Every Photo has a Story: The memoirs of a flexible photography enthusiast

Imagine a world without photographs. Alright, life would be complete without photographs, but there’s something in photography that other art medium cannot have: Take a shot.

Photography: Me|The desaturation is more than the depth of the picture itself.

Photojournalism inspiration

One of the photojournalists that I admire most is no other than British photographer Jason P. Howe, who specializes in conflict photojournalism. I was stumbled on his article about falling in love with an assassin when he was staying in Colombia.

He is a brave soul; this guy never fails to take the most beautiful photographs on conflict and war. If war is absolutely good for nothing, he focuses more on the depth, the story and of course, the aftermath. He tells a story about war, through photographs. Looking at the horrors of war, you’ll see that there are sad faces, and wailing people. However, heroes on that story are those who are fighting for their people.

Embracing photography through flexibility

Not all photographs tell a story; sometimes, they are eye-candy; sometimes, you’ll see humanized objects and animals with facial expression. But in photojournalism, a photograph has no meaning if there’s no story behind it.

Photography by: Me|A very beautiful house renovated. I wonder if this used to be a historical landmark, eh?

Photography by: Me|I always wanted to try riding for a while in a school service… or in a school bus.

Photography by: Me|The pink fiesta decorations represent joy in a typical day in Manila.

Looking at the gap between the most depressed areas of Manila and the whole DLSU Main campus represents poverty surrounding rich culture and history. If Manila used to be Intramuros alone before the Spaniards left the country before the 20th century, it is right now, a mix of rich and poor. It is like the irony of what is happening today.

The most depressed areas of the Philippines is so far the most beautiful. You see a lot of happy people even though they live in poverty. They know how to survive better than those who are wealthy. So far, the very first photo in B&W is actually my attempt in photojournalism, showing everyone how crazy people end up being poor– dirt poor, that is.

The irony of the capital vs. the richest city

Since Manila itself is the capital city, why isn’t it as rich and clean as Quezon City? Why does it still have the most depressed areas, particularly Tondo? Ironically/paradoxically, Tondo used to be a financial center. Right now, it is one of the poorest, if not exactly the poorest in Manila. The area is congested, and people there have more problems than wealthy people. It reminds me when I was not yet relocating in Quezon City; the street children that I see are very happy playing, while I’m only at home, just scribbling things.

Watch out for my next entry: The Philippines: Land of Ironies and Paradoxes


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