I just want you to know…

Side note: For the last time, I HATE spoon-feeding this, but please, you have to read this one thoroughly and meticulously. I’m not joking at all.

Alright, I don’t want to repeat this again, but mind you that I do not accept know-it-all comments. It really annoys me when someone mixes it with arrogance.

Rennie Pritzkow, I am talking to you! And whoever you are, you might be one of the people I have “blind-itemed.” It’s either you’re the ex-best buddy or “you-know-who” guy. OR worse, the homewrecker! (You can’t be AA Klenk or someone else whom I blind itemed, because it’s really impossible to happen!)

As I search your name, you are nowhere to be found on the Internet. FYI, I have blocked you, whether you don’t give a stupid f*ck.

People, I simply blog just for fun

I confess: The Internet is my world, and it’s obvious. Every single day, I post things, whether it makes sense or not.

Also, I am not really meticulous when reading comments. I usually read it once, then that’s it.

The real deal with arrogant know-it-alls

You see, it’s really insulting when someone tells me, “I am more intelligent than you are.” Why, do you think you know everything about computers, huh? Somehow, I am only a gadget enthusiast. I am NOT a computer science student or someone who has read tons of computer-related books, or programming. You can’t blame me if I simply ridiculed FF about hating Mac computers. I cleared this out to the first one who commented about my post about FF, because that person was constructive enough. However, having the guts to tell me that I have “no knowledge in computers, etc.” or someone “more intelligent” than I am is like, ugh. How do I explain this? Do you think I am stupid enough to know more about computers? Hell, NO. I am NOT stupid, I just do not have the patience to discover new things about the PC. Also, I am a hardcore user, when it comes to the Internet. Sometimes, I just have to be patient, but now, you can’t blame me if I discouraged you from preferring PCs over Macs. What I’m telling is that, if you’re using a PC, you just have to be careful and somehow, have back up for your files. Well, that’s what I didn’t do before, but that’s already past. The only reason why I chose a Mac not because of the virus things, but because I believe that this is really the computer for me, something that will last long when I’m using it.

Alright. The reason why I ranted about know-it-all people is because, they really cannot stop forcing someone, which is the only way to enlighten them, which is wrong. Look, you can’t force someone to buy the product that they do not like. For instance, I was forced to buy something that I really do not like! Do not be accompanied by someone who’s a selfish, manipulative and worst, assertive know-it-all. You might get frustrated.

For those people who think they’re right, think again. Maybe what you’re doing is wrong, and try to reflect. Somehow, this might improve your self-worth as a person.

To clear things out… and to end the conversation

You can’t blame me for being a hardcore peopleware. Of course, there are times that you are blaming me for being “arrogant” and of course, “bragging.” Bragging your things isn’t bad, unless you’re in front of the crowd, like for instance, most of the audience are NOT elite. Look what AA Klenk did. She just bragged about her Versace and Louboutin stuff, which, for crying out loud, are signature things. What now if she gets hold-upped? What now if she gets kidnapped or let’s say, stabbed a lot of times, but survived? Of course, that’s really one lesson she should learn in the end.

You cannot blame AA Klenk for being arrogant, but being conceited is a different thing. It’s MORE than arrogant, and it’s worse than being arrogant. Remember when the pop princess apologized with a “sad look” on her face, it went viral. Some people commented that “mataas ang pride ni CR ah,” (CR is so full of pride) which means that AA Klenk feels that she’s the queen, and she should be envied, when she interviewed Ross. Well, drag queen, actually.

FYI people, I am not as arrogant as you think. It’s only that I love to show off my new stuff if necessary, or if people gets curious, but please, just be happy for me if I am happy because of this and that. You can’t drag me down at all. There are times that I was dragged down, but please, it’s because of people thinking that I’m elite. I never thought of myself as an elite, it’s only that I have very expensive taste in a particular product. Call me “worldly,” but it doesn’t have to mean that I am conceited. It’s only that I have high standards, but know-it-all people jus have to lower it so that they could just get anything they really want, seriously.

Not that I’m again, being sooooo… y’know, but you see, I do not like people who are arrogant know-it-alls with a mix of the following: Selfish, manipulative and assertive in a bad way. Being controlling to other people results from the bad things you did.

To the following people, this message is for you

Narcissists who are too draggy
Ex-best buddy
Guy whom I admire for four years
People who put crab mentality in a bad name (BTW, crab mentality means TWO things)
…and to those people who have nothing to do at all, but to be uh-hmmmm, y’know what I mean

Take note: I usually get mental-blocked whenever I reply to your comments, unless your comment is really… informative. If your comment is hateful without any constructivism inside, simple: I can’t answer that thoroughly. And sorry to those people whom I misjudged at the first place. I really do not want to start or to be involved in trouble, but saving face isn’t a must at all. It should be something that you should fight for.

You know my name, but not my story.



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