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NAH, jez kidding. LSS mode.

I just updated Osaka Monogatari (I hope you like it as soon as you click the link) and if you’d notice, this was my original draft that just have to come out from my mind. Lawl, I’ll never gonna be a good story-teller.

Roxy’s reaction towards AA as host and theindifferentmasochist

It’s finally here! So, to quote her interesting points:

I couldn’t believe that Cristine was born in 1989 coz her personality and physique looks older than her age.

Whoa! Even one of the most famous Blue-A bloggers (wait, you know who you are but please, keep your feelings to yourself, ok? I don’t hate you btw) looked older than her ate, who is the more famous blogger/artist na namamansin pa, but she has a childish attitude almost similar to AA’s na parang nagma-manifest ng attitude problem when handling haters/hard situations. The Blue-A blogger here has the same reputation with AA, so I think it’s probably the reason why her ate (not Ara Mina) seemed more respectable.

Regarding when this Blue-A blogger defended her sister, eh parang naghahanap siya ng away online. Akala mo kung sinong naghahanap ng away, eh ‘yun pala dinedepensa lang niya ‘yung ate niya. For crying out loud, doesn’t she even realize that her ate is old enough to handle herself? Alright, it’s really normal for someone to defend his/her sibling against those criticisms/hate stuff, but confronting people shouldn’t be started by a brawl. It should be a “diplomatic” way of confronting them, like, “Respeto naman sana. Papano, eh hindi naman maganda ang pagko-construct niyo ng criticisms.” But this Blue-A blogger’s way of confronting people sounded too immature, na parang kakasimula pa lang niyang mag-confront ng people.

Well, I feel like cringing whenever she handles hate situations. She sounded too immature.

However, that’s not in the case of AA Klenk. AA Klenk, unlike the Blue-A blogger, is actually more of sparing people. Infairness pa nga kay Blue-A blogger, she only focuses on those who should be targeted, unlike AA, it’s like parang wala na sa ere kapag may inaaway siya.

There are some points that I want to mention:

Why do some people respect AA Klenk if they don’t realize that she started her career jailbait?

I’m not saying that even Boy Abunda is an idiot for admiring her “frankness.” If she’s frank, why can’t she admit that she had a nose and boob job, huh (I hate mentioning this all over and over again, but I just want everyone to understand that being frank means being open-minded as well and not only speaking your mind out!)? Insecure much? Well, if I’m not mistaken, she just did this just to be like her sister– beautiful, and booby. If “Ate Hazel” is naturally blessed with good looks and a voluptuous figure, of course, that hindered her improvement in acting, because it seemed that her annoyingly unstandable little sister is better than her in acting.

Alright. I just have to emphasize this: If you had a scandal, it’s alright, for as long as you’re sorry for what you did. However, having an attitude problem is something that you should be ashamed of. I do not respect people who manifest attitude problem. Manifesting that kind of attitude for a celebrity is really the most irritating annoyance. Same when you combine it with cheapness. You won’t be respected if you have an attitude problem and at the same time, cheap.

I think AA Klenk had ADD/ADHD before, but there’s no proof, just yet… haha.

I just don’t want the night to be ruined

To be continued. I have more sh*t to tell hahahaha.

For the convenience of saving space

And to paraphrase Molybdenum, what the heck are with those Louboutins and Versace? Why the heck does she (AA) need to brag those? She doesn’t even have the personality to pull off on those, and she pronounced it WRONG!

Alright, the Louboutin is wrong, but the Versa-CHE is actually right, since it’s Italian. However, AA might’ve NOT project(ed) those words properly.

Oh, let’s move on to Beni Medici (aka theindifferentmasochist)

Roxy said:

I understand that UST is not perfect, that it has lapses, is uber-Catholic that some people won’t like, but trampling UST like a rag is just NO. As for Thomasians squatter ang ugali? Seriously???? Has she (Beni) befriended or encountered any Thomasian? I have Thomasian friends and so far, they are not as squatteric as what she claims to be. Baka siya ang squatter, hitsura pa lang, 100% squatter.

This. Thomasians are nice and ethical people, unlike people like Beni. They’re also down-to-earth achievers.

I agree with the fact that she might not be accepted in EACH AND EVERY UNIVERSITY in the Philippines. Roxy thinks that PUP will be doomed if they accept Beni in the university. And remember– UP might disqualify her since she called UP “full of worthless people.” Eh, kung ako nga, gusto kong mag-UP because it is cheaper than any other university and of course, it produces topnotchers and at the same time, quality professionals. She might only focus on the bad side of UP, like for instance, the aktibista part. Remember when one of the UP transferees from La Salle wrote about UP and its “dirt.” She should also learn from that guy, aside from learning from AA’s mistake.

Dear AA Klenk, may katulad ka na din. HA, for the good and all of that, no wonder, pareho kayong walang breeding at saka, kung gaano kadungis ang mga bibig ninyo, ganun din ang inaasal ninyo sa totoong buhay.

I would have to disagree with the fact that AA “should be respected” because AGAIN, she’s frank, feisty and kalog in talk shows. Weh? Niloloko niyo ba ako? It’s like everyone’s choosing her for humanity’s sake. S’yempre, sino bang may gustong pumatol sa isang SEX TOY na pwedeng gawing dildo/vibrator?

To be honest with all of you guys, the thing with AA is that, she’s only a starlet. She won’t have the same level with people who made a name for themselves. Although AA would suit in that category (she becomes independent from her ate, btw), she can’t still prove her worth as an actress. The only reason why sumikat siya is because of numerous controversies. That’s the only way that would make her famous. She would do anything in may ways possible, to be the talk of the town.

Lastly, AA Klenk showed everyone how she became famous: Creating issues to be the talk of the town. This is what Beni Medici did just to garner attention/feedback from netizens. Hindi tama ‘yun. They do not really know the importance of establishing good moral character, as a foundation of their identity in the future. If Marian is the butt of jokes, AA and Beni are the subject of hatred and criticisms.

It’s like the media portraying retokada people as “role models.” AA is one of them, but didn’t even bother to admit that she had a nose job and a boob job. Is that how you portray “prangka“?

Think about it. You will amount to nothing if you appreciate someone who is a complete fake.


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