. Everyone thought she’s really “nice,” but it wasn’t until her “secret” is revealed, that she’s really bitchy and manifesting fanaticism towards her maids. Sayang pa naman, she already has a title. Although respectable as an actress, she isn’t respected as a person starting from the fact that she is a mean person. But we do not know the other side of the story just yet.

Heart Evangelista is another actress whom I used to admire, not until she started to become hypocritical; she used to endorse a whitening soap when she is tanning with Jericho Rosales on the beach. She isn’t the person we used to know: Smart, classy and the traits that an elite possess. She isn’t the Heart right now who used to be matched with John Prats on-screen. Heart is one of the people I used to admire, but what made me disappointed is her hypocrisy.

The cause of immorality

Immorality is caused by cronyism and/or nepotism. Usually, people do vote for the one with a hidden attitude problem as the class president; after all, I would say that someone who is pasaway (rule-breaker) seemed to be more approachable than the one who is a law-abiding citizen but doesn’t manifest equal treatment towards his/her classmates as a person (and not to mention, has enemies because of whatever reason). Promise, you can’t question that. This is like saying that Winston Churchill is a good guy despite that he’s a smoker, gambler and womanizer compared to Adolf Hitler, whose good side is that, he’s a non-smoker, a vegetarian and a loyal lover. Whatever you apply to yourself may apply to how you handle your subordinates in the future.

Why respect those who are pseudo-feisty (yes, palaban na parang nawala na sa ere, for easier understanding, someone who manifests having a mistaken attitude problem)? Most of them are actually confronting the target as if they’re starting the brawl and/or looking for a fight. Hindi tama ‘yun. Being irritable shouldn’t be an excuse; it may be one of the factors that will mistake you to have an attitude problem. Trust me, this happened before when I was depressed, pero sige sagot parin ako ng tanong sa Formspring (good or bad questions/messages), although people are starting to rant against me.

Manifesting that kind of behavior might lead you to criticisms; or worse, a stab on the back. Hindi mo na pala alam, mas nirerespeto pa nila ang taong namamansin.

The nice people do not deserve this kind of treatment

Alright, so when someone makes a big mistake, do you think he or she is worthless right away? Do you know that being judgmental should be with critical thinking and not only in conclusions alone? I would understand that if you had a traumatic experience; but being judgmental because you have high standards and you are assertive, well, that’s not right. First of all, you get karma with that. Second, you are booed at and third, you’re being undermined.

Mean people are actually promoted by know-it-alls, because they think these people are their “allies.” Is there such thing as a war? Think about it, if you verbally clog, truth is, there’s no winner or loser in a very colorful conversation, yet, you interrupt by verbally-clogging the person whom you’re talking to.

Here’s the thing about know-it-alls (e.g., the homewrecker): They usually make the marginalized person feel bad about him/herself, because they think they’re a burden and they think, that the popular kids, and/or people who are bullies, are doing the right thing. Gosh, it’s very insulting. The know-it-alls do NOT even know what it is to experience identity crisis. They do not even know that the popular kids won’t accept them unless they did something “spectacular.”

Know-it-alls might relate towards popular kids is because, based on my personal experience, most popular kids started as know-it-alls, who just end up being pasaway, and of course, contradicting their own attitudes. These people who used to be know-it-alls wanted to have a new identity, or do some tactic just to get what they want. Rather than to remain a know-it-all, they have no choice but to become academically-incompetent popular kids. If I put the reputation of popular kids in bad light, some of them are actually academically-competent; but you only see a handful of them, taking importance of their priorities. They are deprived by the regular people if most of their friends are those popular kids who break the rules. I feel sorry for these people because they are being misjudged and being frowned upon.

Here’s the thing…

I am not here to re-educate my statements to you. Everything I reiterate is for the good of you, that these should not only be embedded in your minds alone; these things should also be embedded in their hearts. Like what I said, I do not like reiterating things, but this is necessary so that you will understand how the person talking to you experienced life as a whole. Life is never easy to deal with; it’s all in the person who experiences it. Remember, it is always full of challenges, and when luck comes, you have to take it or else.

The reason why I have to reiterate (pardon me if it’s not related with the blog title) everything from my POVs of my past blog posts is because, I strongly believe that embedding all my beliefs to your hearts will make you understand who I am not only as a blogger, author and of course, a casual netizen. This is to remind you that I am human too, and I make mistakes. Of course, like what St. Francis of Assissi once said, “It’s better to be an honest sinner than to be a false saint.”


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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