After reducing my infatuation to you-know-who…

Another dream about that guy…

So, when you think less about that person, he usually comes to your dreams. That isn’t really a problem at all but, how will you know when he wants to go back to you again?

These are my answers

a.) Of course, I would still accept him, but only if he humbly apologizes for his shortcomings. That way, there’s no downfall.

I’m just letting him do anything he wants; like contradicting his own words. This what makes him happy, and not only that– that’s what makes him a person.

If he’s happy, then he should do what he wants.

b.) I won’t defend him, or side with the opposing group that will damage his reputation. However, if he’s incapable of handling himself, he should think about the consequences that might lead to his eventual downfall. He should not make his own failure a downfall; he should think of it as a mistake.

c.) If he’s going to reconcile with me, go ahead. However, he should not think about himself only; he should think about how this benefit his well-being.

The Drama continues…

For most people, he seemed to be a nice guy. However, what makes him criticized is his way of handling situations. His approach is quite awkward; he just shoots the target without any valid reason at all. He doesn’t “saint” anymore. He has no mercy when you become his enemy.

When he handles situations, he’s the lamest. He puts everything into a downfall and not only that; he often sides with the wrong person. As far as I know, siding with the wrong person causes semi-actual downfalls. When it becomes an actual downfall, communication will be lost forever.

Now what happened to him? He’s not the nice, young-looking guy (in person) we know today. Kumbaga, nilaspag na siya ng yosi. He’s also not the guy who jokes like a retard, or maybe like a clown. In fact, he has changed. All the false words coming out from his mouth will never be heard again. His face will never be the same once more. He’s not the young-looking guy anymore, once again.

If he’s going to ask again another retard question, it’s like going back, to the past, but this time, I won’t be insulted. I’d laugh at him ridiculously that he’s not asking something decent.

After all, this is who he is.

I will kiss your feet, and ask for forgiveness. See ya.

He will never be the same again.

To be honest, I really find his Formspring questions very funny and ridiculous, since I have moved on from my gloomy days as a frosh. However, whenever I sarcastically say, “I’m waiting,” he would say,

You just want to have a conversation with me, freak!

Come on, I just want to hear more from you. No joke, I’m emotionally ready today to answer your questions. I enjoy answering them, actually. Whenever you ask me something, you sounded funny. No wonder, you are the legal hater, because you’re asking so many funny questions. If only I weren’t sad, you might ask me something funny, or ridiculous once more. I missed it. I feel bored when someone doesn’t ask me in Formspring.


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