Canon’s PhotoYou Magazine: The most recommended photography magazine

Ever wanted to have the same pictures with the most famous Atenean bloggers like Ashley Gosiengfiao or Tricia Gosingtian? Or learn a new technique of creating unique shots? Well, here’s the thing: This may only be for Canon users, but this magazine is really for the casual photographer.

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Presenting, PhotoYou Magazine

PhotoYou Magazine is one of the magazines I most admire for its articles that are easy to understand and not only that; it also taught me some of the techniques, as never seen before.

One of the best pieces of advice they gave were the following:

Think of abstract things as painting with light, or maybe creative out of focus shots as creative, so that you won’t be empty-handed.

If I feel bored about taking pictures, I often use my camera as an art medium. Like for instance, when I set the aperture to f/20 and has a shutter speed of at least 2″ and above, with a very low ISO, usually, I draw something abstract. However, I only do that when it’s already dark HAHA.

Samples of my photographs PhotoYou taught me:

Perfect Starr|This is an example of “painting with light.” Here, I move the camera as if I were drawing a star.

Light Graffiti|Red strobes of light form as the graffiti of the walls.

On the other side of the road, my day won’t be complete if I don’t take pictures of bokeh! Sometimes, it’s really obligatory to do so is because, I don’t want to be empty handed again. I usually make the subject out of focus and pop up the flash so that there would be sparkling jewels, I mean, bokeh.

Jewelry in Magenta|I took this with the help of a pop-up flash.

Sparkling Gold Jewels|One of the “hexagonized” bokeh things… turned into jewelry. Also taken with a flash.

PhotoYou isn’t only a magazine

It also has freebies on it! I really have to be delighted that PhotoYou is just like any other magazine with freebies. Unlike other magazines, it is the best. It is really friendly to the casual photographer/enthusiast. Just think of it as kindergarten to photographers. Reading magazines that are not really easy to understand, serious and bland are only reserved for people who are experienced in the field of photography, as a job.

PhotoYou brings out the Disneyland in photography; it doesn’t only include Caucasian people as models. Most of the PhotoYou models are Asian. It’s like Disneyland caters every opportunity for everyone of different races, most particularly Asians.

This is a recommendation to Canon owners

PhotoYou brings out the best in you and photography. Remember, the camera isn’t the one taking pictures. It’s the camera’s eye used by the person him/herself. The more the creative the pictures are, the more the artistic the person is.


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