The 15th of January 2012 Episode on The Buzz: Thoughts

Uploaded by melvinbernadeth|Maja Salvador is interviewed by the one and only pambansang pokpok of the Philippines.

Maja should’ve been the host, rather

There are so many, many things that I want to point out when Cristine Reyes interviewed Maja Salvador. First of all, Cristine looked more like a guest (and acted more like a guest) than Maja. Of course, since Maja’s the guest, she answered all the questions with confidence.

The talk show isn’t really a talk show, actually. It seemed more like a disgusting eyesore since AA was trying oh-so hard to imitate Kris Aquino’s style, or maybe Alex de Rossi’s palengkera mouth. Infairness pa kay Maja, nagpapatawa. Eh, si Cristine? Trying so hard to make the show a humor, but it ended up to be an annoyance.

The most annoying part is when Cristine talks without class. I would say that she’s being palengkera, but eww, parang nage-exert siya ng effort just to make the show lively and humorous. She should be replaced by Anne Curtis, because this smart-ass gal has more brains than AA. Anne may have many mishaps in Showtime, but this shows that she doesn’t need to exert effort when cracking a joke, or an “accidental” skit.

Finally, Cristine Reyes, still does not look good with that dress. As in, she should learn something from Anne Curtis when it comes to carrying herself in many outfits. The shoes are fine, and mas maganda pa sa mukha niya, ah.

The tumigil ka part is another flaw

Ayos lang kung si Rayver Cruz ang ini-interview, and not only that; he said, “Ayusin mo, ah,” jokingly. However, when she interviewed Maja, parang akala mo naman, “close” talaga sila. It’s like when Maja delivered her answers in a professional way, it’s all ruined. Actually, I felt sorry for Maja, because Cristine’s ruining everything rather to make the continuous story straight to the point.

Even though Maja had this hidden conceitedness, hindi naman siya dapat ginaganyan ng basta-basta. O sige, kahit sabihin nating interview ‘yan, there should be a distance from one another ‘pag sa harapan ng kamara, even just for a while.

KC and Charlene, why did you go? (Sad face)

The beauty and brains of The Buzz, I think they’re better pa nga, eh. I didn’t have any problems with them since they act more professional than AA. Sa lahat pa naman ng mga artista, bakit si AA, ha? I don’t like repeating this again, but Roxy said that she wonders about ABS-CBN still keeping AA, probably because of casting couch. It’s becoming more obvious. When a talk show hires AA to be the co-host, standards are getting low, which is synonymous to Kate Hudson as the Number One Most Beautiful in People magazine back then. I think leniency should be with limit naman. The more the lenient, the more the standards will become lower and lower until things go hyper-inflated.

If everyone still admires AA Klenk, that would only mean that…

Admiring suplado people because of their attitude would only mean that you have a bad taste in celebrities. Look, AA Klenk is an eyesore to watch in talk shows, whenever she creates another controversy as her only way to be the talk of the town. However, when it comes to TV series, there’s no problem with her.

AA Klenk is one of the people I will never learn to admire, or at least, appreciate. If she doesn’t stop babbling nonsense around, that I don’t know. Her acting is alright, but surpassing Maja’s level of acting is still a long way to go. She should stop acting like a conceited someone who thinks she has won an Oscar 100 times. Look, Maja may be one of the people I really dislike, but she seemed more respectable because of the way she delivers her confidence. I think she was dissed by AA in such a way that someone who is interviewing her is acting so unprofessional. Hindi porke’t gusto siya (AA) ni Boy Abunda (just because of the “frankness” which is questionable), eh she could get away with everything. Wala, hindi talaga siya bagay maging host, aminin na natin. She’d rather be in ASAP, at least doon, walang chizmax. The way people ranted about her as host is NOT what you call it as “crab mentality.” It’s just telling the truth.


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  1. Uhhh…. few words:

    Cristine Reyes could not do a decent hosting job. Period. Paragraph.

    At least si Maja, witty naman. Mas lively and mas comedy naman ang dating ni Maja. Si Cristine? Trying oh-so-hard.

    I guess ABS-CBN could not give EVERYTHING for CRISTINE except OBJECTIFYING HER.

    • THIS. Hahaha, also, bastos pa si CR mag-interview. Eww xD

      I don’t get why ABS-CBN has to treat her like how they treated Mariel Rodriguez, right!? HAHA, tsaka nakakaumay naman ang hitsura niya. KC should’ve stayed na lang sa The Buzz, because I find her more professional than AA. At least, kahit serious si KC, okay lang. Si AA? Fuck, ang corny niya, like what I said, she’s so trying so hard to be like Marian.

      Yes, the objectification part… ang The Buzz kumuha pa ng pokpok mag-host. Wala ba silang nilagay na pole for pole dancing? xD joke lang

  2. BJ Mo Ko Twisted

    Hi! Wala ba yung link ng video ng interview nya sa the buzz? Yung stiff apology nya kay Ara mina? Thanks.

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